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  1. kinda wish i got tix for this...wanna go to WHP at least once in my life, and all the other line ups this year dont seem worth travelling for, but none of my mates woulda gone afx one 😞 2 late tho, at least i can hope for AE doing end of year sets
  2. korn are sick, also did anyone go to firefest in minecraft? would have liked to have gone but couldnt get a hotel booked
  3. rephlex is a label that i identify with a lot more than any others, deffo most relatable. weird combination of giving off a childlike bliss vibe whilst still puttin out some absolute fuckin stomper tracks, maybe coz grant & rich were about the same age i am now twhen they started it, love the playful atmosphere rich has when talking about old parties and friends, so positive to hear. makes me wanna make some memories and take a load of piccies. myloveilove is apt listening whilst reading that
  4. wait whered he go? he was the first 1 to send me a msg on here...miss u usagi if ur reading this, ly. i havent checked this thread which is why im replying to 9 day old post btw
  5. as mentioned on reddit the 'onesix' name is over on ASCAP
  6. lmao im good boy atm
  7. ahaha cute little fella, only metroid ive played is the one on DS, not as scary as that 1 tho... ty for link btw
  8. oh yeah thats a point, anyone got a rip of plaids inner sound set? i only caught 2nd half
  9. afx field day set highlight of the weekend
  10. made millions and cant afford 2 t shirts...pathetic
  11. plaid set was phenomenal, and this is like the pianos bein stretched out behind ur head
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