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  1. Medieval deep cut one of Ligeti favorite composer: Nightmarish 20th choral: Pure lush:
  2. Yeah... but then again lots of country dont have access to lots of vaccines. Variants will keep just popping up wherever there is lots of contagion. New variants man...now we know that omicron fucks with the vaccine efficiency...and look at the cases and hospitals struggling... The thought that even worse variants (and its pretty clear there WILL be new variants as the cases are surging as bad as they are now) could basically destroy vaccines even more and annihilate whatever progress was made is quite scary. I think the main problem is that we are facing a motherfucking powerful virus really, we are not its match yet, we can blame it on people and circumstances etc and such but at the end of the day it comes down to that. The virus is a hard motherfucker and is beating our ass. We are giving a honorable fight but damn this thing is not easy to beat on global scale.
  3. I feel you brother. Moms when they enter dumb mode jesus fkin UGHHHHHHHHH I saw my mom struggling with my granpa wanting to drive at 80 and being a danger to all that cross his path and not wanting to move out even if granma wasnt autonomous anymore and im like ''Mom you dealt with your parent old people BS and youre doing this to me?? get the damn shot!''
  4. Covid cases is exploding here omicron is getting everywhere. Mom still unvaccinated. Tried to convince her. Cant talk her out of her BS anti vaxx mindset. Fucking antivaxx BS spreading around i hope my mom wont die in a respirator because of you...
  5. Also this. Someone is thinking about some sweet serge modulars hahaha
  6. Yeah who knows? i hope this Omicron situation will help rich countries understand that we truly are in this together globally, we cant have that many people unvaxed, share the damn vaxx. Man the current surge was so QUICK, its quite insane. From 500 to 3800 daily cases in a very short time in Québec. Omicron is a bad motherfucker. Sure am worried about hospitals and my unvaxed mom. Already hearing about people i know, or their friends catching it a lot more than 1 month ago.
  7. I have experienced many times in my life projects or events with leadership that is not based on power but around cooperation, or at least function with a very minimal amount of true power involved, i think it is something that is possible. At least i guess what is in the realm of the possible, is to implement such things in group that have a small scale, and in basic relationships day to day with everyone else in your life, as much as possible. I think this is not of the realm of the utopia. But the thing is that you cannot hope for it to work by over imposed structures alone, and by systematic transformation alone, it needs to come from a deeper point of view, a certain awareness of the dangers of power. And thus is it not that easy. Every individual involved needs to have a certain emotional self awareness about this. Add to the equation 8 billions people and...well yeah, quite difficult hahaha So maybe that total world peace is impossible? BUT that peace in an individual, or more focused, small scale environment and structure is more possible? and what we can hope for is pockets of peaceful environments? and the more small scale peaceful environments that can be created, the better the average of the whole will be?
  8. I may lack nuance i must confess. This whole debate got me thinking about debate itself and let's say i give up assertions, and ask questions instead and keep things a bit more open and communicate my concerns with these things? We could aim for a minimal use of power in general? and aim for a better emotional awareness of the pitfall of power in relationships and structures? try to minimize it? aim education toward this? more respect and less domination? aim for humans to have self discipline or awareness instead of being controlled mainly by external agents and laws? aim toward a sense of responsability? some other question are: is power psychologically safe for human beings? are we questioning this enough? do we go into politics a bit too much without reflection just thinking thats how things are and thats it? can you trust a person, even with the best intentions in the world, the most idealist person, once in power to stay cold headed and not completely get over powered by power? isnt there any way to proceed and organize ourselves that is more balanced in terms of equity? Would that sound more reasonable? I think in the state of affairs right now it is indeed utopian to think that all power structures can be instantly abolished, i agree. The same way that you cant abolish oil and polluting technology instantly, too many of our structures are based around it. But there is always a way to tone things down progressively and do better maybe? This is just an IDM forum, but eh, for what it is worth humanity is gonna face some real challenges and we will have to ask ourselves some big questions probably very soon, like in the next 50-100 years with the climate change situation, so i guess we can try and practice a bit on an harmless IDM forum hahaha
  9. And this is exactly why i think communism is not radical enough for me, existentially and politically. It does not question the concept of power itself. It still goes along everything that is rotten in politics. It does not go deep enough. It's a superficial philosophy that is not willing to go into the real depth of the preconceptions and assumptions we may have about the world, ourselves and human relationships. It is in some way very conventional and weak in it's critical analysis of what power is and the extent of its necessity. It's still just a basic political manifesto not looking at the full picture of the human experience. It does not include psychology, philosophy at a deeper level, secret instincts and subconscious motivations of human beings, will to power and egoism. It just falls short for me sorry. You can all the good intentions of the world, when power hits you, the egoistic traits of human nature are underlined. Every.Single.Time. Communism might look ok on paper but in practice its a superficial sham and a disconnected ideology not taking in consideration the human nature that corrupts in contact with power, the tendency to seek destruction of the other when you enter antagonistic views. ''we'll take power and then abolish power'' It's absurd. It's like saying we'll cure the poison with more poison. Abolish power straight away.
  10. damn our prime minister is starting to look fkin exhausted by covid haha
  11. Shit aint over till its over. WHO said 4-5 years at least, at the start of pandemic, and it seems that still hold. Politicians have been selling the end of Covid way too soon (''now its fine we're through'' like every 3 months lol ) I think the way its been sold that way is playing with some people mind. Hopes gets real high and gets crushed real hard everytime. Im personally minded it may last 5 more years or even 10 years and if it doesnt the better that will be a nice surprise. Pandemics arent a walk in the park and to mind oneself for long term is better than being deceived by over-optimistic politicians that say every couple of months that its finished.
  12. @ilqx hermolia xpli Also i just want to take this opportunity to say im sorry for the aggressive action in China thread, we may have massive disagreement on some things, its no excuse to lack basic respect. Sorry to high school teachers too, high school was traumatic to me and it gets me emotional. For what it's worth.
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