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  1. you must of met a really pretty indigenous girl u trying to bang.
  2. It was meant as a joke but it doesn't really work i think because if god controls everything he saves babies aswell. So it all comes down to personal choice then i guess
  3. For islam it got to be some human form right ? since u hear these stories of terrorist getting 72 virgins or something in heaven when they do something super duper cool for their awesome god. If always wondered if its clarified in their silly book if the virgins are only woman. if always been afraid to die a virgin because of that thought . I dont wanne wake up after i die and some lustful mohammed is going to fuck me in the ass for the rest of my eternal life.
  4. In what state do you acctually go to heaven according to these people ? like the body u died in or like your ideal self ? which i guess is for most people their youth twenties ?? or do you float around like a ball of energy?
  5. Is what i said actually being used as a talking point lol ? i just thought it was funny. Im on god's side on this debate and think we should follow his lead and because of that i think we should kill babies.
  6. You would think these Christians wouldn't mind abortion because it would send the baby instantly to heaven since it couldn't have sinned because it didn't live. And since they think heaven is this ultimate place / end goal in life. its pretty fucked up they take that free ticket to heaven away from those poor babies.
  7. trough the livestream
  8. well i discoverd lorenzo and this is really pretty i think.
  9. Did anyone get that guy spamming stuff sean said in all caps and making it seem like some famous guy quoted it ?
  10. I just imagine Sean living off somewhere in the Norwegian woods. And being labeled the haunted house because it always emits weird sounds at midnight.
  11. metacodex4 :Are you interested in buddhism or taoism ? eru324 :Do you like to use condoms ?
  12. Wunderbar

    Now Reading

    Im definitely trying to work towards oil paint aswell. I never heard of oil sticks before might have to check it out down the road since oil paint can get pretty expensive. The stuff im interested in is paintings with bold colors like u would see in fauvism movement or expressionism / post - impressionism ( to my knowledge ),Or more abstract/ surrealism stuff. Artist i really like are : André Derain , Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and van gogh ofcourse. But i find Hermann David Salomon Corrodi more realistic depictions of landscape really beautiful as well. But im still at the beginning im just at learning perspective which is like the first thing you do, So its going to take a while. Do you have any favorite artist / paintings ? In what way was your brother's friend influential ? You mind sharing any of his works.
  13. Wunderbar

    Now Reading

    Yea i feel like this is a good interpretation, in the context of the book and all. I struggled most with this part : times requires resistance. I interpreted resistance wrong which confused the whole thing for me . Thanks for your perspective cleared it up for me. I just finished reading Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Which is the first book i read in a loonnngg time. I can really recommend it if u want something short to read to get in to maybe get in to the habbit of reading. Its only around 80 pages. It really bloomed up a new passion for reading which im really enjoying right now. I also hope it will expand my vocabulary and better my English. The last part of your message reminds me of my goal to get better at drawing ( which i dont really enjoy ) and learn the drawing fundamentals to move over to painting which is my ultimate goal. And the thought i have to start the work: you dont have to like it you just have to do it. Starting has always been he hardest part about the process for me. Which is pretty common i think. thanks for the book rec as well i bookmarked it.
  14. Wunderbar

    Now Reading

    I started on knausgaard my struggle book series. And stumbled on this part "" As your perspective of the world increases not only is the pain it inflicts on you less but also its meaning. Understanding the world requires you to take a certain distance from it. Things that are too small to see with the naked eye, such as molecules and atoms, we magnify. Things that are too large, such as cloud formations, river deltas, constellations, we reduce. At length we bring it within the scope of our senses and we stabilize it with fixer. When it has been fixed we call it knowledge. Throughout our childhood and teenage years, we strive to attain the correct distance to objects and phenomena. We read, we learn, we experience, we make adjustments. Then one day we reach the point where all the necessary distances have been set, all the necessary systems have been put in place. That is when time begins to pick up speed. It no longer meets any obstacles, everything is set, time races through our lives, the days pass by in a flash and before we know that is happening we are fort, fifty, sixty… Meaning requires content, content requires time, time requires resistance. Knowledge is distance, knowledge is stasis and the enemy of meaning. My picture of my father on that evening in 1976 is, in other words, twofold: on the one hand I see him as I saw him at that time, through the eyes of an eight-year-old: unpredictable and frightening; on the other hand, I see him as a peer through whose life time is blowing and unremittingly sweeping large chunks of meaning along with it. " Would someone know what he means by this in this context ? i dont get the highlighted part. Cant find any discussion on it on the internet sadly.
  15. how to make idm : ANd them im going to randomize this parameter and than this one aswell ...
  16. like how blind total blackness? How did it go away? did it fade away or did you just wake up one day and it was gone? Going blind for a year sounds insane.
  17. Are u ever going to put all this knawledge to good use a give us kind of blue 2 ? Does anyone here see color when listening to music? like that synesthesia stuff.
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