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  1. There's something kinda offputting about a high-profile group announcing retirement/breakup. Just fucking do it without the performative declaration, for fuck's sake. It's like they want to fake their own death so they can attend their funeral or something, kick back and listen to all the eulogies. Gross. If you're going to quit something, just up and quit and don't even make a show about it--let the world figure it out that you're done. That's always an option, so the fact that they made the announcement makes it seem that they want all the sobs to fuel their fucking egos.
  2. Paul Anka was trying to tell us this decades ago AND WE DIDN'T LISTEN
  3. Well, I think OPN has officially accomplished Warp’s mission to infect pop music with weirdness. The Weeknd’s half time show at the SB is probably as big as it could get. OPN was the musical director for the show. I especially like how OPN had this behind-the-scenes role in that show. Like that "ooze between the walls of the house of pop music" analogy he's given in some interviews.
  4. I remember when I first heard the MBM remix and the "Dirty Great Mable" remix (I found them around the same time, so they're linked in my mind), my obsession over these guys was permanently sealed. I loved their weird warbly take on these things, with tons of little details in there. So rich. https://youtu.be/bqRkUtlfLF4 Like the obvious thing in that "Dirty Great Mable" remix is that some of those voices sound just like the voices in their Peel Session version of "Olson".
  5. Looks like they're both sold out now. Glad to see that. Well, should say that I'm sorry for anyone who missed it; what I meant was I'm glad for Touched that they sold all their stock (although that was never in doubt for a second).
  6. Damn. RIP, Salvatorin. Very sad to learn about, in a generally sad time. I appreciate knowing, though. Thanks for letting us know.
  7. So sad. RIP sophie; glad I learned of your music (even if only recently through this remix)
  8. Damn! I just was turned on to her through that Autechre remix (which I loved and shared with all my friends, and they all insta-loved too) and then this. WTF. I was genuinely excited to see where she was heading with her career; it was just getting started.
  9. also, as whites are entering this phase of grappling with "status threat", and soon no longer being the majority in this country, they're like a scared animal, backed into the corner. I contend that 30 April is a conservative estimate, really. Let's see how this all plays out over year, and then five years out after that.
  10. Ugh. The stupidity of it all. It's too much to take in. Why is a pillow-salesman a relevant source of political authority? Why do so many people not have a basic understanding of how statistics works, or even just a reasonable sense of proportion? This fraud stuff is overwhelmingly dumb.
  11. Wow: fucking gorgeous, Martin and Plaid. And as I said in the other thread on this topic, I'm very eager for this comp., as I've been hoping for a sequel to "Parts..." for some time. You guys kick ass, and I couldn't think of a better home for the release. All that said, can you guys just go ahead and open the pre-orders please?! I want to throw my money at you for this, and I'm worried I'll get shut out like I always seem to with your cool limited releases. I'd rather get that over with sooner rather than later. (just kidding about the entitlement here...well, sort of kidding....)
  12. I’m sure this has been done, but I was wondering about when ‘zine’ wasn’t just a monosyllabic word, when it was, you know, like the good old days in America and we called them MAGAzines... im sorry; I’ll show my self out...
  13. Yes! Also like the link to Martin's ongoing cancer research funding project. I was literally just thinking about this the other day, while listening to "Parts in the Post", hoping there would be another similar compilation of their many more recent remixes. Any word on physical releases? If so, formats? NVMND: should have clicked the link first. Cool: a picture disc and a CD comp. NICE
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