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  1. Geez us fucking Christ. im out. fuck this, but have a good life, y’all.
  2. Man, this situation just keeps getting more and more depressing and frightening. The potential for genocide of the sort that Germany carried out after invading Poland seems to keep increasing with actions like these. Moreover, the situation as reported in that article seems like the modern version of what the Ancient Greeks used to do when they conquered a neighboring city-state: all of the surviving inhabitants were turned into slaves, in those days. The difference here appears to be that they have to sign a contract to stay in an impoverished part of Russia to work for them for no less than two years. But what then? Does anyone really expect Russia to take care of these people, especially when Putin has said things to indicate that he believes that Ukraine isn't real and Ukrainians don't have a right to exist?
  3. If you find my post disturbing then that says more about you than the post. Seems you missed the point, really.
  4. There are satellite images of 40-mile long military convoys heading toward Kyiv. I'm very sorry to say that it appears very likely that the president of Ukraine will be killed soon, for all his public support and heroism. Such a horrible shame. I really don't want it to be the case, but it looks like Putin is determined to kill that guy. This whole time, I can't help but think about how I read somewhere a few years ago about how Putin was obsessed with video of Gaddafi getting anally raped by the rebels who caught him, and how Gaddafi was killed in an undignified way by the mob, and Putin would just play that video over and over and repeatedly say "This won't ever happen to me." His personal identification with a fellow dictator was revealing, and his take-away from that whole affair was super alarming. I fear that the lesson he "learned" from that was that he'd rather blow up the whole world than be anally raped. Such a shame how vulnerable the rest of us are to the bizarre whims of unbalanced wealthy people. So sorry about all this. I hope something positive happens soon.
  5. Bring back “WWIII” title! At least tentative version? For example: “perhaps WWIII?” https://www.npr.org/live-updates/russia-invades-ukraine-live-updates#in-a-historical-first-the-eu-says-it-will-buy-and-deliver-weapons-to-a-country-under-attack
  6. Well, I'm sure that there are some things that could happen that would be better, but this is good news all-round (if Zuck doesn't chicken out).
  7. Congratulations on your successful defense on such a cool topic, and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading it soon!
  8. Oh shit! My old home town! I haven't lived there in twenty years, but I grew up there (left in my early twenties) and can attest that there are many absolutely unashamed racists and confederate sympathizers there. In fact, when Trump announced his bid for presidency in the summer of 2015, I specifically thought of all the many bigots I went to school with or worked with (in the food service industry there, people don't keep their cards close to the vest, I found) and I despaired that Trump's rhetoric was going to resonate strongly with this folk. I've lived in many different places in the US since (mostly NE or MW), but I could see echoes of that contingent in all of these places, and I knew that even though the US made large progressive strides in the years leading up to 2015, those people were never going to change their minds, learn, or grow intellectually. They just kept their resentments in, and so I'm not at all terribly surprised (though I am saddened, nevertheless) to see this footage. Geez, I had many happy memories as a kid of that fucking town square they're showing here. I just took my partner there for Thanksgiving recently and we walked in that area. Incidentally, though, there is an old historic site just feet from that gazebo called the "Slave Market", which is what you'd think it was. There used to be many controversial demonstrations there back when I was a teenager, I recall. And the Native American population used to demonstrate in front of the statue of Pedro Menendez every year on Columbus Day, for obvious reasons. But you might be appalled to hear that there were many white people who would--again, with no shame at all--publicly disparage these demonstrators with intense racial epithets. In fact, there is a well-documented history of some severe racism in St. Augustine, which is so very unfortunate because it's a beautiful place, and there were some subpopulations interested in arts and intellectual pursuits. You just have to steer clear of the rednecks.
  9. Ha. You know, it's really clear how biased all these liberal hippie professor types are: they penalize conservative students with poor grades just because they're illiterate. It's disgusting, really. Scary, to say the least.
  10. Whatever one thinks of the trial, this kid literally killed two people with a gun that he was talking about killing people with the night before for stealing toilet paper or whatever from a convenience store. How is there not more shame here?
  11. update: I pulled out my audiotechnica lp120 and both records worked fine on there. I'm not sure why they skipped on the lp60: like I said, I've never had that problem with new records on that turntable before. Oh well. The good news is that they work just fine on the other deck, so I guess I'll only play them on that one.
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