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  1. I have to admit: I became OBSESSED with the "Silenced", "Radio Scarecrow", "Further Vexations", "Music for Real Airports", "Liber Dogma", "Tranklements", "Neither/Neither", "Post-Truth", "Black Daisy Wheel", and "Fragments" line of CD output, in that order about a year ago. That's a very slow burn to build up for me, as I was an obsessive over "Bytes", "Spanners", and "Music for Adverts and Films" for years. I was worried when I heard about the departure of Ed and Andy, whom I adore (I have a signed CD on my wall, next to a signed box of Autechre's EP collection and a signed copy of Steve Hauschildt's first solo album: my holy trinity of signed works). But something clicked with "Liber Dogma" for me, and I felt that I can see the Black Dog as its own wonderful, prodigious thing, next to Plaid in its own right, but there's no need to really compare them in the first place. It's really its own thing, and its full of intelligence, and social anxiety about stupid-ass uses of technology, and society's malformations and all the shit I also think about and worry about on a regular basis. These guys have my heart, too. And have you seen their serious fucking output?! They don't stop, and it's all quality. Inspiring, to say the least. They have a book of photography, and they're constantly putting out new albums and EPs. I miss the vinyl, though. If I can suggest anything it's that they put out some more vinyl soon because, hey, the world is burning up anyway and I like some larger artworks because my rapidly aging eyeballs can see it better and because I can play it for friends while the continent of North America is burning up and filling the air with toxic particles and George Carlin was probably right when he said that the planet just wants "PLASTIC, ASSHOLE!" It's all going to shit, anyway.
  2. Ha, that “noise” is the best part. I was instantly hooked from that point on and have been a bochead ever since. Got the fuckin’ children’s book edition on a recommendation of the guy at my local record store (“music matters”), and that album was my soundtrack through 2002 through 2012. still my favorite album.
  3. This guy is usually pretty insightful (often in his criticism of the Trumpification of the conservative party and their continual failures lately) and related to your point, though he goes a bit further:
  4. Me too. This will belong right beside my “Mike & Rich” reissue on the shelf.
  5. Right. Been meaning to chime in on this. If you look at the Lex announcement about this, they are celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a steady release of remixes, starting with this one: https://lexrecords.com/products/treat-em-right-boc-remix/ It likely has nothing to do with some bullshit number that anyone with schizophrenia can tie together with some other random-ass date. 1998 days since something-or-other, I saw someone said. Nah. I mean, don’t get me wrong—those numbers-investigations are funny and seemingly encouraged by the artists themselves, but it’s just for fun, ffs. The release date appears to be more about Lex and less about BOC. Simpler explanations ceterus paribus, and all that.
  6. Literally made me laugh in an embarrassing situation at work: thank you, good sir.
  7. Or just don’t reproduce. Save everyone the fucking trouble: that bitch of a mother, that innocent fucker who didn’t give consent to exist, and the assholes in the park who were disturbed enough to document this farcical tragedy of earthly plight.
  8. Also, rednecks are not just localized in one part of this country. In my experience (including 8 years in central new york, 8 years in florida, 10 years in the midwest, and lots of time scattered throughout), there is a background radiation of redneckhood permeating this whole country. The "we're from NY" excuse is fucking dumb.
  9. ...if they ever received any real education in the first place.
  10. Sorry, man. Gut churning stuff just to hear about. I hope he felt like a piece of shit after you talked to him. He ought to.
  11. This shit with Cucker Tarlson telling his viewers to "politely but firmly" "ask" people wearing masks to take them off because it is making them uncomfortable seriously has me worried. These fucking 'necks around where I live will act on his suggestions. Such a stupid thing to incite zombie illiterate morons to do: pick fights over something that has nothing to do with you personally. This is going to play out terribly.
  12. Clearer footage here:
  13. Or, it could be that the big take-away here is that caring about shit like this doesn't matter, and that we should each go on to make our own things, find other new cool things, study the natural world, think about what we really value, etc., and not hold our breath for their output. It's all a matter of perspective, I suppose. Also, if you've come to boc fandom expecting timeliness, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. Doesn't matter what they said: anyone who's worked on large-scale projects that they really care about knows that projected timelines for intermediate goal-setting very often gets set back. Cut them some slack, dude: they're humans. But we all know it's worth the wait, so just wait a bit more, eh?
  14. Yes, I'm sorry to say that as a fan of both Clark and Deustche Grammophon (I've been a pretty casual collector of their output that I find at thrift stores for about 20 years, with my all-time favorite prize being the "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Peter and the Wolf (Benjamin Britten)" cassette), this is not working for me. I'm going to try to revisit it with a fresh lens in a few days, hopefully I'll be able to see what he's referring to in that interview, but I didn't really find it very welcoming, to be honest.
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