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  1. lyst


    I think Zendaya is even a bigger pop phenomenon. She might do the trick for this, but tag teamed with them both makes it even better. It was definitely smart to highlight her so much in the trailers, people love that chick.
  2. This been my favorite track the past couple months. that beat tho.
  3. Underwhelmed by both of the singles that are listenable on bandcamp, which is sad because he’s one of my favorite artists. Would’ve snagged that deluxe edition immediately if I dug either track. Maybe I just have too high of expectations — I’m hoping that at least a couple of the songs will blow me away though. Otherwise, cheers to Matt on the release!
  4. Is this a Bibio sample? Man sounds like it could be.
  5. Supernatural - Really needed a new show so went through this entire series. It's pretty campy at times, but overall i enjoyed it. You really fall in love with the characters. Happy Endings - Reminded me of How I Met Your Mother, just with less plot and storyline. It wasn't great and wasn't horrible. I wonder if they could've fleshed it out more if it hadn't been canceled. Game of Thrones - Been waiting for the right time to get into this, i figure it's so out of pop culture by now that it was that time. Onto Season 3 and I've liked it so far. I can see why it got so much hype, it keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the time. Only question is why do all of Ned Stark's kids look like they have some kind of down syndrome? Or is that just how British people all look.
  6. I'm getting pretty deep now, season 9 ish. All I have to say is thank the lord for Dean, because Jared Padalecki is one of the worst actors on earth haha. He is so fucking bad, almost makes it unwatchable, but Dean and Castiel keep me coming back.
  7. At Season 5 now. Shit's addicting as hell! The first 3 or so seasons were a bit of a chore, like you said they were like a new cheesy monster every episode. Now its deeply entrenched in storyline and it's great. My wife doesn't like this kind of stuff though so she is annoyed i'm watching it all day long nonstop haha.
  8. How did I not know Dorian Concept, MF DOOM, and Flylo all teamed up for a track.
  9. Hey so I’m getting into Season 2 and the show is indeed getting better with storylines and everything. But my main question I can’t get out of my head is how do they make money? How can they afford all of this counterfeit badges and uniforms, all of their hotel and motel stays, going to bars all the time? Maybe I’m just being cynical but it’s confounding me lol.
  10. Had to get this because of the can art, but beer is rated pretty highly too so going to see how this shit is. 1800942571_P5HYjIj-Imgur.mp4
  11. Complete rip off. Soundcloud literally making you pay for the free advertising your music is giving them. I'm not saying I ever got millions of listens or anything but for tens of thousands of listens you'd think you'd see something out of it. Literally the only reason why Soundcloud was ever good was because of the community aspect of it. Meeting other artists, collabing, etc. All of that is gone and now it's just a bunch of ads and pandering. I don't see myself ever going back to it by any means. Sure i'll upload a new single for the hell of it, but never spend a second more of time on it. Have devoted nearly 100% of efforts into Spotify, at least you can see something out of it and maybe find some real radio play.
  12. Started watching "Supernatural" because i wanted to binge something that has a lot of episodes and it has about a hundred seasons. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Some super cheesy stuff but I bet it gets better. The production quality is not horrible either, just hoping for some better storylines coming up.
  13. Superman and Lois is awesome. Best show I've seen in years, granted i'm a huge sucker for Berlanti's character development.
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