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  1. https://soundcloud.com/20051996/kaer https://soundcloud.com/20051996/anteeksi123 Couple of new ones!
  2. Honestly i like the drum sounds. I think they could "glue" better with the rest of track. Good track either way!
  3. I like those synths and melodies. The drums could be a bit more "present". Good job man.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! Here's a new one: https://soundcloud.com/20051996/solisluuhengitys
  5. Hah! That would be very specific. Yes it is my birthdate.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/20051996/seitkytviis
  7. Very clean production on all your tracks. A bit boring maybe.
  8. Really nice stuff. Will take a look at that plugin for sure.
  9. Thank you for all the feedback! Here's some new stuff:
  10. I really enjoyed that piano piece. Good work.
  11. I like your production. Good job.
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