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  1. B1000

    Brexit :(

    oct 31st lads it's happening. don't be alarmed.
  2. you just gave me another post to work with. it's amazing how this topic was derailed with a single post. I hope it has been a good distraction from the recent 2 shootings but let's get back on topic guys... we need to take Trump down asap!! watmm must take action now!!
  3. this forum would become very boring for you if it was 100% anti-trump. you wouldn't be able to shitpost anymore for starters.
  4. You've chosen to ignore content by hello spiral. Options 'show this post' working in mobile game industry is true weak
  5. wise words for someone from san fran... how exactly are you living up there on your meagre salary? hmm
  6. yes your right auxien is very dumb. thanks also hello spiral for chiming in, another one already on the ol' block list. i think your hobby of drawing all shitty pictures has deluded your brain cells. rip 2 u bro, keep up with the 1 word shitposts
  7. so anyone who is against your bleak opinion of the world is always wrong. go throw some milkshakes at people you disagree with, bro...
  8. another to add to the antifa block list. and i noticed 2 who commented after that, auxien & usagi are already on it. how convenient
  9. B1000

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    yes & read the rules
  10. don't trust the mainstream news broski. i knew that watmm'ers would be crying when i saw the news putting up 'white man, trump supporter' etc. the guy was gonna shoot people up either way regardless of political opinion politics is just easy excuse each time
  11. watmm's history says otherwise......
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