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  1. oh yeah, yesterday it was 10 years shit, RIP to a legend (to them both too) . there is, and never will be, anybody like coil again. they satisfy me in so many ways that i just dont get from other musicians
  2. thats fair, if i came across as dismissive i didnt mean to. you only get 1 pair of ears, i too am very afraid of loud noises. tinnitus is sometimes just genetic, just like getting spots or something. ive noticed it somewhat dissipates if i dont listen to any loud music/anything at all for about 4 days. best of luck with it
  3. ah yes ofc....i dont speak to him often but id still class him as a good friend..always there for me
  4. i distinctly remember he put the whole set up of what he used on Love 7 in the track's description on his SC. ..he's deleted it now, deleted it aaages ago. but it still might be in this thread if u go to posts around 28th may 2016
  5. hi heres another track if anyone cares, its quite long and the first half is relatively quiet now that i listen back to it....turn ur volume up i guess. idk what kinda vibe it is tbh im so bad at describing music, doesnt have much obvious percussion like my other track i posted ^also i dont know why i put a question mark in my response previously, sorry about that
  6. Sean Is Getting Naked, Please Let Us See
  7. ooho yeah ur right mb! although maybe end up with tracks too long cos ur really into it idk lol tebbisimo: then human tweaks for feel nixtrove: those long tracks are something 4utechre: been working really differently recently not like these long jam things tebbisimo: hahaha yeh man, then going through must be a nightmare.... Quarastice sounds like a time of many many versions hahaha uviol8: so it's a mixed approach, planned and jammin 4utechre: this twitch thing is a red herring don't be fooled
  8. nearly, basically what sean said was the whole twitch streaming thing was a red herring, meaning that fans shouldnt hope its some sort of near-release promotion thingy like they did with the webcasts when a new album was close.
  9. hmm what happened to this?? link doesnt work for me
  10. i cannot believe that some geezer at tDr got paid however much, probably like a few hundred quid or whatever just to make an artwork in mspaint within 2 minutes when i would have done it for completely free, just wanting exposure as payment
  11. so what exactly played on the AMKS site? anyone got a recording? i tuned in when the comments were saying they could hear stuff but i got note
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