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  1. Bodhidharma


    they played like 35 dates of onesix. theyre no longer working on the onesix set
  2. cant wait to do this along side u. whats most recent book youve read?
  3. got my tix ill see u there cant wait to have a rager pack ur party bags coz its gunna be a large one ppl
  4. oh yeah i just looked it up , sorry mb, didnt even know
  5. have mates who are from cornwall hockeysmith is 2 ppl btw
  6. you know...i actually dont think ive ever heard them speak before right now, kinda forgot they would have a scottish accent edit: also, such a cute little interview. rip peel
  7. It Should Be Us best track imo. razor sharp gritty basslineeszzzz
  8. even though the comments are mostly in praise of the vid, can't help but notice some 2nd level reply comments with an anti-white sentiment, fs gotta watch out for that kinda stuff and challenge it wherever possible
  9. yeah theres a source big boy, iirc its from his insta...im going to bed, but somebody can link the post maybe? (trust me, its him. u know when u say something that ur sure of but u put "i think" in front for no real reason other than if somebody calls u out on it straight away and ur not sure u can go "but i said i think", yeah, that, but now im certain its him after ive had a few pints.. if nobody links, ill link tomorrow
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