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  1. https://music.apple.com/us/album/cmyk-002-ep/1752009423 This is surprisingly good....
  2. I just watched the first episode of this new season and at the end it just had a huge segment of all the best parts I'm about to see this season. Well I guess I don't need to watch anymore! You just showed me everything I wanted to see. This is probably my biggest pet peeve with reality television. That and massive recaps of the last episodes. The first 5 minutes of every Alone episode can just skip.
  3. I've tried listening to Mike for many years. Some not bad tracks on this album at all. My problem with him is there are never any "gems" on his albums for me. Like absolute crazy good tracks that I want to continually come back to. Like Afx,boc,vibert all have at least 2 or 3 tracks like this per album generally. I did have an enjoyable time listening to this morning though. So thank you fine sir.
  4. Just released this new track. Groovy, soulful, emotive House Music I'd say. We Are The Music Makers | Volume One by Various All other links Spotify, Apple Music, Etc: https://ffm.to/mylamine-chasm Cheers!
  5. Here's a Youtube link for new track - 


  6. New track is out today!  Chill - soulful - emotive House.  https://ffm.to/mylamine-chasm

  7. Absolutely lovely stuff. Gives me like an early Mush Records mixed with DNTEL and Thom Yorke vibe. Had to preorder the vinyl for myself - the first two singles are way too good not to support. Tracklist: 1. Light 2. Closer 3. Grow 4. September 5. Time 6. Koala 7. Sun 8. Game 9. Air 10. Floating Bandcamp: https://mariachiaramusic.bandcamp.com/album/closer
  8. I will withhold any judgement on The Acolyte until I see it. I will always give something a good chance, especially my all-time favorite franchise.
  9. Constellation gets really good and trippy. Mind bending and suspenseful. Definitely my favorite watch so far this year. Thought the acting was really great too, even the kid does a good job which isn't always the case.
  10. lyst

    House Music

    I am updating this House playlist weekly. Soulful, jazzy and emotive stuff. (about 5 songs down is where new stuff begins). Cheers mates!
  11. I completely ran out of shit to watch, now I have to go back and find stuff I was semi-interested in seeing at the time.
  12. Finally watched "Mid90s". Reminded me how incredibly depressing and lonesome adolescence is, something I don't really care to be reminded of lol. Enjoyed the Underground Hip-hop in some scenes though. That shit made up my teenage years so it's nice for it to see some love for once.
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