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  1. What the heck are you talking about? Just saying I like one version better than the other. The extra parts in durichroma sweetened the track for me and now I don’t really enjoy the original that much. Durichroma hits all the right spots, while the former now kinda lacks something. Might change for me after a while but this is how I feel about those two tracks now. edit: aahh, now I see you probably didn’t know there was another version :) my bad.
  2. Guess I’ll be listening to the EP starting from 1st 44, skipping T69 because durichroma is so much better. It is a 5 track EP for me.
  3. Aaannnd the difference the uncompressed hi quality audio maaaakes!!! edit: apologies to my ears whom I've treated bad with 96kbps over the last weeks.
  4. no matter what he releases, “ground-breaking” or not, some of us folks will just get used to it after a while and call it “meh”. asking for or wanting/needing good and and exciting music is one thing, being totally unfair to an artist is another. childish af. just want more and more and more. appreciate what you get.
  5. I hope that Collapse will be to his music making what the middle (collapsing) part of T69 is to that track... like a (or another?) turning point in his music making adventures. And I love the sample inviting us to the land of abundance <3 classic!
  6. oh yeah, lol, I meant on point!
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