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  1. Noisey has it up at 64 on their albums of the year list. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/7xyex4/the-100-best-albums-of-2018 A fucking travesty, should have been 63.
  2. I thought the Bowie-style tracks were quite good. I couldn't even make it all the way through the previous 2 EPs.
  3. Incunabula Amber Tri Repetae ++ Chiastic Slide LP5 EP7 Confield Draft 7.30 Untilted Quaristice Oversteps Move Of Ten Exai AE_Live Elseq 1-5 NTS Sessions
  4. Overand


    I only just realized there's a big white C on the cover.
  5. The Killing of a Sacred Deer. 9, maybe 10/10. I loved the first half of The Lobster but felt like it lost the plot halfway through. This one works all the way through. Alternatingly beautiful, hilarious and off-putting. All the stilted, weird dialogue delivery really worked with the overall surrealism and banality of the suburban Cincinattian setting. Blade Runner 2049. 7/10. Pretty alright. Didn't blow my mind and could have been shorter.
  6. Overand

    Most Evil Ae Moment?

    1 1 is the loneliest number.
  7. Overand

    Most Evil Ae Moment?

    Second half of 1 1 is. Arch Carrier. Tankakern. Bine. Known(1) is a goth drinking wine and listening to Coil.
  8. I quite enjoyed mother! It wasn't subtle or super deep but it was audacious, darkly funny, absorbing and aesthetically interesting. It took a while for the balls to hit the wall but once they did I was happy. It, on the other hand was kinda boring. Over reliant on schlocky jump scares, the actors and cinematography were all good but the sound editing was terrible and cliche as was the soundtrack. The Stand By Me-ish scenes worked a lot better than any of the actual "scares." but if I wanted to watch a good version of Stand by Me I could just watch Stand by Me.
  9. Overand

    Clark - Death Peak

    Living Fantasy is pretty great. Reminds me of Phillip Glass in a good way.
  10. Counting everything, I distinctly remember listening to the hafler collab once and realized it would be the only time. Counting LP's relative to the amount of time they've been out, Move of Ten is probably the one I've spent the least time with. I think I've only listened to each post-Quaristice album all the way through two or three times then find the tracks I like and listen to those regularly.
  11. Sweet! I always felt like he deserved more recognition. Glad he's still working and creating new music.
  12. A broadway musical about an underappreciated founding father.
  13. Orange in the shower, cantaloupe on the toilet, pomegranates while shaving. All in preparation for the grand finale...
  14. for reals? https://www.creativereview.co.uk/the-designers-republic-remembered/ “I was looking at the skyscrapers in New York. When I came back we started playing around with abstracting architectural forms. The natural lines of the skyscrapers, from these photos I’d taken, gave lines of perspective that formed an almost 3D grid. The black shape in the foreground of the cover is one of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge, as seen from the Empire State Building. The type isn’t a font, it’s all just hand done, making a font that’s just made up from blocks” Feel free to try and figure the perspective out yourself http://www.digitaltrends.com/photography/45-gigapixel-photo-from-empire-state-building/
  15. I like how Amber fits into their discography as an anomaly in so many ways including being the only unaltered real world photo they've used as a cover. It'd be interesting if they went back to that at some point but I doubt they ever will since they honed their own niche. Chiastic Slide has been giving me a headache since I found out that's supposed to be the Brooklyn Bridge on the cover in the same way that Envane is Fallingwater. Also, Envane is tops.
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