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  1. I mean you just have to pretend it's happening to another species, not to humans, on a remote planet. X species is victim of a bad virus on planet Xeroxmmos. X species, luckily, is quite smart and develop an effective cure to prevent infections in very short amount of time. X species is also quite dumb and has loads of people that dont want it and like to pretend the virus doesnt exist or that the cure is more dangerous than the virus. You'll just stand there and be fucking confused to whether they're the smartest thing you've ever seen or the dumbest thing you've ever seen. And also wonder about how long such a confused species can last and survive. I certainly wonder myself. I see this and wonder about global warming which is an even bigger issue and i cant see us on the planet in 100 000 years. Cockroaches should be still around tho. We humans have equally the most beautiful and extraordinary brain power on the planet but also the most extraordinary chaotic and confused brain power on the planet. The more i see how we behave as a species the more i'm afraid we're a short lived burst on this planet. Bright and shiny but probably short lived in terms of survival expectancy. I don't think we can compete with what dinosaurs have achieved on the long term hahaha But now i digress.
  2. I distrust the government. I don't like corporations. I understand that. But when a fucking bunch of virologists and epidemiologists and doctors get together and with amazingly overwhelming consensus tell the world : '' this fucking virus is no joke'' I fucking listen to them. I'm not listening to the government or big pharma when i take precautions and take the vaccine. I'm listening to these men and women who spent their lives studying health issues, viruses and pandemics and i trust their words and expertise.
  3. But then why do they mention the extremely few cases when people get really bad aftereffects? You know, because this will indeed have effect on vaccination rate and profit. Why would doctors do that if they were all in the pockets of corporation? Oh because Scientists DO follow scientific protocol and DO care about safety and cannot be put into this one group of people serving Big Pharma like slaves. You cannot just go out and buy every single health expert like its kraft dinner. Also: This vaccine.Has.Been.Tested.I repeat. Has been tested. Pretty sure you're speaking anti-vaxxer by the way. Hate to break it to you, might be a new thing but eh you're just shouting back the good ol' anti-vaxx rhethoric, you've been converted im afraid.
  4. Still very baffled by the fact Covid/Mask/Vaccine are politicized. Still very baffled that its perceived as this world order elite regime invention and conspiration. When you take the virus in itself, it's an objectively existing dangerous illness with objectively existing preventions methods and solutions not that much different from any other medical conditions. Not very complicated. If youre not careful its transmitted. Vaccine help to prevent transmission and illness. Lockdown controls it. For me, its the same as a broken arm and a plaster cast to fix it, or a cancer, or any other medical conditions. Should be quite simple to understand. Yet....because it has a global scale and it's an invisible virus, it complicate things, lots of sphere of human activity become affected and it really breakdown quickly. Human like to complicate things i guess. Seems to happen every now and then from what ive read about past pandemics, anti-maskers and conspiration just pop up... it seems part of it is almost inevitable to some degree. We have to do the best we can, compliance will never be 100% even in things like deadly viruses. Human diversity inevitably brings chaos and divergence even in simple things like pineapple on pizza so a global scale virus... The thing is of course the virus thrives on this chaos and must be really grateful of our lack of coordination and chaotic strategy to fight it as a species.
  5. You're a prophet https://www.elektron.se/bp1-faq/ Total Recall: Power Handle
  6. Pretty sure the view of the Avid installer is enough to trigger flashback and nightmares in many people.
  7. I am arguing with strangers that attack Ligeti and Schoenberg on contemporary music youtube videos. I thought i had beaten my bad habit of arguing with strangers on the internet but i had a few horrible relapses.
  8. Thats some sexy french style
  9. ''wood, such a blessing to humanity''
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