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Kid Koala - Space Cadet

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Kid Koala will release Space Cadet, an accompaniment to his graphic novel of the same name on Ninja Tune in September.


Eight years on from the release of his debut graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall, the Montreal-based artist has produced an album to soundtrack his 132-page etchboard composition.

This time strings, horns and marimba accompany his trademark turntables.



01. Main title theme: open your book

02. Goodbye: page 8

03. Remembrance: page 10

04. Window: page 25

05. Today tomorrow: page 37

06. Expedition: page 45

07. Birthday: page 71

08. Void: page 86

09. Dawn: page 97

10. Cardboard stars, seashells: page 100

11. Speed of light: page 102

12. Recyclotron: page 110

13. Hope: page 115

14. Return: page 125

15. Connectivity: page 129


Source: Resident Advisor.

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

Seriously cannot wait for this, can't believe that his last solo record was released in 2006.

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inb4 golfer

Can you tell me your rationale behind these posts, I notice you post this kind of message on almost every topic in this subforum. People tend to write in topics about artists they have an interest in, you don't need to point it out to everyone :cisfor:

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