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  1. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Man that whole skepta / chip album is horrible mate. Autotune trash. Meanwhile-- other actual good shit is dropping https://open.spotify.com/track/6lWoBm0zraAgrPSIESdJMC?si=Wa1v7ueQQx2HuILglr_g_g
  2. It's official my State OHIO has shut down all non-essential businesses and is mandating everyone "Stay At Home". Not sure if this will affect me though as i'm in the concrete industry and i think construction is considered essential.
  3. Never really got into Buffy so decided to start watching it. Holy hell the first couple seasons do not hold up, they are pretty bad lol. Mid way / latter half of 3rd season and it's starting to get better. Production-wise and storyline.
  4. Wasn't Lone a longtime member of Twoism? A shit ton of artists started during the MYSPACE era (him included). Although its probably chicken or egg debate for a lot of them, whether they started gaining traction before or after they were posting tracks on there.
  5. I was really hoping this would be good when it came out, went to go see it in the theaters. Did not enjoy it at all -- besides some of the cinematography. If I wanted to watch a whole film of Brad Pitt on the verge of crying , well, I wouldn't...
  6. Not to be a stickler but this is not a Dimlite release, this is a Dim Grimm Release. I still listen to his older work quite often but the newer Dim Grimm stuff doesn't have the same staying power for me. I'll definitely give this one a chance though. Now if he releases a full album from this new moniker i'm in! What a track. https://maerlygoud.bandcamp.com/track/perfection
  7. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Oh ya i made a mix if you are on spotify. All my fav grime shit and other tossed in. Really just made for me but some bangers on this shit. xhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/0CUNEXBf1oGOYmaEoElvSO?si=tz6Xp3eyRzaU4moEp6D6Fw
  8. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Oh and this 1- I absolutely love it.
  9. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Go kill yourself. BTW Tons of new good shit.
  10. New glassware. CAROL CAROL.
  11. I stopped after the second episode. Couldn’t really keep me interested.
  12. Feel like i'm running through everything. Trying "The Strain" out right now. Vampire Horror by Guillermo del Toro? Worth a try.
  13. lyst

    Modern Grime

    I'm cool with an occasional devlin looking bruv in a cypher but when everyone looks like a posh football geeza it's hard for me to rate LOL.
  14. Haha. Getting to realize how ridiculous that sounded. Should've said in first post i don't actually watch it i just listen to it really. >.<. But back to Locke and Key. I'm watching the whole first season over again with my wife who hasn't seen it yet, to see if i can pick up on things i missed first go around. I really like how dark the show can get. Another show I caught was "RAGNAROK" on Netflix. I usually stay away from foreign stuff but i had fun watching this. Maybe because I know nothing about Norse Mythology and it felt like something very new to me. It's not getting rave reviews but I hope it gets picked up for another season, I enjoyed watching it almost as much as Locke and Key.
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