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  1. It's a nice straightforward track, though it's true out of context I wouldn't even have guessed this was AE. Can see myself listening to this more than to anything they've put out since Oversteps. Sophie remix apologists will say this remix would be improved by having the worst hihat patterns you've ever heard but I disagree
  2. nice artwork the bar is low for ae after the Sophie remix disaster, hopefully they meet expectations
  3. I showed this thread to my grandma and the only thing she had to say was first of all OP cut the shit, you're not a hero you didnt help me, you didnt do this with a good intent, you're a piece of shit. You only talk to me on whatsapp to make fun of me because that's the "cool" thing to do, you made that thread exposing our chat log because you also thought that would make you "cool", and now you hopped fences and are trying to convince yourself that you're "helping me" because you also think that would make you look "cool". You want to know why? Because you're a pathetic, desperate, lonely, kiss ass who pitifully desires to be "cool" on a fucking Aphex Twin message board (you're not btw, everyone hates you and talks shit about you constantly). we've had plenty of kik conversations that i could expose right now that'd make you look really pathetic, you virgin, but i'm not a fucking ratty weasel so im not going to do that the way you did it to me. You're a fucking weenie and the fact that you called me fat and a weirdo is HILARIOUS considering you look like an actual fucking lesbian, you fucking pale, snow white bitch.
  4. I really like that album cover. Unfortunately he still seems to be under the impression that that text to speech thing he uses isn't absolutely awful
  5. absolutely sick and tired of every single spanish show being a Primavera slot. I can't take it anymore
  6. inching ever closer to the golden era of AE not that I care since I'm not into vinyl and the CDs are still cheap
  7. I love the idea of customizing foobar until it's time to confront the fact i'm absolutely shit at UI design and need it done for me
  8. it's a matter of time til Jon gets obsessed with how he remembers the union jack being symmetrical
  9. I was looking forward to his 2nd novel more than any special or TV program. Wonder if he actually finished it.
  10. for a book that was only like 30% finished, this was a pretty good read
  11. coming in over a year later to say SU&SD can suck a big fat dick, their opinion is worthless and Brass: Lancashire is the Good version of Brass
  12. dingdong it looks to me like you're only about 50 self-pity boo-hoo woe-is-me blogposts away from curing your """""depression""""". It's been a long journey but you're almost there
  13. good luck, you have about a dozen well documented mental breakdowns here in watmm you can get some insight from, some of them still in process
  14. would explain why he hasn't released shit in years
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