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  1. I feel like its time to send in my resume. I feel like i can do this too.
  2. Cant believe they didn't put in my soundcloud song. I even emailed it to them. lizzo 497 miles davis 492 ...
  3. But aren't those guys u listed classified under electro ? so if want more like that might wanne look there.
  4. Politics really just feels like a game of tag but for adults.
  5. I meant the one before that on the intro.
  6. U can just pop rhythms of songs u like in your daw and look at it with the right bpm. And see if u can spot patterns in multiple songs.
  7. Does anybody recognize the first song that comes in ?
  8. This guy is actually very soothing. Does anybody know if he has a cult i can join?
  9. Does anyone here remember anything about a big bandcamp drop of tapes ? They had like these green line covers if i remember correctly. And there was a song named flower something. Very vague i know but i cant remember the bandcamp name.
  10. All their collaborations are beautiful.
  11. Anyone got any good recommendations for everyday over ear headphones? something in the sub 100 euro range.
  12. nice drexciya youtube channel. this one is noice. thanks for posting.
  13. Should people who do to much botox be allowed outside? I really feel like they become a safety hazard, because of the sun reflecting off their shiny heads into drivers their eyes.
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