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"Yeah, the credit card doesn't accept penis"


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Guest Coalbucket PI

Somewhere I got the feeling this guy is really just a socially awkward internet user and I began to doubt the story, which could have been told in about 5 sentences

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So I have a plan now. I'm going to get a new credit card and sign the back with my cock and balls drawing. Then I will consistently use that as the signature. That way, if I ever get caught in the same situation, the signatures will match. That will really fuck with them.



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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

speaking of drawn peni


I was talking pictures of a band im recording after a show and they picked a few pictures that they thought were good. they chose this pic, I was like you know if you put me in a room with photoshop and that picture im totally gonna have to put a penis in shively's gay ass mouth... they didnt believe me






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I thought this was funny. I got a sort of similar story actually.



It was my last year in school, I was having pedagogy class (which is pretty much like psychology but focusing a bit more on stuff relevant for childcare, -education and so on) and that day we were in a different room cause the usual one was occupied. The room we were in was the resident class room of some other class, it was only just free for this lesson cause they had sports (/"P.E.") or something, their stuff was still there anyway. So the lesson was kind of boring and I was sitting alone in a whole row of four or five desks since the room was pretty big and the course was tiny. I started browsing through the folder and school bag that was near to my desk until I came across the lunch box. I opened that as well and found a "Butterbrot", like this one.


But with liverwurst on it.


I wanted to mess with it somehow, didn't want to do anything gross, but I thought it would be funny to make a little drawing on a piece of paper and hide it in between the two bread slices. I couldn't think of anything too funny then, so I just went for a very simple drawing of a Pushycat-head (character from a series of ours) that was already known by some as a logo of sorts - that's the original P.:


The drawn one would always look a bit different as I drew it very quickly and poorly, this time it had sort of a goofy resigned look, like this:


So I hid the note in the bread, within the smeary liverwurst, put it back in the lunch box and put that inside the bag where I found it. I laughed thinking about how odd it must be to be taking a bite and discover a piece of paper...

Next day was Thursday, I forgot about it then. Then there was Friday morning, first lesson on that day, Pedagogics, back in the normal room. I was late, the lesson had already started, and the teacher was talking about some "piece of evidence", I didn't know what she meant. I understood she was looking for someone, so I said to some girl next to me something like, this is gonna be fun, assuming it was about some fight that had happened during a break or that someone stole something or whatever, laid back, "ready to enjoy the show". It was only when she took out a foldet piece of dark-pink-ish stained paper that I understood what the evidence she was talking about was. She handed the note to the first students, telling them to pass it on so everyone could take a look at it to see whether they could recognize drawing style or whatever. My feeling of "Oooh shit" was replaced by a sudden outburst of laughter when the teacher said


"I do not know who did this but I ensured Mrs.??? that it wasn't one of my students, I said, does she really think a grown up person would do something like this, one who was joining a pedagogy course, that is! Obviously none of you would put the drawing of A PENIS in someone's lunchbox, especially not in one belonging to a 10 year old girl."

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Guest assegai

You want to know what else you can do to break up register people's days? When they ask how it's going, tell them. I actually got a # thru that.

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Once upon a time, a watmmer was so bored, he clicked the "Last" button that would take him to the last page of threads in General Banter.  The Last page wasn't that exciting, but on the SECOND to the last page, there it was; the "Yeah, the credit card doesn't accept penis" thread.


The bored watmmer clicked on the thread, and though the original link to the story was no longer active, the watmmer made use of Google to find the story elsewhere and laughed until he was crying.


Thank you again, kaini, this bump's for you.



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