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Measure X - control parameter Y - General approach?

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Hi guys,

my brain doesn't handle it or lack creativity. I'm wondering about a general approach. DAW is Reaper or Studio One.

I want to generally be able to make a measurement at one point/track. Let's say, the simplest, some current average volume level.

Depending on the current measurement I want to control parameters, at best ANY, whichever I like. Let's say some feedback parameter of some VST plugin.

What is the approach here? Some extra plugin which measures - and permanently spits out control messages? MIDI CC? Aww I did not yet or use Midi cc.

Or is there something I do not see?

Thx for your input


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In Renoise I do exactly this (control a VST parameter with some other channel's volume) by using the Signal Follower. I would imagine other DAWs have similar systems.

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Reaper has parameter modulation which works with audio input

And you can also do some stuff with it from midi input


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An 'envelope follower' is the general term for the 'thing' you want to be using for this kind of technique. There are probably lots out there (I use some Max 4 Live devices in Ableton as find it easier to map what I wanna listen out for and what I want to modulate) but the first (free) one that comes to mind is MCCGenerator:



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