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  1. Few electronic artists have been as exciting to me as OPN, ever since I first got that altered version of "Rifts" (the one with artwork by Kom-on-pax or whatever his name was) back in 2009.
  2. I'm sure I'll get put through the ringer for this, but... Why in the hell is there not an official OPN subforum? Surely by now he's established himself as a genuinely weird electronic guy in the vein that this site is dedicated to? I mean, perhaps he doesn't want there to be a subforum dedicated to the discourse of his work, and that would be fine, to respect his wishes, but I mean come on. Elipses.
  3. Oh, it's a fair point. The problem is, I've seen media analysts say things in 2015 like "You know, by giving him this attention, we're probably increasing his likelihood of getting elected", and yet they go on to talk about him at length, giving him airtime. If he was so laughable and dangerous, they should have done their duty and focus on what's in the public's interest, not in what the public is interested in. It's the fundamental problem of a press that cares about making money in the first place. Part of the reason that public media (NPR and PBS, e.g.) is somewhat better, though not too m
  4. Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump: The Book that No One Really Asked for but is Clearly Motivated to Make Money for the Author because He's Mad About Being Publicly Shamed for Being the Shitty Person Who Worked for Other Shitty People: The Book: The Book with Too Many Fucking Subtitles: The Duh: The Why Do we Need to Read This: Or, How I Learned to Stop Caring about this Shit Because My Neighbors in Rural America Are Still Posting Their TRUMP/PENCE Signs All Over the Fucking Place and America Is Totally Going to Violently Tear Itsel
  5. Well, sure. But I don't know--I occasionally learn something new by visiting this forum. Honestly, I keep holding out hope of some news of an album or something from either BoC or HI or something soon. I get excited when I see "Boards of Canada" in bold, and then I click and it's stuff about smashing tapes. A bit of a let down.
  6. Why are there two threads about this? Why should anyone care about this one way or the other? It's silly to be upset about somebody smashing some tapes, and it's silly to enjoy others getting upset about somebody smashing some tapes. Anyway, I come here to hear about music news. And here I am posting in a pretty dumb thread. I guess I'm the silliest one of all.
  7. Well, my box arrived today too, and I love it. It's a beautiful artifact. I'm a little bummed about not having a digital copy to go along with it, but I guess that's Sony/Universal dicking warp/Pritchard&Middleton around. And that bums me out a bit, but it's not the end of the world. Push comes to shove, I could make a recording of my records, which I kind of appreciate anyway, as it makes my imperfect digital copies a little more personal, anyway. I'll probably do that this weekend. I was a bit worried when I saw the state of the shipping packaging, because it was beat to hell and th
  8. meh Not super fond of silly stunts. Where's the music?
  9. Right. When I saw the announcement, my first thought was "well, that's almost exactly what that dude's friend at the printer said about one of the albums; now let's see if it holds up for the other." If I recall correctly they said the other one was green-on-grey, right?
  10. So hyped. If this is like a continuation of the LIVE 16/18 jams, I'm going to be beyond stoked. Really love the big announcement/release only a month later deal. Wish more shit was like that.
  11. Sorry, damage is done. The way is paved for more insanity. Brace yourselves.
  12. Huh. Interesting. I remember around the time of TCH, one of the BOC guys recommended this guy's stuff. Looking forward to checking it out.
  13. He explains the argument pretty well. He downplays the significance of the bland indifference principle and the substrate independence hypotheses, though. Neither of these are strictly “logical” nor strictly “mathematical”. They are substantive philosophical premises in Bostrom’s argument. Thus, the argument isn’t as airtight as being pure logic and math.
  14. I was actually thinking of Bostrom's argument. At the end of the article, he speculates a bit about what a simulation-world would entail for our belief in God, the soul, recursive simulations, etc. I don't recall that he speculates about UFOs, though, but hey, why not? https://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.pdf
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