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  1. Once, my friend tried to play this album at my Kung fu studio to embarrass me (he thought everyone would laugh at how weird my musical tastes were) in front of our sifu, and I said they should put on something else instead for the warmup phase of our routine. But once Barbola work came on, Sifu started grooving and told me if I ever made assumptions that he wouldn’t like some good shit like this again, he’d kick my ass. Respect.
  2. An all-time Warp classic top-five album for me, for sure. There are definitely some lesser moments for me personally, but the greatness overall makes it so worth revisiting the whole that I actually appreciate the few downtimes in between. The first 20 minutes especially, culminating in that Psil-cosyn track is worth it, alone. Shit blew my 17-year old mind back in the day, and still does it for me when I revisit it from time to time now.
  3. Yeah, I got mine yesterday, and I love it. I've been pretty quiet about it because it seems that it's easy to hate on the visuals and the selections, but I love almost all of these artists and the shows they've included, and I'm looking forward to hearing it all some snow weekend soon. The prints included and the textures on the box itself are pretty cool, too. I'm very pleased with the whole thing, and it looks really nice on my self between the Ae NTS set and my Warp20 set. Love ya, Warp. Thanks for the cool tangible artifacts!
  4. Goodness. I can't stand this cool-guy confusing language. What does it mean to say a person is "cancelled"? That reminds me of someone getting "on blast" because he sent some facebook acquaintance an unwanted photograph of some body part. Are people incapable of using clear language, or do we all have to speak like mid-90s MTV VJs in Daytona? So, this person is being chastised? Is that the term you all meant to use? Or was her life somehow on contract, like a serialized television show, and that contract had to be terminated? Fuck this stupid world.
  5. Yeah, this was good. So very good. I'm going to have to think on it for a while: there's so much to say. There are problems, to be sure, but all the best things have them. .
  6. I understand why these artists never talk to us. I wouldn't.
  7. Sorry, a near anagram. Leo Lizards is close.
  8. Yeah, saw that. Sinking Ships. Didn't realize that discussion threads had to be kept to "actual news" only. I'll not bother you people again.
  9. Oh goodness. When will Jon Voight go back to being a prostitute? Oh wait...
  10. I don't get it, but I'm dense, so there's that.
  11. I don't want to turn this into what has become my usual thing lately (apparently), but I really wonder about the likelihood of our ever going back, of things really getting better, of people fixing their problems, of America's chances of redeeming itself. From what I feel like I see (I realize the hedginess of that hedge), given my admittedly anecdotal experiences, the racists are only emboldened, but the smarter ones know how to find the line and tow it just so. Everyone's really worried about Trump or Mass Shooter #259 or whatever, but those aren't the real problems, now are they? It's annoying to have some pedant come along and remind us all that these are symptoms and not the underlying disease, but again, how likely is it that things are going to get better? Trump: he's just the beginning. And as for the television's so-called plan... Oh, right. Just elect Bernie, and the kiddos will all get free college. Despite how much I'd love to see Bernie take office (setting aside my qualms with his general outlook regarding higher education), I doubt in my heart, when I'm sober, that he'll be elected. I used to think that the racist types were all just going to die out, that younger generations raised on Sesame Street would all be more enlightened, but I now see young men and women entering college who are fairly unashamed in their sporting of the MAGA hat, or in denouncing abortion as murder, or even entertaining ideas of racial superiority. I'm not kidding. It's really shocking to me, but maybe I've just always been gullible and naive, even more so when I convinced myself that I had shaken off that childish weakness. For more despair, please visit my thread on the Apocalypse. (Are shameless plugs like this acceptable? I haven't seen anyone else do this.) I'm serious about wanting these thoughts to be added to this thread on "Now that Trump's president", by the way. Thanks, all.
  12. Strange coincidence I bumped into the other day: that "Leo the Lizard" thing was rolling around in my head, and I realized that "Leo Lizard" is an anagram for "Leo Szilard", one of the theoretical physicists who realized the importance of the role of neutrons in nuclear fission. I know it's not intentional, but I have very few people to share this silliness with, so I subject you, dear reader, to that. Sorry.
  13. Wow, hopes up and dashed so fucking quickly. Thanks, WATMM crew. It was a fun ride.
  14. Isn't that the picture with Billy Mitchell from the '80s, that guy from "King of Kong"?
  15. Literally had an elderly neighbor begin a conversation with me last November (just after I moved out here in cornfield and pig farm country) exactly that way.
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