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  1. Quite gorgeous. I gotta give this guy some more plays, never was a huge fan in the past.
  2. Hah. I first noticed she was a horrible actress in Mr. Deeds. Like you truly have to be putrid at acting to be the worst actor in an Adam Sandler flick.
  3. I was just about to post in here— I just watched all three seasons over again in succession. I remember hating Season 2, but on the re-watch it wasn’t bad at all. Just as great as 1 and 3. Great show with a lot of suspense along with nasty and freaky / horror shit going on. Also just enough comic relief that really makes you love the characters. A+ in my book.
  4. Interesting you say that. I got my father heavily into Bibio and he couldn’t dig this release either. And personally I was trying to blame it on my Mood as well. I do not think Mood is the culprit though.
  5. Who the hell said Vignetting isn’t folky???? It’s entirely folky.... It sounds entirely different from this release though. This has some other elements I mention in my post such as sounding Classical, Victorian. And cheesy - but not in a good way. This sounds nothing like Vignetting, Fi, or Handcranked to my ears. A different realm entirely. That’s just my ears though. Oh yah and as far as the PBS thing. It’s really hard to describe this feeling / sound I’m getting from these tunes. The only thing that came to mind is like a bad rendition of Pride and Prejudice on PBS. Suffice it to say, I am glad I did not drop dough on the vinyl or anything. Normally I would have because I’ve loved a lot of his recent work. This one though will go in the Ovals and Emeralds pile.
  6. I only sort of liked one song on this (the last track). Which is sad. To whoever said this is inline with Vignetting, what are your smoking? I want some. As far as why I don’t dig it, it’s not because it’s folky. I think he’s went down this classical / Victorian style rabbit hole. I can’t get into it. Super cheesy like something you would hear on PBS.
  7. I've never met anyone that actually likes that kid.... What in particular do you like about him? I'm intrigued. I just spent two days listening to his tracks on his Soundcloud trying to grasp at something, but came up with nothing. This track in particular Sounds like 1 million other rappers trying to rap right now.
  8. Miss DOOM. Not sure why he's wasting so much time and effort on this Bishop Nehru fellow.
  9. Well it's not an album it's an EP....
  10. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Just gave the whole album a listen. Kind of weak if you ask me, I only really liked 2 or 3 tracks. The rest sounded like they were made in 2009.
  11. People in front of you that drive like Pussyos. Drive mate. The light is green and the speed limit is 10 mph more than what you are doing.
  12. Hangovers. How great would it be if you could get fantastically shit-tanked and the next day still accomplish anything?
  13. lyst

    Modern Grime

    I think this one my fav from the album so far. bangs
  14. Anyone else spend more time scrolling looking for something to watch than actually watching movies these days? Feel like i've already seen everything that i want to see.
  15. lyst


    New one. Another track that I went overtly crazy about tweaking it for months. I think it turned out not bad, i'll play it this summer when nobody is around ;x Artwork by Sun Glitters. Buy - Stream - Support: ffm.to/llyca Spotify: spoti.fi/2AUDdSBs Bandcamp: bit.ly/2LQU76I
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