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  1. Nice track with a smooth vibe, thanks for sharing. I was gonna say it kind of sounds like SBTRKT in a good way. If it were my track I would maybe add some more harmonies in that break in the middle or shorten it a bit
  2. I think it's titled perfectly because it kind of encapsulates a lot of his entire sound library and personality. It's like the precursor foundation forming for his most popular singles. And I'm guessing in 1996 there wasn't too much like it. What other albums would you buy at that time? I was 7 so I was still listening to Garth Brooks or something
  3. first vinyl I ever bought and listened to it so many times, one of the best albums of all time and arguably his best. Carn Marth under rated
  4. Ice Cold Soundcloud Link I'm looking for support/interest/enjoyment of a mix I spent a lot of time on the past couple months. I know this message board is probably partial to this style of music but I tried to make it as tasteful as possible. There's another mix up on my page the WATMM'ers would probably like more which has a more wide variety of tunes including a nice IDM bit towards the end (The Rated E For Algorhythm Mix). But today I'm promoting this dubstep in hopes people here will keep an open mind and find some interesting sounds! You know the drill, slap a like and follow on Soundcloud and I'll check out your page in return. I also have 170+ original tunes uploaded. Ty and bless up my twiddlers! Here's the full track list
  5. I think there's some dissonance there as to what people actually get paid.. I'd say 40% of people in USA make 14$ an hour or less. Pretty sure they pay about 15-16$ an hour for a 12 hour shift entry tier amazon warehouse box stamping job. And fire for low numbers. 11$ for a fast food supervisor job. That's after you prove yourself to be responsible and get raised from 9$ an hour. and in that hour they are taking orders that cost past their wage consistently through the hour. You are literally mountain dew piss as you feed a greater part of society and get nothing in return. There's a reason the US postal service is currently under fire. And the "producers" outside the restaurant are buying beats online and calling them theirs. That's what I think is the most twisted things is the DJs who want to hide their track list. They play a GJones or Excision "bootleg" which is basically the original track with slight alterations, then saying they produced/remixed it. Then scream into the mic "THIS IS MY COLLAB TRACK WITH DJ ALTER VERSES!!!!" Unless it's an unreleased track by the person who produced it, as a DJ part of the gig is to be sharing music and creating a wave of culture. And without the live setting, the value of the moment hearing an unreleased track at a concert is lost. Spotify is probably locked at a certain bitrate just like SC. Money is all just a capitalist game, and when the game has the rules minimized and gouged at the same time the solution becomes to question the choices of the consumers and not the distributors. Look at Britney Spears case for instance. Supposedly she's legally locked in some kind of bad contract. At that point it becomes the iHeartRadio vibes, fake awards, manufactured personalities. At some point it has its place, but it's usually not the consumers fault if they cant afford a 30$ vinyl, or enough releases to keep up with the output from musicians. The scary thing for me is A.I. taking the wheel at producing music that's more profound than any human created. It's like being a cashier and then self check out rolls in. It's not quite the same experience, but in some ways it's a lot better.
  6. IMHO Spotify is pretty convenient. I hate the idea of artists getting the shaft on streaming royalties, and all the algorithms tend to make the industry even more of a manufactured business/corporate vibe in the releases. Like one of my fav derpsterp artists is Gjones, if you go to his artist radio or a radio from a playlist with his music, you're pretty much guaranteed to get Wakaan artists like LSDream, Champagne Drip, Liquid Stranger. Which I don't personally enjoy those artists, but skipping those tracks never stops the artist from showing up. Also kind of like what's already been mentioned, those lo-fi study playlists are pretty annoying. Or Vaporwave artists who release 15 albums with 20 tracks each and out of all 300 tracks there's maybe 3 compelling ones, which kind of saturates the market. But there's some appeal to it as well. I can't help but wish labels like Analogical Force had their music on Spotify. It's a lot more convenient to play music than BC or SC or YT, especially while driving. Bandcamp should really focus on ease of use features if they want to compete. Like for example, maybe people could make a playlist from their collection? Which also helps artists promote their music by having it grouped with artists. For example I remember in like 2008 I was discovering music from Chino Moreno from Deftones making playlists on some site that doesn't exist anymore. Here's a link to a forum thread I found where they have a list of the playlists he made - from him I discovered M83 (when it was cool to listen to them) and Abstrackt Keal Agram. Also there are some up-and-coming type beatmaker labels like Partica Music Group which is kind of similar to Wakaan, or Spicy Bois (a smaller group of dubstep producers that got pretty popular last year) - These labels or brands establish a community on Discord, SC and FB and then have a playlist of different tracks from their artists on Spotify. So there's like 40 tracks mostly all from different artists except for a couple extra from the fan favorites, and it gets updated weekly and rotates out different songs. So I can instantly discover 10 new artists while listening and make my own playlist so I don't forget them when they update the list. Also having everything readily available on Spotify makes accessing older music like Beatles or Black Sabbath's entire discography easy for the next generation. But I have a secret fear of those types of tracks having some kind of brain washing subliminal messages mixed in the normalized remaster. Kind of like the IDM artists do! Aphex Twin was on MTV after all - at the same time as Daft Punk. And you don't have to worry as much about managing as many downloaded music files. Which for most people is a good thing, but for audiophiles, we like keeping a database of music on hand just in case the apocalypse comes and the internet is shut down, we can still listen. But most of the time I'm broke and can't afford to be spending all the money it would cost to consume every song I listen to. I would have no problem buying a few digital only releases per month for like 7-10$ each, plus a shirt, but "the man" isn't exactly funding music listeners. I really do try to buy at least one album, especially physical, if it's an artist I want to support.
  7. Currently getting back into development on Open Tibia an open source private version of Tibia now newly compatible with Unity so you can mod the client, graphics, gameplay to your liking. I'm gonna try to add music to the game, learn a thing or two about game dev and server hosting.
  8. And we've confirmed this 4rd character is a human with skin?
  9. ya'lls know how many unknown soundcloud accounts there are these days? probably 5-10 undiscovered aliases each for all the artists in the subforums. you think tom jenkinson is satisfied releasing the same sounds/instruments in his last 3 albums? heck no he has a ton of side projects (not that the albums are bad, just his potential ability is way too high to be focused on only SP). They probably aren't allowed to tell due to label restrictions, if everyone knew all their aliases their regular releases would lose value due to dilution. Even regular bedroom producers in my city that haven't made a name for themselves yet and don't know what IDM is have alt SC accounts. Steinvord evidence is clear, just listen to Maelstorm then My Fucking Sound .. Case closed I'm more curious about Bewwip, i'm not convinced that's not TJ
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