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  1. Sick alt extended version the ending is especially amazing thanks
  2. Pre-pandemic i was staying on facebook because of events. Pandemic took care of that.I keep messenger so i can write to friends. Not missing it one bit.
  3. Who the hell is this fella? https://fullfact.org/online/yeadon-covid-vaccine/ https://www.heraldbulletin.com/opinion/kelly-hawes-column-sorting-the-crazies-from-the-experts/article_995440d2-9e46-11eb-8aea-7b58d9367019.html https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pfizer-chief-scientist-vaccines/ ''Yeadon's title was not "chief scientist of Pfizer," "chief scientific officer of Pfizer," or "vice president of Pfizer." The division he ran had nothing to do with vaccines or infectious disease and at the time of its closure in 2011, was focused on developing compounds that targeted ast
  4. Isnt it wonderful to not hear about Trump antics every single day anymore? I think it's fabulous.
  5. Must be a french thing.
  6. It's quite understandable.Governments are full of crooks. BUT science (medical science) and government are not the same entity.It's what lots of people seem to fail to understand. There is a point when some people will just automatically say things like ''they're paid by the government'' or ''work for the government'' to just deny anything scientists may say or any scientific fact. Well mate, what if a scientist working at NASA tells you ''the earth is round''? is that a government conspiracy? Well some people truly believe that. Flat Earthers lol. Well ''the earth is roun
  7. How cool is that crazy country video
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