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JWH-018 aka "Spice" or "K2" DEA emergency schedule 1


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1. Military people (subjected to drug screening)

2. People on probation/parole (subjected to drug screening)

3. People frightened by the legal ramifications of being in possession of marijuana.

4. stoners who want to sound like scientists when they say "wait up man, lemme put some JWH-018 on that spliff."


that was my friend anyway. i always smoked it with real weed and never felt anything special.

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i had my first bad experience on this stuff a couple of months ago, everything started to get really choppy like on salvia


yeah man! what would you call that? its like lagging on an online game, its like being refreshed every second, its like your consciousness inhabiting a spinning wheel, its like awareness quantized to a grid...!!!

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