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Rhombix - 'brb'


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Rhombix has god complex. Godddddddd cumplex


unfortunately, certain drugs, when abused a bit too much, will give some people delusions of grandeur. seen!


I know, my little cousin eats acid blotters like its candy and he grew a beard and nailed himself to a cross, he convinced my whole family he is some the second coming, i'm an atheists soooooooooo.

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Guest sirch

shouldn't really blame drugs, totally. because some people are just crazy egomaniacs anyway! and drugs just make them worse.

and they often tend to be 'only children'. i have done nuff studies. ;P so beware the only childs.


anyway, welcome back Mr. Rhombix.



(btw, i'm not saying you are like that yourself. i was just saying, you know..) :smile:

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Are you back now???


Good. I have a song for you.





No reason really.


Like a lot of things.


They have no reason.


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