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  1. See above. True to the original broadcast. 90s retro charm
  2. Ffs. We are officially going backwards now. No vinyl, less tunes. FML.
  3. Lad should have his own sub forum he carries on. What we saying fellow bedroom bores, what's he using: max msp?
  4. I wanna hear this loud, on drugs with strobes.
  5. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhfttt. A few minutes in and I'm smitten. No beats yet either. Lushness.
  6. check out the STROMM solo project.... i know what you're saying and this might be more up your street.
  7. Will check. Some of the best techno in recent years has come out of these two imo.
  8. Didgeridoo. Another Birdbath classic.
  9. my facebook feed is so full of 303 noises right now. it's like the 90s acid revival all over again but like a shit social media version.
  10. Actually wrong tune. I meant this: I needed this tune in 2007. Lifted me right up.
  11. Massive. Reminds me of the first time I heard she'd a bit. That "hardwax 4 Eva" or whatever it was called Trak.
  12. That's the hard question isn't it. Really want both but probably not gonna get that. Right now my dream desk would be the APB pro desk 8.... They are rare as fuck and I can't afford it right now. So I'm currently thinking Allen heath gl2*** 24 track to cover some of my routing needs (as they are pretty readily available and I had A&h in the 90s and loved it as a kiddo) and then maybe something like a BX (or something else small) for flavour. I've been recording straight into a 16 channel UAD soundcard for years because of space issues, now I've got the space I'm gone into mixer anxiety so any help with this is appreciated as I'm totally narked off with the current setup. (I dunno what's wrong with me, I'm fine with synths and modules and stuff, no issue at all, I guess it's easier to get a feel for tho) I can believe it, fancy recording tech was less available back then, still cool and inspiring tho.
  13. Yeah I've been eyeing up calrecs for a while for the same reason but the price is quite high and I'm nervous about the issues it might develop. Vintage stuff is always a bit of a gamble in my experience and money is tight.
  14. Oooh nice tip. Thank you. Those look like they go at reasonable prices too if I can ever find one. What size did you manage to get? Would love one even if it was just a sub mixer.
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