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  1. One thing that social media does is to try to convince you that everything is a number game. Number of streams, number of likes, number of followers, number of sales. It is all so fucking pathetic. A human wall street of human interactions where you win by short terms validation to be repeated ad infinitum. People let their life and their self-worth be defined and controlled by bot accountants. The like button needs to be annihilated.
  2. There is this one guy i normally consider a friend that makes me feel like shit 9 out 10 times we interact. Even when it's talk about the most banal shit.I feel a sort of very intense self-loathing after almost every conversation, from having to deal from what feels like a subtle but powerful undercover contempt. I think its time i consider this person a bully and not a friend anymore.
  3. Attack of the Martian Spaghetti Beings: The Final Sauce The Movie when ?
  4. thanks for this, love it
  5. Frankfurt radio orchestra has such an awesome channel
  6. Those new photos are fucking LUSH imo. Had goosebumps when i first saw them. And still do.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/05/new-covid-variants-ba4-ba5-most-contagious-australia-third-omicron-wave-coronavirus-subvariants-ba-4-5
  8. So it seems the new BA.5 variant is as contagious as measles...fucking hell... Which makes the new variant the most contagious disease in the world...Yet we are told there is no need for any restrictions, no masks, no precautions, 5 days of isolation only and that all is well. Man do we learn slow...7 waves in and we still dont get it. Always underestimating the virus. Brace yourself for the next 6 months...
  9. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i cannot stop laughing oh man JP has reached the unstoppable meme level with this video
  10. What always strikes me with JP is the really intense passive-aggressive vibes. I barely can watch any of his videos more than 2 minutes until i feel bullied lol. Man i cannot even imagine even this guy as a psychologist. Imagine feeling depressed and this is what you get as a therapist. Fuckin hell.
  11. the complete aversion to masks that many people have is still something that escapes me... also... the dreaded day arrived and my unvaccinated mom catched the virus...
  12. External hardrives will fuck with you... I personally dont trust them for anything else than back up. They can die at any moment. Desktop PC with two internal drives (main SSD + HDD for big sample banks, 1st back up etc) is my set up right now and its the best ive had. If you can have a desktop with two drives i absolutely recommend that over anything with external. Its way more stable and secure.
  13. fucking hell... thats some depressing shit brace yourself, it aint over
  14. someone has been watching too much Stranger Things on acid lol
  15. Limp Bizkit IDM album when. If Frusciante could do it... come on Fred give us your best IDMz
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