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Richard D James Album = Puberty Hypothesis


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just read my comments



DJ Saint-Hubert2 minutes ago

01. 14
02. gonna try acid
03. peek in the girl's bathroom
04. finger your bib
05. acne
06. curel a man child
07. big goon doofus
08. yellow pills
09. starting listening to girl boy songs noticed a boob
10. shine on crazy diamond


album cover... the mirror... AAAAAAAAAAWHATSHAPPENINGTOME

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Beard's basically explained the track making process:

1. Make the track

2. Make the title whatever comes to his head first


With a few tiny exceptions the track titles don't really serve as more than an identifier, no real meaning is on most of them. The real meaning is in the music itself. There is nothing to dissect and most likely know the meaning behind anything. 


TL;DR you will never find a boyfriend free girl.

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nothing??? i mean cornish acid pretty much sums it up, becoming a teenager, his impetus to rave culture, don't overthink it too much

Vague title of thread + cryptic topic starter + can't be arsed to overthink what you're trying to accomplish = no reply


Nice youtube though.


Also: add some backhanded relationship advice here...

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