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  1. good luck, you have about a dozen well documented mental breakdowns here in watmm you can get some insight from, some of them still in process
  2. my only wish at this point is my parents are gone before shit truly hits the fan
  3. he's joining louis ck for a show they're calling "consensual comedy hour"
  4. that's good and all dingdong but I would say the real problem here is not remembering how the Union Jack is supposed to look like
  5. been a while since the last WATMM mental breakdown
  6. bitch I'm Soulja Boy TellEm and you know I'm getting guap
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR-FLwonazA
  8. happening to me on Firefox, clicking on the timebar manually usually forces the vid to load
  9. now I'm not a drugs connoisseur but both his hands are clearly visible and I don't think he's able to vacuum up coke like a junkie anteater
  10. It's only been 14 months since the last skam release they need some time
  11. whenever someone dares tell me to check out something they think I'd like I am filled with the kind of hatred that gives you a physical reaction
  12. crack cocaine isn't the problem, it's the smoking it that's an issue
  13. when you get a rolling lol you never know who genuinely found it funny and who's just doing the epic funny watmm meme
  14. you could say this about most threads here
  15. Shobaleader One - Elektrac reissue (extra limited 1xCD edition)
  16. they left one of the best songs from that era (Atrocity Vendor) off the album as a b-side... They put it in Repentless later on but it's a way worse version
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