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  1. Um, I don't find that very funny. That happened to me once.
  2. Goddamnit. There's already a thread for this.
  3. Hey, this thread reminded me: I miss limpyloo. I hope he’s okay. There some classic lumpy stuff here that made me lol irl just now.
  4. New Fear Ratio and now new VHS Head—2020 is a Skam year as far as I’m concerned.
  5. Yes. I worked in kitchens for my livelihood for nearly a decade, and I can also confirm all of this. Just humans serving humans; it’s no different seeing strangers working hard in front or strangers working hard in the back.
  6. Not accusing you or anyone here. I was just surprised how people accepted the comments without qualifications in the original YouTube thread.
  7. Interesting to consider, but I don’t buy it entirely. Why should we take this “Alien Isotope” as having privileged access to that information?
  8. Thanks for reporting about this--listening now. I'm glad I didn't miss it this time!
  9. Just a circle-jerk/stroke-job for those countries that have economic weight to throw around.
  10. It’s been an honor and a privilege reading WATMM’s thoughts about music, Nice Butts, and vids with you all over the years. Godspeed, you fine gentlemen.
  11. There is already a comment on the fact that there is already a thread for this
  12. Eh, what can you do? You know, I don't disagree with the original post. In fact, I have a similar feeling about their post "Beaucop Fish" releases. It's not the loss of Emerson, because he was gone by "Beaucop...", if I recall correctly. But what matters to me is that they're still trying. They still share with the world. If it doesn't move you, so what? They are still doing something, and that's just fine. I just won't buy what I don't want to listen to regularly, but I respect people who are crippled by the depression and self-imposed solitude induced by the fear that any sane person might feel in this over-stuffed, over-carbon(dioxide)ated world we're in. Fuck it. They're still trying to make something, at least.
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