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  1. I never liked Aesop Rock back in the day, when I was bumping Heiro, Souls of Mischief, Cannibal Ox, all of them. But I have got to say he’s grown on me greatly over the years. Maybe the production has just gotten a lot better? Or he has became more skillful as a rapper? I don’t know but he is kicking ass these days. Excited for this one.
  2. Joyrex replied and quoted to something this person said that I almost exactly said 6 posts above on the same page lol. Let me drown in my sorrow in peace.
  3. When I post practically the same thing about a show 6 posts above and I get no love or quotes but you do.
  4. "Raised by Wolves" was pretty good. Nothing mind blowing or anything, just good creepy & weird sci fi fun. If you liked Prometheus you will dig it.
  5. Is it just me or is Amy Adams not the plainest looking actress on earth? Lol.
  6. Just binged The Umbrella Academy. Had an enjoyable time watching it but the tropes involved with time-travel based shows / film are mind-numbingly annoying, repetitive, and predictable.
  7. Problem. Can’t stop scrolling through my phone mindlessly looking at random shit. Once you start you can’t stop and you get sucked in. Gotta start literally putting my phone in my car or something to get it away from me. Could be doing way more beneficial shit with my time.
  8. I’ll always give this guy a chance because he has the ability to pull some really crazy stuff out of his ass sometimes. At times I think he’s a victim of being a professional musician. Making music that he thinks people want to hear, or what will make good money, as opposed to what he wants to hear / make. Also a lot of his tracks all started to sound the same like he just opens up a project file and uses all the same instruments and just twerks the drums a little. Also I’d agree with Vapor City. That one was my favorite. Feel free to check out his work in the group Sepalcure too. They had some really beautiful tracks.
  9. I thought this thread was about Plaid haters? Was merely expressing why I did not like them.
  10. I’ve never cared for any Plaid track or any Plaid album for that matter. The music / melodies lacks soul and the percussion is boring and stale. Very generic IDM to me.
  11. The same way tapes and CDs are a thing of the past, times change. I decided to embrace Spotify instead of vilify it and to be honest it seems much better to me than throwing an EP on bandcamp on some shitty net-label or self releasing and seeing it gain zero traction. (Which I did for probably a decade). Never forget a musician for thousands of years was mainly a traveling miscreant that barely made enough money to survive. I think the ability for people to make a living off of music has grown exponentially, you just have to play the games. Which I see no harm in. A lot of socialist utopian views in this thread. Where everyone gets paid thousands of dollars for their shitty IDM. Sorry it never did and never will happen. You don’t think artists were annoyed for decades that only 1% of music hit the radios? That some corporate exec said just play Red Hot Chili Peppers today 250 times instead of great music that was out there? People will always find something to complain about. Always.
  12. University I majored in Communications and minored in History. For a living I became a licensed Funeral Director. After ten years in that industry I eventually called it quits because of horrible work/life balance and job-related stress. Now i'm just in a sales gig 9-5 Monday through Friday. A lot of stress has indeed lifted off my shoulders, but it's all relative. Humans will always find something to complain about-- now instead of complaining about being woken up at 3am with a death call, i'm annoyed with the numerous sales meetings and bullshit company initiatives. Leisure time I like to try to do things outside with my wife, hike, explore new areas, take walks. I've become even a bigger craft beer head than I ever was at the moment, traveling hours to go to certain breweries to buy special release 4packs- that kind of shit. Music is of course a big part of leisure, it's included in just about everything I do. I create music sometimes but it's not a consistent thing-- only when the mood REALLY strikes me. Working out / physical fitness has been a huge part of my life but i'm taking a break from it at the moment because of chest pains. Other than that I love seeing friends as much as possible, i'm generally an outgoing person unless i'm hungover. If i'm hungover stay 10 ft from me or I will bite. Future plans? I don't have many. I would love to invest so much in different things right now that I could retire earlier than normal. I am a believer that humans shouldn't spend 80% of their week slaving away at jobs. This world and life is too beautiful and fleeting to let it be spent entirely just making money and paying bills. Kids may be in the future but I'm in no hurry at all, i'm barely wise enough to take care of myself at the moment let alone another tiny human being
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