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insects have some of the most amazing shapes and subtle colors incorporated into their design

sometimes i go bug watching in the same way that others might watch birds - using a magnifying glass i get up extra close - being very carful not to burn them with the beams of the sun

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microcosmos is amazingly good and there is the infamous work accompanying clarks ted

what other creations have shown the inspiration insects have impressed upon man?

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wow - that peach color is so delicate - what an amazing thing to come across - like the finest work of art or the most delicate and detailed creation in design

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Some are cool...some are dicks ... I find some of these in my house:






along with various spiders and stupid ass moths.


oh and i caught these in my garage:





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NuNu stems from a unique music festival at Geneva¹s Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, where Mira Calix was commissioned to

compose a piece of music using recordings of insect noises provided by the museum. "There are more insects on earth than any

other living species" she says, "and having the opportunity to mould all the amazing and beautiful noises

they make into something other really appealed to me.²



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