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  1. im guessing jlin might have worked with rich to create new cuts for the live shows? or mixed hers in with it towards the end, miss tagged because he played a number of her tracks in live shows?
  2. man yall giving me a headache. isn't this supposed to be a forum to appreciate experimental electronic music and yall gripin about subgenres footwork and trap and future bass like they aren't in the music you're here to discuss. now shaddup and talk about the new album
  3. 1st 44 (slo -20%) jesus fucking christ I'm lit as norwegian church.... i tried it sped up a bit and that was pretty nice, man the ending is great
  4. some bloke that seemed like rich on the AS online stream chat named daddy68 said it would be on the AS youtube channel sometime today. no idea if it's true
  5. rstark


    i see a lot of potential in this similar to second life or plug.dj where DJs can group up and play their own tracks or other dank IDM. just logging in for the first time today and trying to figure all this out. i just entered a "club" and they're playing sandstorm. we need like a weekly/biweekly/monthly IDM/experimental electronic group chat
  6. when ultrademon/lily was actually good and made new cool sounds and not just 100% rehash of old melodies chopped up into unintelligible gibberish - disappointed fan
  7. digging this a lot! good work. lots of cool sounds
  8. same I always used to listen to the track and wish I could hear it without the lyrics. Which they are cool and funny and all but the melodies had some real emotion to them too
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