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  1. Yes, that first one is excellent, and the second one felt like a huge dip in quality by comparison, although there are some great tracks on there. I'm cautiously optimistic about this, but the Orb has been pretty disappointing lately, for the most part.
  2. Goodness, I've been saying for decades now that the expression of these exact sentiments--without any shame and out in the open--is a seriously scary warning sign. As someone who fits into one of those very groups he just mentioned, that's terrifying to see. But as someone who (for some reason) still cares about the proper function of society, that's disheartening.
  3. Thanks for the tip: Joel is a sweet human being who also makes killer fucking tunes and throws amazing, high-energy live shows. Had the privilege to see him *twice* at my favorite place in the whole world (Rozz-Tox, QC) and always loved hanging with him and chatting with him. Excited for adding this to my vinyl collection: it will earn a pride of place among my faves, instantly.
  4. Is there a rage facepalm reaction icon? There should be. Sparking up the base by intentionally broadcasting things to upset people in the opposing "tribe" (I hate that language, but that seems to be the motivation here). It can't get much more blatant than this.
  5. It shouldn't have been so close. But then again, who are these people, these 70+ million people, who voted for the wannabe dictator in the first place? That should not have happened.
  6. Yeah, but similar arguments were advanced in 2015 for the claim that he couldn't get elected. "They're incompetent, therefore they'll fail." It's not that I think we're overlooking any great genius here--there isn't any--but those commentators who dismissed his candidacy as a joke weren't counting on how effective it is to tap into provincialism, scapegoating, and good ol' fashioned racism in America. And his popular vote actually increased this time around, right? He knows how to milk those die-hard followers, we have to give him at least that much. I'm with Jules on this: it's pretty scary s
  7. Wasn't that a contributory factor in the downfall of Rome? Lead in the aquaduct system?
  8. Really remarkable how the opening of "Constructivist" sounds a lot like the opening of Autechre's "latentcall" from elseq 4.
  9. Fair enough. Look, I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief too. But I'm still thoroughly shocked how many people still voted for Trump. I'm going to let go of it for today. Sorry to bring everyone else down with my pessimism. It isn't easy for me to accept the good, especially when the bad is so overwhelmingly present. But there's still good, and I'll focus on that from now on this weekend.
  10. Ha. But really, this should wait until January '21, right? This should be like a "pre-order" speculation thread.
  11. Sorry to be a debbie-downer, but that's a surgical removal of a tumour while the cancer has metastazied in the liver and has spread to the brain of this, Our Great Country. We be celebrating the hacking of a rapidly decomposing corpse. Granted, that's a bit dramatic, but we shouldn't be patting ourselves on the back over this terribly weak showing. We have to remain vigilant now, and brace ourselves for whatever nutty declarations Trump will signal to his rather substantive base. These are the people with guns, who organize Weekend-Warrior militia groups like the three-percenters or the oathke
  12. We shouldn’t be happy about this. Relieved, sure, but not happy. Half the country voted for this wannabe dictator, even after all the shit he said and did. They aren’t going away. They seem to be growing in number. This was close, way too close, and Trump beat Obama’s record for largest amount of votes (as did Biden). The problems are here, they’re deep, and they’re probably going to get worse.
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