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  1. aphex + spanishguy (steinvord), since that new YLC thread was posted the exact same day as this topic prove me wrong
  2. I like the font, noticed immediately when it changed. Easy to read & slick
  3. B1000


    Luckily the voters made the decision for Brexit to pass, and it's finally going ahead now.. few hiccups on the way mind you (T-May) Congrats to Mr. Johnson
  4. my fav track off syro for that exact reason. hi-hats having a fighting match
  5. @Rubin Farr you posted gofundme to fund that shitty artist's visa, and now you post this !? hidden agenda i wonder? hmm
  6. there were also 2 other tracks they removed once they posted it up on watmm. so originally there were 7 tracks total. didn't manage to listen to other 2 tracks, links say they are removed tho like the rest of the others if u still need Cheese Sandwich for yr toaster i can send once i'm back home. send us a pm 2 remind me
  7. hmm just noticed they were removed too. It's weird how steinvord had an actual legit soundcloud, which still has no tracks on it. So I wonder why this person alludes to being Mr. Stein himself - but is not using an official account. Great tracks nonetheless
  8. there's a hidden convo at the end of 'backyard' @ 3.41 sounds like 'what you doing?' 'huh?'
  9. this guy is retarded, hes like 50yo and can't pay his own expenditure LUL
  10. watmm died when Trump became POTUS the left wingers of watmm (99%) would rather post in the 'general' section bashing Trump - than actually talking about music
  11. the return of mr. vord after 11 years of silence? hmm.. similiar track titles, profile description, country, same instrumentation/patterns in music, announcing it via watmm = are all blantant obvious links to the 2008 trax. could it all be too convenient to be true? which makes me wonder, does @Joyrex know who is/was behind the 'Steinvord' identity all along?
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