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  1. saw him live in 2018 and it was actually decent, basically unfold but ravable, but this ones loads worse imo. kinda like ILS with the same hihat over it for the whole thing. this is just FM lorenzo senni. only good bit of this is the last 10 mins ? still gunna check source out tho
  2. u can really hear distinctly some bits of sinistrail sentinel in the 2014 sets, like the grumbly 10000bpm kick drum bassline, or the donky gonk sound halfway through
  3. so it was true all along, curvcaten = serve satan
  4. HOLY fuck the BASS coming in at 2:41 tallinn
  5. what the hell is this WHERES ONESIX
  6. Bodhidharma


    LOL i love this shit, gets me so bad ?
  7. Bodhidharma


    nice, i was there too, maybe even spoke to u before the show coz i remember being on my own for a bit and sparking up convo with a random sat on a table. legend
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