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  1. The best time I had in Paris was getting some wines and cheeses and going on a pique-nique in Le Jardin du Luxembourg. Oh là là.
  2. "Man cave" sounds like such a sexually loaded word that it's interesting that all the dudebros are using it. Let me enter your man cave..
  3. Helped some random old ladies with their luggage on the train and they called me strong and said something equivalent to "it's really the strength that works". 💪
  4. I have no idea how the badges work here and why I get them
  5. I donated my whole collection to an RPG club some years ago when I got rid of most of my other possessions also, and anyway I hadn't played for years at that point. And anyway I try not to collect physical stuff anymore (he says while handling a Belarusian jewelry box made of birch bark he just salvaged).
  6. The Call of Cthulhu was by far my favorite tabletop RPG. I was the gamemaster for years for multiple campaigns, but my favorite was the Masks of Nyarlathotep which was fucking epic. I also loved to run CoC Dreamlands campaigns but unfortunately the players didn't enjoy them as much. I also played and gamemastered 2300AD a ton which was a lot of fun. Runequest, Twilight 2000, Cyberpunk 2020 and Paranoia also come to mind. Cyberpunk had the alternative setting in George Alec Effinger's Budayeen cycle world which I actually found more interesting than the regular Night City stuff.
  7. Well, it's not like in Finland where you can find a hundred different beers in the local supermarket but it's not just lager everywhere. You can find Vietnamese craft beers in the surrounding countries like Thailand and I've found some even in Finland. Also I think they drink a lot of stout in Cambodia and less lager than usually in Asia.
  8. There are some pretty decent Vietnamese craft beers. Check the Heart of Darkness brewery for example. Hong Kong has some good craft beers also.
  9. I dreamed I was trying to find my shoes and this lady I didn't know was helping me. There was a lot of different shoes on the floor and at some point I realized the shoes are changing which made me realize that I'm in a dream. So I started questioning the lady if she's my "dream guide" (I have no idea what that's supposed to be) and she kept saying no. Then as I was sitting on the floor she put her head on my lap face upwards and said "I'm the dream police" and I suddenly woke up.
  10. '90s music journalism..
  11. I know it's a joke, but I still want to leave a smartass comment that it would require a selective pressure to make it happen, something like improving the survival until the reproductive age is over or better changes at mating. The evolution doesn't really care about our comfort. Like if we had a higher threshold for pain life would be more comfortable but it would have made our survival harder because we wouldn't have taken injuries so seriously. Which makes me think that maybe the people who can't stand using computers or smartphones for a long time have higher gene survival rate because they actually have a need to go to see people face to face and are more likely to bang them. Just joking of course.
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