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DJ Saint-Hubert - Garbageworlds #1-48


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I made this a while ago. Basically I set a bunch of rules up for myself, these ones I remember 1) except for the first track, nothing can be composed. Any 'notes' must be improvised or produced in some way through the modular synth, for example with LFOs. Any traditional key presses are randomly generated. 2) each successive track samples the previous one, if not directly, by modulating stuff in the new track. Possibly both at once. 3) no re-takes (I might've broken this rule once or twice but for the most part I followed it) 4) No matter what just keep going. Well obviously I quit eventually but here is the result!


I don't expect people to listen to all of this but if you listen to more than one track please jump around a bit! The tracks vary in mood as it progresses, although it's mostly sort of formless ambient stuff/sketchy soundtrack/weird texture experiments. It might be the best album ever to get really spaced out to! I imagine listening to it the whole way through would be like some drugged out mixtape/dj set from another dimension

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Guest vletrmx

quantity! i obviously haven't listened to even a fraction of this, but i really like what i hear- the (conspicuously properly spelled) 37th track has an awesome texture to it, and its neat how things seem to deteriorate further and further over the course of the album. Also, #24 is another highlight- seriously pretty epic.

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