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Leyland Kirby - Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2

Guest Aserinsky

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

Just got an email from the Digital Subscription, can't wait to hear this


Out of the blue and onto your platter, HAFTW presents Vol. 2 of Leyland Kirby's four-part 'Intrigue & Stuff' sessions. There's absolutely no predicting what direction this series will take, and in this instance we're privy to an internal ocean of quieter thoughts and moods, smudged with a majestic yet somehow solipsistic glow. As ever, there's a wealth of cultural mulch swirling below the surface, siphoning the slyest hints of Harold Budd and dormant spirits of the new age with a dissolute mix of cynicism and sincerity. Embarking at 'Eventually, It Eats Your Lungs' we navigate the crests of swelling choral samples and strangely tactile blasts of blurry bass, delivered with a physicality not unlike being touched in a dream. The two elements tussle and tumble in this fluctuating mindspace, reaching irregular resolutions that still leave us baffled - in the best possible sense. After dilating our sense of time with this passage, we're briefly extruded through the cosmic chrono-chaos of 'Speeded Up Slow Motion', a piece that feels like gazing into localized miniature black hole. That's all preparation for 'Complex Expedition', one of Leyland Kirby's most breathtaking masterpieces to date. Spanning all 20 minutes of the B-side, the milk sea is curdling and we're stranded, eons away from anyone or anything. Now, unless you're a card carrying member of his inner drinking circle, it's highly unlikely you've ever heard this music before, or even anything quite like it. Get to know.


Vinyl on Boomkat

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*feverishly checks inbox*

*fuck yeah! *


Post edit: Tracks 1 and 2 are a little too wild for me but I'm really digging the third one. It's more the traditional Badalamenti-track-that's-running-low-on-batteries vibe found on the 'Sadly The Future Is No Longer What It Was' trilogy though maybe with a hint of Jogn Carpenter or Wendy/Walter Carlos-esque darkness added to the mix as well.

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Only had 1 listen thus far but sounds amazing. I was actualy blown away by the 1st 2 tracks more but all 3 are lovely. 2011 is shaping up 2 be kirbys year!

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