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  1. The IDM Man will make you make IDM until you get signed; then forever after. IDM LIFE is real, yo. Making electronic music for like 23 years— there’s gotta be some meaning in all this.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your feedback! Sorry it took so long to get back. I am literally IDM Rocking the streets of Tokyo, and I report back here from time to time like some IDM Black Ops shit. Naw but really- your feedback feels good man- like someone out there understands this shit. Hahaha about the higher vocals... really appreciate the honesty--- your nice words also are very nice. Haha. Shit... Okay- so all I need to do is reach Mike P's inbox. I've recently chiselled down the album from 27 tracks and 2 hours or someshit, to 12~13 tracks and just over an hour. I r
  3. FUCK YEAH!!! Hit me up, yo. New track out-- YOU GOT THE VIBE: This is like some blues thing that becomes rave. It's pretty epic. I feel like my life is sometimes like that Might Boosh episode about trying to find the new sound. Keep it fresh people~
  4. WOOO YESSS Thank you! Check this, we just started and finished this today, we are idm lazer blazin' MUCH LOVE!!! The last track of our album, track 23:
  5. If anyone knows any good modern labels who understand this shit, lemme know. I've been deep in the IDM Underground for over 20 years, and next thing I know, every label has vanished. This is the biggest peak of electronic music in the past 20 years-- WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE LABELS?!!! What is this- Max Mad IDM?
  6. Since last post, added a few more tracks to the album:
  7. After T breakz are always a lovely reminder of the wonderful high tech lazer of the flower. I think eventually we all become perma stone mode or something. Just uploaded this new track yesterday, and I think blazage has influenced my music to have more dreamy qualities:
  8. (This is a track inspired by the beauty of the cat we live with):
  9. Hey- thank you, nice to see you! Thank you so much for listening and your mini review! :-)
  10. Okay, now everything makes more sense.
  11. Fuck- I "was hoping" it was accidental overdose. Well, okay, I guess it was intentional. Man..... You spit fire on Firestarter, then you hang yourself. Fuck dudes- we all gotta chill. Fuck- this is ridiculous. Let's all chill the fuck out. There's some pun somewhere about Breathe and feeling the pressure, and the irony of not being able to play his own game- fuck- but I won't mention it out of respect. Anyway- dudez, chill. It's okay. WE GOT THIS. Much Love, everyone. Everyday is a blessing.
  12. Just wanna say to anyone who listens to this: We're right there with you, as much as we could make it. If you join us- let go- blaze if need be- and let's go on a little journey together. We can't promise you how you'll feel about it, but we can promise you that we'll be there.
  13. Thank you!- I've missed this place! Your avatar is as pretty as ever. I see you've been using face cream- your birdface skin looks lovely. Thank you, good to see you and everyone, mang. Well- this EP is 40 minutes, so it's not short. It's 3 tracks, that could be considered 5 songs. Track 2 is 2 parts, and track 3 is 2 parts-- both 2nd parts were recorded right after the 1st parts (so the 2nd parts are inescapably inspired by the 1st parts). These were all done in 1 take with no prep or editing or whatever- me & me gyal just sat and felt the IDM lazer flow and we just e
  14. UPDATE Sunday September 1 - new track up You Got The Vibe. It's a blues rave track or something like that. UPDATE Wednesday August 7th, 2019! Been working on dem choonz--- waddup watmm!!! HOPE YOU ALL HAVE BEEN CHILLIN! Just uploaded the opening track, How It's Going Now. Weird to think that this album is taking like 2.5 years, but it's been a ride well worth it. Here's some of the album so far, a solid update- first 6 tracks up--- thank you for listening! I hope you've all been well ? ALSO if anyone can recommend any labels this might fit on,
  15. I haven’t logged-in in what seems like forever, but I came here to pay my respects in the only place I know of where a lot of us grew up listening to The Prodigy. I knew this thread would be here. R.I.P. Keith. Thank you for all the ridiculousness and good times.
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