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  1. Yea i feel like that is how its supposed to be. I cant help but overthink everything as of late and totally takes the joy out of things. I used to get goosebumps lot when listening to music, but ever since this whole "how are u actually supposed to be listening to music" that seems to have faded away. Its a totally dumb thought and idk why it keeps infiltrating my brain. Same with trying to sleep i keep thinking about how to fall asleep but its not thinking about it that helps u fall asleep faster.
  2. That blush album really hits the right spot for me. and wow that Taylor Deupree album. thanks for sharing this.
  3. I just got off the phone with him new ep coming soon.
  4. That last bit must sound awesome live.
  5. https://forum.renoise.com/t/simple-pianoroll-com-duftetools-simplepianoroll-xrnx/63034 there is this tool aswell if u would like a more traditional piano roll.
  6. this renoise tool is handy if u like having every note one click away. Its called piano roll editor its not really a piano roll but w/e.
  7. U guys have any other cool / favorite skins im still on the default because its easy on the eyes.
  8. u should really just check the manual. It has two options use the transpose command on a single note or all the notes in the column. Im on windows never used a mac so idk what the alt or ctrl equivalent is on mac.
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