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Nil Admirari


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First of all, I love this forum. Like every google time I spend in my life, I somehow get to this forum. I love you.


Secondly I love this song



simply because I can't comprehend it. I don't know what I am listening when I am hearing this, it just makes me feel good. Some free-jazz gives me this same feelings, would you kings of the internet mind recommending me something similar to this?


I have read that Nil Admirari reminds them of Merzbow, I hate Merzbow.


Sorry is this a discussion? Thanks

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Not to sound like a huge OPN fanboy but yeah there is something special about this song to me. Something about the tones used makes it stand out in a way no other noise track does (except for some of those NASA space recordings:


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Funny, it's one of the best tracks of OPN for me as well. Obviously, check out more of his music. Maybe some Kevin Drum will be interesting for you?

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