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Flaty — RALTD [ANWO-05]


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Boomkat Product Review:



Flaty serves a gyring, vaporiszed antithesis to the brittle boned flex of his ace ‘Railz’ album 



All bulbous subs, radioactive plongs and industrial air vent gasps, ‘Raltd’ takes on a very different shape to its jittery predecessor. The club is in the rearview and we’re placed in the middle of a Russian after-party sound, possibly in the boiler room of a vast former Soviet housing block, pipes clanking and surrounded by stern gurners on their haunches in oversized sportswear necking litres of voddy and cooking ket on an oil drum stove.



Generalisations aside, the proceedings really do evoke a cold and warped sense of space and place due to Flaty’s finely chiselled and physical brand of synthesis, which is variously bent and bifurcating with a sozzled sense of psychedelia between the cavernous dimension of ‘burnt chamber’, the roiling subs and hiccuping vox of ‘including (alt mix)’ and the shearing dissonance of ‘train stop feed’, before it all gets more metallic and fractured between the likes of ‘recap’, the scything flex of ’TIZO’ and the arrival of Matrix swarmbots in ‘falling p.2.’


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