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  1. hmm what happened to this?? link doesnt work for me
  2. i cannot believe that some geezer at tDr got paid however much, probably like a few hundred quid or whatever just to make an artwork in mspaint within 2 minutes when i would have done it for completely free, just wanting exposure as payment
  3. so what exactly played on the AMKS site? anyone got a recording? i tuned in when the comments were saying they could hear stuff but i got note
  4. but what do you think this means though? why would it say anything other than booth/brown? not meaning to be biting, genuinely curious edit: oh wait i read ur comment wtong i thought u were arguing *for* the solo album mb
  5. nah, exai = 11 elseq = 12 nts = 13 sign = 14 the 14 on the cover just means 1 through 4
  6. nah im not buying it, the trail wouldnt start on reddit the tracks sound fanmade too
  7. did they play live inbetween 2k10 and 2k14? and were they still using machinedrum on 2k10 tour?
  8. saw him live in 2018 and it was actually decent, basically unfold but ravable, but this ones loads worse imo. kinda like ILS with the same hihat over it for the whole thing. this is just FM lorenzo senni. only good bit of this is the last 10 mins ? still gunna check source out tho
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