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  1. It's funny to see the walls of Marxist babble. I thought this shit died at latest in the 90s. Like @dcom here I was exposed to communist and socialist thinking all through my childhood. We had a portrait of Fidel Castro on the wall, ffs. So I'm so used to it that it's basically meaningless. It's not like I'm going to convert to communism suddenly now because someone is furiously writing about the proletariat and bourgeois and the same things I've read and heard a hundred times starting from the 80s. Might as well be quoting bible or Koran verses.
  2. It's a classic "debate" tactic by communist zealots and other people pushing an ideology, religion or similar. If you don't support their very narrowly defined dogmatic thinking then you are the enemy of the people/God/nation/nature/whatever and that's that. It's meant to make you feel bad unless you subscribe to the exact same agenda they are pushing. R.A.Wilson said all kinds of stupid things but I think he was correct when he wrote "when dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases".
  3. Why is this in my YouTube recommendations? Are you trying to tell me something algorithm?
  4. A bit surprised this doesn't have a thread? Brilliant and completely bonkers stuff. Available in Bandcamp https://little-snake.bandcamp.com/album/a-fragmented-love-story-written-by-the-infinite-helix-architect
  5. I know the benefits and I'm a software developer working with open source software myself. Just that most people seem to have the misconception that OSS is not a business when it's a fucking huge business and it's not done for some common good but actually benefits the businesses investing in it. Anyway, yes, I rather work with OSS than closed systems and governments in general should adopt more OSS. I'm wondering what the alternative would have been to Cuba actually? I mean they are in an embargo and American companies can't provide them with software anyway? Cuba respects the US copyrig
  6. You do realize that a huge amount of open source software is developed in private companies or organizations funded by private companies? The big open source software is not some kind of charity but business. For example Linux Foundation is funded by private companies. The platinum members each pay $500k per year and include Google, AT&T, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm, Samsung, Facebook and VMware. This is what pays the salaries for people like Linus Torvalds, Greg Kroah-Hartman, and Shuah Khan. In exchange the companies get to do "strat
  7. So Sweden just caught up with the US in number of cases relative to population.
  8. In name Khmer Rouge were the Communist Party of Cambodia but Cambodia and Khmer Rouge are a very complex topic. Khmer Rouge were supported by China and United States of all the possible allies and opposed by Soviet Union and Vietnam and Vietnam finally put the end to the whole shitshow by invading Cambodia. Then there were also the local royalists switching from side to side like the king, who was friend with the Chinese, joining the Khmer Rouge and then all the other foreign players. So just reading about it will make your head hurt if you expect any kind of coherent ideological narrative.
  9. Lava makes an interesting sound uEL4cHO.mp4
  10. I once had Cannibal Holocaust as a date movie. Yes, I had sex also. So I can recommend.
  11. Getting called a utopian by a self-proclaimed communist is a bit ironic. No, I don't have a revolutionary plan or other dogmatic communist bullshit. Tax the rich, implement controls for stock trading and speculative investments, nationalize basic services, international workers' unions to help workers in developing countries also and not just in western countries, free movement of people, fair trade deals between EU and Africa, forgive debts for developing countries, etc. If that's all utopian then fine.
  12. I support democratic welfare states everywhere. I think it should be implemented all over the world. Free healthcare, free education, social security, worker's rights, and free speech for everyone. I'm anti-authoritarian and anti-nationalist and Chinese government is authoritarian and nationalistic so of course I oppose it.
  13. We have two tiny communist parties in Finland, the Communist Worker's Party and the Communist Party of Finland and they have been basically mortal enemies with each other much more than any right wing party. Mostly just arguing about Marxism-Leninism, scientific socialism and revisionism. It's all very Judean People's Front vs. People's Front of Judea.
  14. Luckily I don't live in a former Soviet Union state. We had two wars about that and remained independent with much better quality of life than across the border in Soviet Union.
  15. You mean like the former Soviet Union and current Russia Federation that has 30 times the population and with who we have a 1340km long border? The Soviet Union that fell a part late last century?
  16. Are you saying nothing bad would happen in China if you call your boss dumbass? I actually argue with the company CEO and CTO all the time without problems. Last week, on May Day eve by chance, I witnessed a worker calling one of her company's stock owners the worst human she's met without repercussions. But that's because we actually have worker's rights where I live and you can't fire or punish people for voicing opinions, unlike say in US or China. Funny how that is still possible with one of the highest freedom of speech indices while having a democratic and capitalist society.
  17. Yeah, he really is the biggest ass licker of dictators and oppressive authoritarian regimes in this forum. Doing his work straight from the comforts of his own western home with the western privileges like free speech while denying the same from the people who actually live under these regimes.
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