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  1. zkom

    Rare pics of Ae

    Apparently he's Romulo Del Castillo from Phoenecia.
  2. I'm writing in the Aphex subforum and I don't think Aphex is the greatest artist. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!
  3. zkom

    Brexit :(

    Nigel Farage driving to seven empty petrol stations to find fuel and then getting into a car crash is some next level British comedy. Actions, consequences, etc.
  4. I've seen the prices in Discogs, because I was thinking about selling my copies since I haven't been anyway able to listen to them in 3+ years, but I guess it's mostly the mint sealed vinyl that fetches the insane prices and mine have been played quite a lot and might have cat hair and dust and I can't remember even if the poster is still inside the Oversteps box. I guess it could fetch 50 eurobucks still? But it's curious how many of the ones being sold are still sealed. People bought them just for the investment?
  5. China declares all cryptocurrency transactions illegal https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58678907
  6. I can vouch for Lada in Russia, Volvo in Sweden and Toyota Hilux in Southern Africa, but I would have guessed it would be Peugeot Pars in Iran because it's pretty much ubiquitous there.
  7. Imagine when the rejection from your crush is so epic that it gets its own oil painting over a century later.
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