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  1. I use youtube as a discovery tool. Its decent for that. Then i buy bandcamp when i can if its available/if i like it enough. Tried Spotify once, didnt get the hype. Did not like the interface. Soulseek when im real broke, sometimes ill buy later for real good stuff/ dead musicians / rich musicians/vinyl only. (if theyre rich or dead they dont need my money, im poor, but i support everytime i can independant, living musicians) FLAC warrior, i dont buy physical anymore. I still prefer physical books but for music i dont care, give me 'em FLAC.
  2. Oh cool one! wasnt aware of it! cheers for that!
  3. My pleasure im glad we got it working! have fun!
  4. Ah there is your problem you select the TRACK option. You have to select SELECTION. Transpose SELECTION not TRACK. Very important: You have to be sure the yellow underlining is on the note you want to transpose and select SELECTION, transpose X semitones. Try that it will work. I just did it and its how you do it.
  5. You have to select/underline just the one note you want in the track. Be sure that you only color underline one certain note and not the whole track. Might be what cause the problem?
  6. This tool is pretty cool, did buy it but I found a better flow just using renoise as a rewire slave with Reaper. Worth a try if you dont like the lack of piano roll/ mixing style that renoise offers/ prefer having gear audio visualized in stems.
  7. AFX mentioned this. I agree renoise should have this.
  8. If you complain about the state of the art of music in 2021 youre just beyond blasé imho hahaha There is an astonishing age for music. EDIT: sorry for the over zealous enthusiasm, needed a sandwich
  9. Sorry but i find this completely absurd. Just take a step back. The possibilities that recording, electronic instruments and computers have unlocked are unparalleled in the whole history of music. The new processes and instruments completely regenerated the musical vocabulary. You forget about it because you were born it it, if you were to take anyone from the 18th century and show them Stockhausen, Xenakis, AFX, Merzbow, Venetian Snares, Tim Hecker it would be like a huge bomb exploding in their face. There was NOTHING like it before the advent of recording and music technology. It created a whole new universe of musical ideas. The instrumentation, electronic processes and recording techniques are limitless.
  10. You know if we compare ourselves, if only for the astonishing variety of music available and possible to create now, we live in a golden age of music. In baroque times, Europe had like 3 or 4 different main styles. French, German, Italian and maybe Spanish or English. Other countries had also their folk style going. It was national thing. We are lucky. Their literally hundred and hundred of aesthetics. Just think about that for a second. Also, music technology completely regenerated tonality into new way of exploring it. A minor got a complet rehaul, lots of people thought it was basically dead but synth and electronic instrument unlocked new ways to use it by virtue of its possibilities in timbre. Novelty was once again possible in the simple realm of tonality. It also unlocked harmony and pitch with the possibility of using with perfect exactitude any sound frequencies you wish! Every year new variations are born, in time they merge with each others and create new artists and new genres, its quite amazing to witness.
  11. Same reason people keep going back to the piano. Its effective and tickles the brain in a special way. Squelches are a special kind of magic.
  12. AE remix fucking SLAPS delicious Stakker Humanoid is lovely too. Curious to hear what the other mixes sound like.
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