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  1. havent listened to a lot of their older stuff in quite some times but...yeah...speechless. just an utterly beautiful track the melodies are fucking saying SO MUCH. cant put it into words.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Broadcast_Network
  3. seriously cant wait for the onomatopoeia track to be released....sounding insane on my monitors
  4. it has to be 13x0 step surely
  5. oh shit thanks man!!!! i was busy at the weekend i didnt get chance to post it here haha. all listens very welcome :)) tbh i dont even know what i'd classify it as love u all love the watmm/chatmm crew 🥰
  6. ohhhhh i just wracked my brain sooo much trying to think of what you meant, then i realised we deffo arent talking about the same snare lol when i said snare i just meant it as synonymous with 'being on beats 2 and 4', mb. it could have been the car door slam in pendulu hv moda, still would have used 'snare' coz my brains wired like that lol, i know what you mean now though im shit at describing sounds but i mean like the, wonky sounding flabby thing on 2 and 4 lol
  7. 200 bpm 4/4 from the start, the little 'error message' sounding snare is on 2 and 4, bar begins with the bouncy kick
  8. im gunna be on my own coz none of my irl mates are idm enough to wanna come, would be good to say hello to some of you though. ill be the devilishly handsome pissed up bleach blonde haired wreck head in a hoodie probs.
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