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With the new SERWED III on Flaty's promising ANWO RECORDS, Flaty and OL set out to explore and celebrate the altered visions of today's mundane futurism with a kind of keen aesthetic intuition that could only be enabled by the vast volume of their listening, production, and teaching experience. Following the first two SERWED albums on Asyncro and West Mineral Ltd., the current fruits of the flourishing long-time collaboration between OL and Flaty comprise an oddly coherent kaleidoscopic set of free-wheeling journeys across varied pseudo-desolate soundscapes full of anomalies and sometimes thrills. Beyond the now seamless blending of the artists' individual styles, a whole bunch of other boundaries get blurred on the record, whether it be between the human and computer data processing algorithms, originality and referentiality, anxiety and euphoria, signal and noise. SERWED III postmodern world is the one where the orbital space is just another littered parking lot, neural networks are appreciated mostly as a source of absurd imagery, and delivery drones are used as designer drug mules. The sonic collection is fittingly complemented by the visuals based on Regula Bochsler's The Rendering Eye, an art project capturing the “erroneous” yet “picturesque” renderings found in the 3D world of Apple Maps.

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Sounding nice, reminiscent of snd. The first 2 albums i always enjoyed when I put them on, but admittedly i haven't revisited them enough, nor given them a super close listen

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came across another ol alias - ic lander - that i was not aware of.

deeply deep dubby and strange.

also there is a great gost zvuk comp in support of ukraine including some awesome artists:


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