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La Chasse Pour Le Requin De Jaguar


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The next dip into the Sparkle Motion archives is another mix from the summer of 2005, when I first got into library music through compilations like Luke Vibert's Nuggets. It's a tribute to the sea, a fascination I have had since watching countless underwater cartoons and movies as a kid. Very funky!



Stream on SoundCloud


Harmonic 33 - Space Interval 1

Herbaliser - Serge

Sven Libaek - Shark Attack Theme

Flashbulb - Five Karots

Harmonic 33 - Departure Lounge

Alain Goraguer - Deshominisation I

Paul Kass - Underground Agent

Harmonic 33 - Space Interval 2

Squarepusher - Dust Switch

Roger Webb - Exotica

B. Kaufman & G. Jerome - Blues Cynetique

Richard Demaria - Studio 96

DJ Shadow - Six Days

Sven Libaek - Open Sea Theme

Jaga Jazzist - Kitty Wu

Midas Touch - Intimations

Harmonic 33 - Paranoia

Squarepusher - Don't Go Plastic

Fila Brazillia - At Home In Space

Harmonic 33 - The Shapeshifter

Eddie Warner - Xylophangus

Alain Goraguer - Maquillage De Tiwa

Wilf Edwards - Let's Go

Air - Kelly Watch The Stars (Moog Cookbook Remix)

Harmonic 33 - Space Interval 3

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