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IBM creates computer simulation of cat's brain

Guest A/D

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IBM announced this week that it has a computer system that can simulate the thinking power of a cat's brain with 1 billion neurons and 10 trillion synapses. At just 4.5 percent of a human brain, the computer can sense, perceive, act, interact and process ideas without consuming a lot energy.


apologies if jazz! pretty vague, but fascinating read!


. . and it's funded by DARPA! yayyyyy

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That's not difficult. I could program that with Flash Actionscript on a ten year old Celeron PC.


Mainly it sleeps and sometimes wakes up for food. And farts here and there.

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Guest Coalbucket PI

Sounds amazing. I don't think the understanding of the brain is really complete enough for them to really rebuild it piece by piece... it doesn't explain where the biological information is coming from.

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Some more information here:



I'm probably stating the obvious here but it's not exactly a simulation of a cat's brain. It's an attempt to create brain-like behaviour on a huge schale. Their combination of hardware an software research has made it possible to have the same amount of neurons and synapses as a cat's brain. But the models they use are still at an early stage because neuroscience has a lot more ground to cover. But this will certainly help neuroscience a lot.


They also say:

"If the current trends in supercomputing continue, it seems that human-scale simulations will be possible in the not too distant future."




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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse



I don't get it... a duder with tie die hair survived after the right half his skull was shot off?











I refuse to believe a cats brain can be simulated, a dolphin... hell a human maybe, but cats are just too amazingly bewildering to be simulated with da zeros and ones

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Guest ezkerraldean

does anyone know that Harry Ramsden's restaurant just across the road from Cribbs Causeway? it's on a road called Catbrain Hill. wtf

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