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ponal - LISTEN EP

Guest anyaa

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Guest anyaa




short release i did nearly a month ago, album cover is original art by me.

i wanted to capture the sweet spot i have for those old school amen break tracks but with much more color.

much inspiration came from being "under the influence" while making this (the train tracks should be a clue).



1. april sirens (3:48)
2. morphan (4:10)
3. nightshade poppy (3:40)
4. listen (to the sirens) (4:23)



soundcloud | bandcamp

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Guest GateFour

Really good stuff! I really like your smooth synth layering and the harmonization is great overall. I really think your use of amen is fantastic, in a ghostly manner and not too much up front like with jungle tracks. Followed on sc! :)

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