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  1. Probably a different mindset too. Syro is a lot warmer and groovy. Drukqs break trx have a really cold, austere and aggressive vibe. Must have been going through some shit while making some of them.
  2. Yeah true, and there is always the Fuji tape for abstract modular. But what i mean is that never since Drukqs he incorporated funk, rave acid with high level of abstract texture/musique concrete/electroacoustic to the extent he did in Drukqs in a single track. It still there but never to the same level than in the break tracks like Omgyjya-Switch7.
  3. Imo, if anything Drukqs is when he got even MORE into classical not less. Before that it was mostly all kind of post-rave sounds (jungle,acid,techno)+ambient. I agree that it also became more funk. With drukqs he did a merge of rave music + avant-garde classical, John Cage, Satie, Musique Concrete, Electroacoustic+funk. Afterwards tho, i think the electroacoustic/music concrete/experimental aspect took a step back and the funk element took more and more space with The Tuss and Syro.
  4. This will give him quite a powerful tool for political and social leverage. As if being the richest man in the world wasnt enough leverage... Quite worrying...
  5. $270 million budget for Stranger Things 4.
  6. The entire Netflix thing was a trick by the movie Gods so that I'm Thinking of Ending Things can be made hahahaha thats my personal conspiracy theory It has justified its existence by this movie alone. Once its dead it might be the only thing that will stand the test of time. ''Netflix whats that? oh that commercial streaming service back in the day that funded Kaufman masterpiece, Im Thinking of Ending Things'' This movie is concentrated imagination in its purest form. What a movie.
  7. Experiments in industrial-noise soundscapes. Love the first experimental acid track a lot. Really digging this. ''Force Majeure’s self-titled six-track debut LP of noisy soundscapes, illbient beats and experimental techno drops as a digital release on French label Concrete Collage on 13 April 2022. This short LP traverses a dark path into noisy and dense layers of processed sound – brooding and powerful in its intent, but still retaining some intricacy and dynamics.''
  8. ''This is the story of an album three decades in the making, brought into the world by Executive Producer & co-visionary Tiga.'' Lol at this
  9. The first track kinda works. Sounds a bit like a NIN Ghost or a movie soundtrack. I dont hate it.
  10. My first thought was: its Putin getting rid of 'em. He seems to have a pattern of eliminating enemies even on foreign soil. But who knows... Grim stuff. Like the mafia.
  11. Netflix should found more projects like The Forest of Love and I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Cause those were mindblowing. Im still so surprised they funded those two crazy projects.
  12. There is a bit of sloppy return of some McCarthyism vibes with the russian culture cancellation which i find quite concerning and stupid. Cancellation of artists, alive or dead, just because they were born in Russia. Dostoievsky, composers, musicians, etc. Lol fuck that. You don't choose where you were born. It's not Shostakovich fault if Putin is an asshole, the same way it wasnt Beethoven fault that Hitler was an asshole.
  13. ''Professional Critics'' Final Form.
  14. Melting that golf cap. Yeah. Usually it comes from people who dont know electronic much. It's one of the most common prejudice it seems. But when you get to really experimental tracks and sounds it could be argued that it is even MORE organic in some cases because of how the sound evolves in a way that is similar to sound in nature and goes even beyond sometimes. When i think organic im more likely to think about an Autechre patch or an evolving experimental electronic soundscape than a rock band sound personally. Something that sound like an organism or a living entity. Multishaped and morphing. I think there is an initial dislike of electronic timbre for some people.
  15. Damn! 24 hours. Damn! Thx for this guys.
  16. The person replying is right tho. Ive done exactly what you ask with Reaper. Reaper can do this . Just grab the demo if you dont have it. It can transient cut audio and then you can batch export the files into a folder using export/render selected items or something like that. It should export all of them individually into whatever folder you told reaper to export them to. Ive done it once, auto sliced all my breaks and exported them into folders to be then loaded as hits in the Atlas sampler that automatically sort them into types of drums samples (kicks, snares, hats etc) Been a while since ive tried the transient detector slicer tho. It wasnt the most precise, some slices were meh. I remember the renoise one being more precise but maybe they improved it in the new reaper version. But reaper should be able to do a decent job at what you want to do.
  17. Renoise maybe? The renoise auto slicer is pretty good. Auto slice your audio, make them individual samples and export. I think this could be done in renoise but its been a while since ive used it.
  18. that one has a quite Drexciyan vibe do you agree?
  19. Fav trx are 1.Epigenetic Modulation (most experimental) 4.Neuroplasticity (most melodic) 7.Cerebral - AI entanglement (most spacey) 9.Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (lushest)
  20. Love that it has both experimental beatless soundcapes trx and electro beats trx.
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