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vamos scorcho

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its good with beer. its kind of glitchy and trolls can really ruin the experience of it but ... yeah.


so don't troll!


you can delete songs, move yours up, etc. basically just 'common courtesy' helps. don't want to sound like a chump but it's fun if you listen to the music

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to epic channel 3:



things went south during schnittke. i wanted to say, schnittke is a god


and my internet connection is quite strange


and god is probably a lot bigger than schnittke

but still, symphony #5, at least part 1, is so great


so , let me bow out with mercy, and to the rest of WATMM, check out our 5 room suite of bullshit named MOO MOO btable crapsonata non-european total letdown internet art


i do think we had a good time and i invite the rest


and yada





PS. lube saibot is subhuman subcockroach please forgive him god is not on his side


PP SHIT although i forgive him sincerely i have to strike back but honesty anybody that bullies on the internet like that needs to rethink their values though you may think his comments are foxy and funny please rethink who you side with in such matters it would be so GOD DAMN appreciated,.by me at least.

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