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Guest Sleep Ophelia

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Guest Sleep Ophelia

We had a sticky topic like this on our last board, but I haven't seen one here. There are a lot of us in here who make music (or at least attempt to), so why not clue us in on who you are, what kind of music you make, and provide links to where your music is hosted?


Me: J. Shipley aka Sleep Ophelia aka Sleep


My projects:

Sleep, Ophelia (my myspace page here) - My main project. I abandoned making instrumental electronic music in the middle of 2005, and the project is on hold while I figure out where I want to take it next.


Whispers from a Dead World - My electronic black metal project, started September 2005. I have an album (CDr) coming out on a small new label within the next month or so. For fans of black metal, particularly Windir and Summoning.


The Blood of Transylvania - I recently became the vocalist for this band, which is a sort of dark electronic music with distorted black metal vocals. We have a split CDr coming out soon and are possibly doing a split 7" with another band as well as being on a comp.

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Guest Mr. Cool Ice

I make very generic electronic music; simple melodies, basslines, rhythms, etc...Nothing original nor interesting.The overall mood my tracks varies from dark to :). tempo-wise, most of them fall in between 120-150 bpm. You can find them all here on watmm once i post them(i haven't yet)



look for ekt threads.

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Guest we_kill_soapscum

my name is nat. i record music (glitch hop breakcore dubstep downtempo hip hop turntablism-core) under the names


space disease



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Guest disco_epilepsy

i'm alex and i make music under a few different aliases


i use 1KB for most of my music, which can be found at www.mp3.com.au/1kb, it's basically non-dance electronic music


i use unknown atrist for some other music, really wierd noise/semi-breakcore stuff. none of it's on the internet at the moment though


and finally i use alex amenta (my real name) for minimal techno and that's also not on the internet

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I'm Paulie Walnuts


I make soundtracks to imaginary anime movies, teenage acid trips, early childhood memories of seasides, airports.



pink, blue & grey






raised 9th's

old PCM modules

muddy 80's reverb with too much low-end

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my name is wesley. i refuse to pigeonhole my music by labeling it. that's up to the people who listen to it, should they be so inclined.


i write under the name earvalve. i used to write under a few pseudonyms but i am now of the opinion that that's a pretty silly thing to do if you're not signed, or not attempting to keep it a secret that that's your pseudonym.

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i used to make electronic electronic music music and ambient music and beatzz and things.

now i am in a hip hop group and i rap and i can still rock a beat in fl, but i dont have a computer. that makes me sad.

and i am aron z. enchanted wizard of rhythm professor science chop yr fucking arm off

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Guest terra firma

im joe, used to be shoten the lurker for about a year.


i collect instruments, and have about 15 of them. most of them i'm not very good at, but i've gotten good at sampling chunks to create. i refuse to sample other peoples music. even if it is vinyl noise.


... and i agree, fuck genres. music is not for the mathmatically challenged.

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musically is for both the mathermatically challeneged and the mathematically unchallenged


It's for everyone


I'm really really bad at maths. But I think I have earned the right over the years to say that I am competent when it comes to writing tunes.

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I are the Producer Snafu


i make all styles of music










electronic music




drum and bass


piano ballads


catchy complex melodies


hard as fuck breaks


and i make the panties wet



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my name is alex tripp and I write music under the alias acp. I don't know why I ever used that alias, it's a meaningless acronym I came up with to play counter strike under when I was 15. The music I write is off putting to some people, or at least that's the excuse I give myself to avoid playing my music to loved ones. When it's quiet it's ambient I suppose, and when it's loud I guess it's noise. I really haven't ever cared about writing anything that pleases people other than myself and after some time theres plenty which misses even that small criteria. but there's some ideas I've had that I have stuck with me.



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