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  1. Heard a promo the other day and I'll be checking this out for sure.
  2. Sorry, had to get pissed in the name of the mortgage at a horrible corporate beer Fest.... Hanging right now Do I think its better than ICBYD? No and yes. ABB3 definitely had a more profound affect on me however ICBYD is more mature. I could go on But I think maybe this is the way, for me, that I like to judge music. Edit: hopefully I'll be less hung over by Universal Indicator Green and we'll go another round of debate! (Edit 3. Are you just doing the CDs?) Edit2: I hope you know I love these reviews too. Enjoying the journey right now
  3. Just wanna say no hate doc, just love for bb3! 🙂 Will come back on the other less important points when I have 5.
  4. Gonna expand on this later with track names (mostly done this now) but I just relistened with the sun coming up over Wales' only motorway, trying to think how I felt about it when it came out. On reflection it was everything I wanted at that time. If anything that maybe its only fault: that for once Richard gave us what we wanted/expected: > Another version of the seminal Analogue bubblebath one mellow vibes - 008971AA1 > Polynomial c type trance versions - 216061, 942937 & 00890569 > More didgeridoo esque b side cornish death techno tracks- 55278037732581& 00897A2 > Some stripped down minimalism, when it still seemed exciting and maybe the future - 1993841, 0180871L & 008971A1 >Our first glimpses of SAW2 outside of quino phec - Untitled Loves it matey. It was like Manna from heaven for us that had heard Didgeridoo and Xylem Tube and wanted more techno that sounded like that, because let be honest, no one sounded like it. I truly cherished this album at the time and had both the CD and Vinyl copy, which as a 13 year old with a paper round was extreme dedication. If Rich added a couple of tracks (or even just the vinyl version of 216061!) on the bleep store I'd buy it all over again too. (Thinking back further if I remember correctly the vinyl came first and I was chuffed to pieces to get a CD version with extra tracks and without the stereo split thingy. Love to go back and see the joy on my little face, I still remember the moment I got the CD, Spillers Records Cardiff, Saturday morning. Lush times)
  5. Totally disagree that it's a sub standard release. In the context of the time it was fantastic . So much love for this album. Classic Richard.
  6. Yeah I was figuring you probably get a really mad skewed result from here. Good luck, be interested to see what you find!
  7. hyped for both of these. yeah buzzing to see Function back.
  8. donquixote

    AE Tour 2020

    multiple UK dates over multiple weekends plz.. fingers crossed i can make at least one that way..
  9. Nice cheers. Lots of love for Warp there! lol Whats the track at 18 mins?
  10. crikey just listened to his "warehouse find" EP. Thats good stuff right there.
  11. Did it. Took me about 10 mins but I was rushing to do it on the bus to work. Was streaming at the time
  12. I find 20ms definitely makes a difference on drums. I'd love to use software with my hardware but until the technology is there can't be effed to sync it all up. Would love it if the cirklon could figure out latency per channel using a dongle like I've seen Colin working on for pitch tracking. Would get back into max then (thinking aloud maybe someone has done something in max that would do it the other way around tho)
  13. How long will it roughly take sorry? (Don't wanna start and not be able to finish. as the actress said to the bishop)
  14. donquixote

    The Tuss

    Let's be honest they are pretty much all great records from Rich from digeridoo up. Thing I love about aphex is he's created a universe of music for whatever mood your in. Can't think of any other artist who's managed this to such an extent.
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