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  1. They were great live, surprisingly so, I'm not a massive fan but they rocked a crowd in the 90s at least. I was expecting more Door Doot love tho.
  2. Nah. I genuinely love doot doot. Cant bring myself to love that sorry.
  3. they peaked at "Doot Doot" when they were Freur for me. that is pure class tho.
  4. Behringer Vs the world is the new vinyl Vs digital. Or analog Vs digital
  5. i just wish he'd clone something rare that i aint already sold.... (ARP 2600 is the first thing ive been mildly interested in, cs80 aint done yet so its vapourware until it comes out) ..and add microtuning.
  6. I was actually here when no-future and little Detroit was still a thing (I can only date it based on that tho unfortunately. Also Actress was still known as Darren Cunningham) Fuck knows what my name was tho..
  7. Loved it. Rinsed it. Didn't listen to it for years. Didn't vibe with it last time I listened. Will try again tomorrow too. ....Pretty sure it ain't no SAW85 tho (oh shit I'm in the wrong forum)
  8. Fucking ell. Really need a fucking mixer. Rich plz
  9. ive quote the wrong person. this was aimed a @T3551ER ... do genuinely appreciated the effort. ta
  10. Nice I'll check these. Cheers for the effort.
  11. should have gone full aphex and put music on there. tight cunts. ....or Iridial even. Thom plz. ...also the website design is well turn of the millennium. just needs a bad connection and some flash. Im mostly meh about it all unless someone can point me at something good that i couldnt be bothered to navigate to.
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