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  1. there are 6 hours of dopplereffekt on NTS from yday https://www.nts.live/shows/nts-10-dopplereffekt
  2. these are some of the best mixes I have heard in a while
  3. aaaand from a different bag
  4. you are right, get a real job you hippie and then do it just for your own fun when you feel like you have a lot of time to burn and nothing better to do
  5. like these, still physical modelling: bleeps: repetition... like to stare at the lava lamp for this one:
  6. discovered these guys, great female vocals
  7. So after all this time I think that th red a is the most emotionally flooring one for me + it has warping liquid metal waveguide space ships thing going on.
  8. Took one episode length equivalent of my life away forever but it has ended there. Anyway, late to the party and watching raised by wolves now, seems all right and 4 episodes in, I will take a maniacal AI over religion 24/7. Tried mandalorian 2 but it seems it is more of the same: go to a planet, find a village, aww baby yoda, befriend a random character, kill a monster together, aww baby yoda, learn that it needs to be done again on a different planet, rinse and repeat. It is a for loop with variable skins really.
  9. Old Photek is fucking gold. Nothing like it.
  10. zlwwlz

    Brexit :(

    I do not see any reason for people of Scotland to say "yes sire" and go with it whatever miserable future the Tories want for them. I would not be surprised if they go with a referendum without getting the green light from any current or future iterations of the gammon king in London (sadly there might be a few of those in the coming years before some voters finally connect the dots).
  11. zlwwlz

    Brexit :(

    No more milk in tea as well. Worst of it all, they will force different color of UK passport upon thy with a great utmost and extreme vengeance ! ps. still made in Poland.
  12. zlwwlz

    Brexit :(

    I sure damn hope it does as it is the best thing that happened to Europe thus far. I propose re-education camps for the religious and the nationalists ? Social groups within that are easily to manipulate from the outside as their core principles are founded in faith, not reason.
  13. zlwwlz

    Brexit :(

    It is a laughable incompetent cluster fuck where the rich convinced the "not so bright" to vote against their own interests in the name of glorifying a geographical coordinate. I do laugh at it but I also live here so it is very very sad at the same time. I think the UK will re-join in one or two decades anyway. Glad to hold EU passport myself.
  14. There is a good deal on doom eternal right now, which is my next stop, after finishing the Witcher 3 and all it expansions on deathmarch I need some pure mindless gore. I will wait playing Cyberpunk at least a year. Looks great though.
  15. I think it was meant to be heard in a higher dimensional hyperplane that oscillates a lot.
  16. It is surely the about my huge chrome darkness snake shiver in eternal winter unfolding in the belly of a cat's hospitality-cylinder-song-box album. the chrome unfolding parts are the best though
  17. zlwwlz

    SIGN or PLUS?

  18. zlwwlz

    SIGN or PLUS?

    I listen to SIGN which makes me appreciate PLUS, I listen to PLUS, which makes me appreciate SIGN.
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