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  1. as mentioned on reddit the 'onesix' name is over on ASCAP
  2. ahaha cute little fella, only metroid ive played is the one on DS, not as scary as that 1 tho... ty for link btw
  3. oh yeah thats a point, anyone got a rip of plaids inner sound set? i only caught 2nd half
  4. afx field day set highlight of the weekend
  5. made millions and cant afford 2 t shirts...pathetic
  6. plaid set was phenomenal, and this is like the pianos bein stretched out behind ur head
  7. cant FUCKIN wait for the warp crew to tear it up batman style
  8. rly appreciate the replies folks, ill chug through u guys stuff today a promise! heres another one, quite in ur face/noisey/buildy towards the end, no beats allowed!
  9. just bailed out of queue, hopefully one of u got mine, have fun lads

    1. Bodhidharma


      this looks like one to sit down with and soak, gunna smash this thanks comrade, achieving enlightenment as we speak

  11. coz i privated, i sent that one and others to music peeps the other day so i wanted to keep it #secret and #intimate, but ill unprivate rest of stuff for now xx thank u spiral too xx
  12. thank u!!!! i followed u back, we are gunna make it
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