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  1. as a brit, we're leaving soon so it don't matter. woop woop
  2. There should be a documentary on what happened with this release... @dr lopez lol was that MNLTH who wrote this email? I can't believe they're bringing public forum posts into issue, especially if you haven't received the product you paid for. I can understand now why RDJ was done with rephlex & grant. Paying the guy lots of money to do absolutely nothing. The fact that grant is involved with the infamous Colundi scam already shows he cannot be trusted, IMO. Hopefully incidents like this put people off ordering in the future. These ex-rephlex artists are just using WATMM to sell their [sometimes] overpriced shit.
  3. enough with the philosophy bullshit chatter lads
  4. my only friend is hello spiral
  5. I get that error on all files, just tried about 10 different links and received the same error again
  6. what is error 3D161/G whenever I try to download something
  7. melodies from mars re-re-mastered
  8. what happened with the colundi island bullshit in the end?
  9. rdj cloned himself?
  10. worms when will you stop making racist music?
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