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  1. heres another track i did, im so bad at promoing stuff but listen if u want, u dont have to, idm
  2. are u certain it was weirdcore? i thought it was freeka tet?
  3. how can anyone even think those youtube tracks are anywhere close to real...jesus christ the aphex subreddit is full of toss
  4. damn hiding in plain sight, good work 🤫
  5. ahhhhh yeah thatll be it. good thinkin 😛
  6. who is MDX? i cant find any info on them
  7. HAHA holy shit that interviews so fuckin funny
  8. Bodhidharma


    yeah its ace, sean actually played a snippet of it back in the mixlr streams when he was going through the folder of max patches
  9. yes. its a very simple thing but there are no negatives to it. im failing to see the issue
  10. yeah because u didnt answer it
  11. not what i was aiming for lol i just cannot comprehend how anyone would think they are brain rot that particular sentence just jumped out at me thats all. you are free to have the rest of your opinion about him, and anyway, those kind of small steps do wonders for people with depression oops mb forgot to quote also why do you see it as a rhetorical device lmao. detach yourself from the notion of someone getting one up on another and just see it for what it is - a simple question
  12. but is there anything bad about cleaning your room and standing up straight with good posture?
  13. just wondering what is brain rotting about cleaning your room and standing up straight with good posture?
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