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Renick Bell - Empty Lake EP


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so there's new release on UIQ by Renick Bell who's performing with his own Haskell-based algorithmic live music software thingie:




there was also a 1hour radio broadcast last night which was really, really good.. treat yrself to this imho tbqh:



the EP is cool, tbh that radio mix is absolutely killing it tho

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Thanks to phling for sharing that mix in chatmm when it was live, was really good. Saw more people mentioning him that week, just listened to the EP and am amazed. The guy seems to come out of nowhere?


On the other stuff on this label, all looks really good!

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EP is on Apple Music now...



Lee Gamble is supporting Autechre on the upcoming tour, whether he is going to DJ stuff like this or so his own live thing I don't know, but this is rather good tunage

cool! yeh I've seen one venue where Lee Gamble is confirmed as support... most others don't have any special guests yet, just Haswell/Maddocks/AE.. Mr Renick Bell would be lush AE support tbh
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Renick is doing a European (UK+DE) Algorave tour in November including


17 - London UK - https://www.facebook.com/events/292366947805355/

18 - Sheffield UK - http://algomech.com/2016/algorave/

19 - Karlsruhe DE

20 - Manchester UK

26 - Bristol UK


Full disclosure - I'm organising the Sheffield one

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nice nice... hey since you're here - is there a specific reason why there isn't much algorave things going down in Berlin..? Feels like you guys kinda avoid the place :)

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