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  1. More shit on it at muffs: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=226333
  2. I wasn't excited for shit until I saw this: Microtonal of gtfo tho
  3. last time i checked his studio was wank worthy for those who get turned on by that stuff.
  4. both really, sorry. so locked so only a mod can post so we dont get loads of mongy comments and its just a concise resource. pinned so we can find it.
  5. This thread is a bit like those zombie films where a baby is born a zombie. Virgin zombie birth vibes
  6. one of the later tracks has some wicked fractal granular 909 work out on it. like psychedelic trails or something,.
  7. Detroit people mover into Vortrack is a great play. Wasn't so fussed on Vortrack but like how they play together. Light into dark. Schizophrenia vibes. Somehow well 90s.
  8. Been a while. Chain reaction crew 4 Eva.
  9. Any way we can get a locked thread or something with just shit like this in?
  10. Lush interview and a new one on me. Belated thanks
  11. id also consider the Tuss vinyls but not at mad prices which pretty much rules me out.
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