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  1. onesix sets are 100% max msp btw, i asked sean
  2. Bodhidharma

    elseq 1-5

    heheh https://forum.watmm.com/topic/94971-autechre-nts-residency-_o_/page/151/?tab=comments#comment-2627897
  3. thank u very much for having a little listen, means a lot 🙂 no worries at all no rush. very kind of you to comment thanks 😄 its weird having a release out into the world...
  4. My album 'Hectacity' came out on http://www.quantumnatives.com/, 12 tracks, 53 minutes. the website should link to a couple of black circle icons on a black and white squiggly background and if you click them you can get a download link for the album and a link to stream some tracks (https://www.mediafire.com/file/a6zq48cqwqcm22t/Sinnway_-_Hectacity_%28QNR039%29.zip/file here is a download link anyway) hope you all enjoy. kinda weird electronic vibes
  5. Bursting out in a sweat of terror, Rob plunges up from the abysses of his nightmare in bed in which his laptop got sucked into a blackhole, with 50% of their max patches being transferred across infinite time and space never to be seen again. "Babe, what's the matter?" his Victoria's Secret-esque wife asks, hurriedly, "You're screaming! You woke me up! I'm here for you...is it Sean's face again?" "I've got nothing left...it's all gone. Everything I've ever worked for, I've only got one thing left to do..." Still in a remarkable stupor of mental fatigue, Rob searches for his phone u
  6. welcome :)))))))))))) this is sounding pretty lush i like the panning shit around 2:35 onwards in Alkaloid the sucky dwop hit is starting to sound out of time to my ears, perhaps it was intentional not sure N7As got good momentum and bounce i really wanna smash a huge hall reverb on Cipher and see what it sounds like, might give it a tiiiny bit more life oh damn it picks up at 4:19 good timbres i like it, the ligeti sounding strings are nice too
  7. tuned in 5 mins late yeah someone is i checked the subreddit
  8. fucking HELL 2020 can fucking do one
  9. two legends thank u so much, so much energy
  10. oh yeah, yesterday it was 10 years shit, RIP to a legend (to them both too) . there is, and never will be, anybody like coil again. they satisfy me in so many ways that i just dont get from other musicians
  11. thats fair, if i came across as dismissive i didnt mean to. you only get 1 pair of ears, i too am very afraid of loud noises. tinnitus is sometimes just genetic, just like getting spots or something. ive noticed it somewhat dissipates if i dont listen to any loud music/anything at all for about 4 days. best of luck with it
  12. ah yes ofc....i dont speak to him often but id still class him as a good friend..always there for me
  13. i distinctly remember he put the whole set up of what he used on Love 7 in the track's description on his SC. ..he's deleted it now, deleted it aaages ago. but it still might be in this thread if u go to posts around 28th may 2016
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