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  1. lyst

    Modern Grime

    I'm cool with an occasional devlin looking bruv in a cypher but when everyone looks like a posh football geeza it's hard for me to rate LOL.
  2. Haha. Getting to realize how ridiculous that sounded. Should've said in first post i don't actually watch it i just listen to it really. >.<. But back to Locke and Key. I'm watching the whole first season over again with my wife who hasn't seen it yet, to see if i can pick up on things i missed first go around. I really like how dark the show can get. Another show I caught was "RAGNAROK" on Netflix. I usually stay away from foreign stuff but i had fun watching this. Maybe because I know nothing about Norse Mythology and it felt like something very new to me. It's not getting rave reviews but I hope it gets picked up for another season, I enjoyed watching it almost as much as Locke and Key.
  3. I said I mostly just listen to it lol. Kind of like a book on tape? If you think I’m fucking staring at it how could that even be possible?!? Wouldn’t I be in a ditch after 1 minute.... The amount I actually see is similar to the amount of time you take to change a song or radio station or look at the clock while driving. Aka a passing glance. Jesus. Thats quite nice of you mate. Cheers.
  4. Locke & Key on Netflix was good fun. Felt like Stranger Things vs. Harry Potter. Binged the shit out of it which made work and driving places go by hella-fast. May even re-watch the whole first season just so my wife can catch it. Don't expect anything too brilliant though-- I still found it rather enjoyable.
  5. I got that hand numbered limited double vinyl of this shit. One of my prized possessions.
  6. lyst

    Modern Grime

    im lovin this beat.
  7. Been going through some health problems recently and just needed something light to watch and bring my mood up and so I got into The Inbetweeners. Never laughed so hard in a while. The humor matches my creep sick mind I've always ad. Clunge and minge please. Also the awkwardness of being a young lad they portray so well brought me back- although they are a bit more of benders than I was.
  8. "Black Summer" on Netflix. Binged it all pretty fast yesterday, was a nice way to kill an afternoon while recovering from surgery. A couple of pretty great episodes in it, worth watching if you like Zombie flix. Of course some of the acting was complete shiite, but other parts made up for it. 7.8 / 10
  9. I’m actually trying V Wars on Netflix. My wife’s out of town for a month and I’m running out of shit to watch. It’s not as horrible as what I’ve read, pretty fun watch so far. I was expecting some truly horrid acting but it is mediocre enough to not mind it. Only on EP 2 so far.
  10. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Got to say this is the dopest video / song i've heard in a minute. Absolute fire all around.
  11. lyst

    Modern Grime

    New JME album is actually pretty good. All the beats sound like from 2010 but it works for him.
  12. lyst

    Modern Grime

    bloody ell this shit killa
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