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Hi guys, I'm finally up to share some personnal works here.


These are 3 work in progress tracks for an upcoming LP I hope to be able to release at the end of october.


Final product will be an eight tracks LP with one poem and one visual artwork correspnding to each track.


What you are about to listen are absolutely not finished products since structures, lenght and arrangement are subject to change.


The main themes are here though.


Tracks are of course not mixed. I hope your ears won't suffer too much.


I'm up to hear ( and sometimes listen ! ) to any comment and advice...


Thx to those who'll take time to listen.







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Very good Ded4m! I really think your music would benefit from not being streamed and heard in full quality. There are lots of small, interesting details production and soundwise that might get lost when streamed. Good you're putting this out in hi-fi soon.. :music:

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Thank you for the kind words. Since I'm new to making music in general, I'm currently struggling to correctly mix all the tiny details you mentioned and to make tracks simpler and shorter to keep momentum...Still a lot of work to do ! :)

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I know how you feel about mixing. It really is an artform and it's extremely hard to do a mix you are 100% satisfied with. If you don't set some sort of "personal deadline" you might end up never releasing anything!


But I think you are onto something there. As I said, I liked your sounds a lot but perhaps it would be a good idea to work more with automation (volume, panning, etc) and use reverbs and delays to make room in the mix for every sound? Sometimes it can feel a bit heavy and slightly cluttered, like everything is on 11.

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