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  1. I love how Apparat and Tycho just released the worst albums of their careers and are both just nominated for the Grammys for them  🤔🤔

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward


      grammys once again ignoring my boys Plaid... or someone like Floating Points because Crush was awesome

  2. ok im getting drunker.

  3. Ok im not that fucking drunk.  Yet.....


  5. EP is out today on all platforms here. http://smarturl.it/astro04
  6. I am glad WATTM is adopting this view. On Facebook I’m on this music group and it’s not going quite the same. It’s a bunch of white/male guilt ridden eunuchs trying to tell everyone (even black people) how hard minorities have it and how bad Nina is for doing this. My God they need to go kill themselves, it’s the only way to truly get rid of their guilt.
  7. Maybe visually. But she’s a huge cunt in real life it’s been said. She won’t even look at you or give you the time of day on set.
  8. LONE NOT SEEING IS A FLOWER EP Label: Ancient Astronauts Cat: astro04 LONE - NOT SEEING IS A FLOWER EP REACHES BEYOND REALITY Lone continues to thrive on his newly established label, Ancient Astronauts, with its second physical release of the year, the ‘Not Seeing Is a Flower’. Steering towards a new studio album from the Nottingham-based producer, the three-track EP takes its name from a Japanese idiom (見ぬが花), which suggests that reality cannot compete with imagination. Lapping at varied shades of the psyche, ‘Glyphic’ kicks things off with a heavyweight tribal techno cut inspired by Cutler’s experiences at Bass Coast festival this summer, fusing 303 acid with sweltering piano lines and otherworldly vocals for a transcendental dancefloor experience. The senses are heightened with title-track ‘Not Seeing Is A Flower’, which reaches beyond reality with slowly spoken samples effortlessly melting into a lush ambient techno backdrop reminiscent of early work from The Future Sound Of London, Orbital, and The Black Dog. Finally, ‘Boketto’ sees Lone embrace the same tone of downtempo trip-hop detailed on his albums ‘Lemurian’ and ‘Reality Testing’ with rolling percussion and meditative chimes drawing close on some of the producer’s most lavish work to date. Tracklisting: A1 - Glyphic B1 - Not Seeing Is A Flower B2 - Boketto credits releases November 8, 2019 https://lone.bandcamp.com/album/lone-not-seeing-is-a-flower-ep _________________________________________________________________ Liking this Glyphic track. Nice long journey. I hope Lone never stops making music.
  9. blasting some ambient, hope i wake up the neighbors!

  10. day drinking

    1. very honest

      very honest


  11. Shit put me right to sleep the other day. Deleted it off my computer. He hasn’t made a banging track since Old. I think the death of him was Paul White. God are his beats boring.
  12. Went to see Ad Astra. Visually it was pretty nice but everything else was pretty mehh. I can only watch Brad Pitt quivering so much.
  13. I have been looking for a new show and "Impulse" is actually really awesome. Follows the books / storyline of the movie "Jumper" which was sort of a flop. Really loving this as a TV show though, the actors are better than I thought they'd be, really suspenseful and fun. Helped that they played some El-P in the first or second Episode, good way to get me addicted play some Underground Hip-Hop lol. edit: WOAH. DERU made the soundtrack. Had no fucking clue.
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