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boc/scientology connection

Guest tht tne

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Guest tht! tne

i read i think about chick corea that he has achieved "otviii" level scientology, the highest level

which implies that there are levels otvii and otvi, like old tunes volumes ii and i

coincidence i think not :fee:

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Not that I believe the similarity is anything more than incidental, but it's funny how some here seem to think that by pointing out a possible Scientology reference the OP is implying that BOC are scientologists.


So I guess you are all convinced they are Branch Davidians or what?

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BoC on Religion:


We're not Satanists, or Christians, or Pagans. We're not religious at all. We just put symbols into our music sometimes, depending on what we're interested in at the time. We do care about people and the state of the world, and if we're spiritual at all it's purely in the sense of caring about art and inspiring people with ideas.

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