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  1. If you like Underground Hiphop, Black Milk, Elzhi type shit- This is beautiful (track 3 is my favorite right now damn) https://neak.bandcamp.com/album/innenstadt
  2. I've been trying to get into Star Trek Discovery but it's a bit hard. I'll be interested for 10-15 minutes per episode and then completely lose interest.
  3. Speaking of homeless hipsters. That reminded me of when Daedelus inadvertently became an internet meme. I about died.
  4. I am thinking you meant Another Earth? Just spent 10 minutes looking for Another Planet, ain't shit movies with that name lol.
  5. One of the most interesting rappers ever. And he called one of the new tracks on this "Aphextwin", and it doesn't disappoint. https://illogic.bandcamp.com/album/autopilot-deluxe-version
  6. Holy shit Tycho is getting even worse after The Weather. This release sounds exactly like something that's on the putrid radio here in the US. Barf. https://tycho.bandcamp.com/album/run-away
  7. Kind of got bored with "Raised by Wolves" about mid-way through, but episode 10 was legit. Some straight Alien vibes.
  8. I never liked Aesop Rock back in the day, when I was bumping Heiro, Souls of Mischief, Cannibal Ox, all of them. But I have got to say he’s grown on me greatly over the years. Maybe the production has just gotten a lot better? Or he has became more skillful as a rapper? I don’t know but he is kicking ass these days. Excited for this one.
  9. Joyrex replied and quoted to something this person said that I almost exactly said 6 posts above on the same page lol. Let me drown in my sorrow in peace.
  10. When I post practically the same thing about a show 6 posts above and I get no love or quotes but you do.
  11. "Raised by Wolves" was pretty good. Nothing mind blowing or anything, just good creepy & weird sci fi fun. If you liked Prometheus you will dig it.
  12. Is it just me or is Amy Adams not the plainest looking actress on earth? Lol.
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