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  1. I would send things trying to reach as wide a spectrum as i can and go from there, from the reaction. ( do they prefer melodic trx, hardcore trx, weird trx, beat/no beat etc ) and then send more in the same style. I would send literally everything from super chill ambient trx to AE abstraction and Venetian Snares breakcore and see to what they react.
  2. Something linked to what they are listening to aesthetically. The soft way. OR/AND ALSO Something completely different and shocking, something they never heard before, something so out of their confort zone it challenges them radically. I don't fully buy the safe recommendations method (aka SAW1 only for afx newbies, i say just throw everything at people and let them decide what they like) . A lot of people love to discover stuff or are open to new musical experiences when actually confronted with one. Sometimes when music is so alien to your past experience it catch your interest even more because its so new. Don't underestimate people. Try some bold and strong choices as well i truly think it can work sometimes.
  3. https://montrealgazette.com/news/world/scientists-detect-a-new-variant-in-south-africa-with-very-unusual-mutations/wcm/a9f741de-7c23-45b9-a481-9902b51292dd
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    Blade Runner sequel was probably a better movie on the whole than Dune tho. The pulse and build up was near perfect in that one. But Dune has an awesome rawness at times.
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    I think the movie should have been 4 hours tho. I know its not commercially viable but its too short. I have not even read the book but it shows material has been cut. There is a feel of some things being rushed out or left out even with the chosen pace. I guess it is somehow inevitable with movie adaptation.
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    Saw it last week. The thing that i loved the most about it is how the violence and political conflict felt real. Violence felt violent. Combat felt raw and kills felt like murders. The genocide and war scenes dont feel detached, they feel like actual war zones. Denis experience really shows here. And the real evil guys felt like real evil guys, like hannibal lecter level psychopaths not just guys dressed in black with a pout. (Kylo Ren im looking at you) Always said i would love a Sci-Fi in which the antagonists felt actually menacing and the combat felt actually violent and this is pretty much it. LOVE the slow pace, ominous vibe of the whole thing and the fact that everyone is more or less an ambivalent character and you never quite know who is gonna kill who. Some proper ancient tragedy vibes. Very impressive music and sound work in there. The weird percussion track and the abstract vocals especially. The bagpipe was strange but still nice. Some CGI felt a little bit off i must say. Felt the beginning had sloppy rhythm tho but after 20 minutes or so Denis finds his pace and the movie finds its voice. I hated the comedic relief bits, completely unnecessary. On the whole it has some of the flaws of any american blockbuster but it stays a minor aspect of the film and in the end it is a very impressive space epic with some real psychological impact and a powerful atmosphere.
  7. i agree The one thing that is definitively possible as an individual and a community is a change of heart regarding values and one's way of life and way of thinking. A change of heart and of mindset is what a lot of indigenous leaders have been advocating for and i agree. No one in governments cant fully control your own mind to a complete extent, the spirit will always be the last bastion of freedom. For example in the past few years i have tried to develop a deeper connection to nature and it did develop into a love and appreciation of trees and butterflies especially. Because one of the cause of the destruction of the earth is definitively alienation from nature and indifference to it. And if one develop love and appreciation for nature, one stops being indifferent to its destruction and start respecting it. I think we destroy the earth because we don't feel close or related to it anymore. I have started being interested in bonsai to deepen this and luckily eventually help people develop a connection with trees the same way that i did. For what it is worth, it's my little drop in the ocean lol
  8. The ruling american neo-aristocracies sure did a good job of rigging the game didnt they? The system, the way of life and philosophy that allow their existence is extremely well protected against any change and is very well supported by propaganda and education. Psychopaths are are efficient as hell.
  9. I remember James Baldwin talking about an illiteracy of the heart. The whole culture is built upon a complete lack of emotional intelligence.
  10. USA has a violence fetish since day 1. It's true for many countries but USA seems reluctant to even QUESTION the fact it could be the cause for many of its problems.
  11. The gun culture/culture of violence of the USA is contaminating us in Canada too now. Montreal is having a quite a big surge in gun incidents and murder every month now. Loads of gun imported from the USA ends up here. Also Police shouldnt have Guns PERIOD. Fuck Guns. Fuck Gun culture.
  12. For me 100$ is a lot of money. Sometimes i forget how some people really have loads of money and power and that for them its basically nothing. It's like another universe entirely that i cant even imagine. I dont especially envy them as i think money and power corrupts and the most generous people (on every level) that i know are often the poorest ones but yeah. The world is a wild place.
  13. FLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LOL Real Life Le Dîner de cons, amazing if you know french This is INCREDIBLE oh thx for the laugh WATMM
  14. ''the most important experience of all, connecting with people'' -void in his eyes revealing he never connected with anyone ever- Aint this whole thing is the invention of someone that never connected with anyone ever and over-compensate with the craziest batshit social media meta universe?
  15. To watch ill psychopaths destroying the whole planet and not being able to do anything about it a special kind of desperation.
  16. All of this makes it pretty clear that society is sadly run by very ill psychopaths. The funny thing is of course they convinced lots of people they were the most rational people around. Yeah, like destroying the only living habitat we will ever have for money (which is nothing but a human convention that is not based in reality in regard to what is needed for basic survival : air, water, food, ecosystems) is TOTALLY rational. Make sense 100% We are run by an extreme form of totally irrational and emotionally disconnected, power and money addicted psychopaths. They are addicted and they wont stop until all is destroyed. The thirst of greed is infinite. The psychopathic human brain anomaly has climb the ladder to power and is bringing everyone else in its self destruction. Really sucks for all the animals, plants and decent human beings. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100314150924.htm ''The brains of psychopaths appear to be wired to keep seeking a reward at any cost, new research from Vanderbilt University finds. The research uncovers the role of the brain's reward system in psychopathy and opens a new area of study for understanding what drives these individuals.''
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