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  1. If we told you we'd have to kill you (in a nice way). someone kill me please
  2. yep, I paid 66 pounds or something and I also later paid for shipping of the free release I supposed to get, after the mail that mine will be shipped this week or something,silence, I'm an idiot, got scammed two times grant closed colundi group on fb, and I think we'll never get anything
  3. after his death one of his friends posted on his facebook wall a music video of Rhys making a track, but the account that I had him in friends got banned, can someone find it and upload it to youtube?
  4. just dropped a toilet paper on a wet floor
  5. thats the original without the extra track! yeah preordered at redeye
  6. someone buy me this https://clone.nl/item53368.html
  7. Clone Records have re-pressed the Kilohertz EP by Elecktroids (the album will come later)! There has been no official announcement yet, just a few pics on social media (one of DJ Stingray with a copy and label artwork) but similar to the last Transllusion EP it just appeared for sale, in this case at a Clone Pop-Up shop in Amsterdam (details of event at link below). https://www.facebook.com/events/238910366976105/ I assume it will go on sale generally very soon (if it isn't already at the clone.nl shop in Rotterdam, Holland). Originally Warp released this EP and the Elektroworld album in 1995 but Clone must have licensed it from them or the contract had simply run out. The big news however is that the album is not too far behind! Happy day! 'While the line up of Elecktroids has been debated at length amongst the electronic music community, and it is known that the project involved a member or members of Drexciya, the exact membership is unclear. In July 2008 when Warp Records re-listed the CD version of the "Elektroworld" album on their Warpmart site, the promotional texts stated "Produced by Drexciya's late James Stinson"' https://www.discogs.com/Elecktroids-Kilohertz/release/3676 https://www.discogs.com/Elecktroids-Elektroworld/master/5435 https://www.facebook.com/drexciyaresearchlab/posts/2174440045941783?__xts__[0]=68.ARAALU0hDL3emY07KGMEP2Bm0nxLzHyJZ6yKv9zwSfhWHsUJaZ7e0dre6GYxomabq4xO2PwxywGFA-qnKriL-l9Ocn_zcAzfH8G9Z-s4QVtakOvzvWE89HMIqm2nEs1Yp_DndBnN4MvGob4GogImmUAyouZUCVLg_hb4ryQgQ-7APOtb5OpNoFX8XQO0DxUhybLkEia_5aXUJfqJvq83VNoRVPY&__tn__=-R
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