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Weird shit you have done


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I got two rubber gloves, a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard. I filled one with ketchup and the other with mustard and then duct taped them off onto my arm so as to prevent leakage. I wore them for several hours afterward. My left hand smelt like mustard for about a week.


Oh and I was really high on E if you're wondering about the why behind the plan.

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that has to be a lie Babar


no. It wasn't phone tapping (although that must be really easy too). It was LAN-tapping. Extremely easy and well known. Check out arp spoofing and other man in the middle techniques. Oh i really had my cock sucked by a friend in 'maternal school' (in France school starts at 3 yo)

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Guest Calx Sherbet

Was playing Doom 3 and started masturbating to a Cyberdemon while a little girl watched me through my front windows.


add bacon and i've done the same thing

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