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  1. Don't know about all this China stuff. I came here to see what you guys have been thinking about this movement lately. I must say, I stumbled upon some old Jon Stewart clips from 2014 and I was surprised how much what they were talking about then still applies today. Then I was surprised that I was surprised.
  2. As a former Floridian, I can attest that living there is akin to being dumped in a swamp.
  3. Seriously, so fucking good. I love how it's playful at just the right times, in between all the amazing tunes. One year on, this Warp30xNTS thing still gets me excited to revisit these sets and the box (I know that there are mixed feelings about that, but I love it). I hadn't looked forward to something like that in so damn long, it felt like a seasonally inverted Christmas.
  4. I don't smoke. But if anyone says "Vignetting..." isn't folky, I'd like to ask you to revisit it. "Mr. and Mrs. Compost"? "The Ephemeral Bluebell"? "Great are the Piths"? "Odd Paws"? "Weekend Wildfire"? "The Garden Shelter"? EDIT: sorry, I meant "Thatched"? (It's late and I'm tired.) Objections to something sounding like it belongs on PBS is strange to me. I suppose I take a Modus Ponens to your Modus Tollens.
  5. After my first couple listens, I feel like this is nicely in line with "Vignetting...", which was a pleasant surprise. A lot of different field recording/processing that varies the mostly instrumental tracks nicely, and imbues it with that same kind of atmosphere. And "Oakmoss" has a fresh take on the melody from the first half of "Lover's Carvings". Reminds me of the way "Bequeathed" reframes the melody from "A Tout a l'huere".
  6. So many great tunes, hard to pin one down, but this is certainly my all-round go-to/most played. It's a very powerful and sacred track for me, so the screenshot I'm going to post below might seem like I take it lightly, but I don't. Still: Of course my favorite track by my favorite band came to mind when this happened in the show.
  7. God damn this album only becomes more and more prescient. In b4 the whole world catches up w/"reach for the dead" video.
  8. It's so obvious that in the video the guy couldn't breathe. Whether there were "underlying conditions" is irrelevant because the way he was pinned was completely unnecessary, and he asked for helped and expressed his difficulty breathing given the position he was in. Also, in general, I think we should accept that if you're holding someone down by putting your knee on that handcuffed person's neck, you're a fucking creep.
  9. My god. If true, then Twoism has become a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy that wished it could become a real thread. I haven't been there for years because I got to the point where I cringed before I typed the URL into my browser and I determined "why would I go to a place that pains me so much?" I can't imagine how the BOC fellows themselves must feel, especially if they think that place is representative of their fanbase. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I totally get why BOC don't interact with their fans--I wouldn't. Except you guys--you guys are the greatest, relative to the BOC fans.
  10. As someone who was also bequeathed a stupid legal name without his consent, I can attest that it's not all that bad. But honestly, that kid was going to have a fucked up life regardless. Hopefully he does something cool with it.
  11. Yes, "Vignetting..." is, and has been since it was released, my favorite of his Mush output, and I've been a strong fan of that era of Bibio since the beginning. That said, I would personally rate "Phantom Brickworks" above "Ribbons", just because I've always had a preference for atmospheric music I can read/write to and lyrics always distract me too much. That said, Bibio's always been one of those exceptions for me when it comes to lyrics, just because his poetry and musical sensibilities push it all over the top. He's a master of everything he does.
  12. I think we always have reason to be wary about giving power to governments, especially in times of crisis. PATRIOT Act, anyone? I remember how fucking ridiculously high Bush's approval ratings were right after 11 September 2001, even though he was just as fucking stupid as he ever was. And then Congress passed that fucking steaming shitpile on our liberties, and everyone grabbed a fork and started scooping some right down their own throats because it was called "PATRIOT": what kinda Arab terrorist are you that you would question our president? (I have a dark complexion; I heard variations on this a lot at that time.) That said, the lockdown thing here is a bit different. I don't know of too many arrests in my area, but maybe I'm wrong. While there's a paternalistic element to this whole thing (we're being told rather forcefully what to do because we're too dumb/selfish to do it the right way on our own), I honestly wonder about paternalism for exactly these kinds of things. Maybe people (or enough people) are too dumb, and they're not just killing themselves with their recklessness--they're killing their grandmas and their neighbor's sickly cousins, some of whom know the risks and don't want to die, but are getting trampled asunder, nevertheless. So I'm honestly torn on this issue. Here's the thing: we need to be vigilant that once a vaccine is readily available, we haven't given over any more liberties than we had pre-December 2019. I have my doubts that we can pull this off, just because history shows time and again that something like this happens, and we then have slightly fewer liberties than we had to start with. I feel like the social contract is really more like an agreement with a casino that we had no choice about entering: you walk in with a certain amount, but they ensure that you'll very nearly certainly walk out with less.
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