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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324924075156?hash=item4ba6fbec94:g:-EIAAOSwwpZhnCAw One just hit the market again
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324924075156?hash=item4ba6fbec94:g:-EIAAOSwwpZhnCAw
  3. Ace job loving this xxx. I'll have this on loop tomorrow playing Rust.
  4. surprised noone else posted about this. got this email yesterday but everything was sold out by the time i noticed the email. https://aphextwin.warp.net/retail-opportunity?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Back+2+School+with+AFX&utm_campaign=Aphex+Twin+-+Back+2+School+with+AFX&vgo_ee=ucJ%2BhKF1MIJYv5iYvWJ1Hk4MbgaYwbs1%2BcbgM1v5LD0%3D
  5. good interview. i think we all already knew that tom wasn't going to be pushing out his old unreleased stuff. good to hear it from the horse's mouth
  6. Huge Robert rich fan. So far album is excellent.
  7. Im pretty sure cranked kite made these.... Someone I know definitely knows the answer but I'm 85% sure
  8. haven't logged into this site in a bit and just saw this. it really was an amazing weekend meeting all the amazing people (pbod, guidewire, extralife, boomtsphace, joyrex, xxx, omnii, kattin, phudo, anoscura + friends (thx for letting me bum the apartment 2017), and so many others to list everyone from those dfn weekends . its a shame what happened with the festival but maybe something will come up in lieu of it. the freezing rain was easily one of the best moments at any festival i've been to. also ran into venetian snares hanging with John Frusciante 2017, smokehouse rave w/ ceephax, way too many more to list.. so many good moments. i would be lying if i didn't say that i think about those dfn weekends from time to time.
  9. same exact sounds from april 29th's stream with a different rhythm
  10. he said "why is the screen so white lol" and i said "just install a plugin for dark mode"
  11. one of his best albums. loving these bonus traks. thanks reid
  12. the shirts are selling out faster than the records. get ready for 200$ markups on grailed
  13. https://aphextwin.warp.net/26-12-19
  14. Bummer - First time ever im gonna miss him play in NYC bc I'm moving. Hope he adds a date or two. Enjoy guys
  15. https://soundcloud.com/the-automatics-group/every-track-from-ministry-of-sound-miami-sessions-2012cd-1-see-description I want to live in a world where this really is released by Ministry. under Links
  16. the brooklyn set was awesome. got to see many acquaintances again (good seeing you dr. lopez once again... this is like the 4th time i think, very honest, and of course goiter). sweguno's opening set was excellent. really chill downbeat idm tracks with some fast kicks somewhere in the middle. really a good complementary opening to the seefeel set. had a fancy chat with goiter at the merch table as well (talked about everything between autechre, meeting venetian snares, the tour, and music, think sarah was there too). seefeel was of course excellent, played classics as well as material i never heard of before. gonna upload videos i took of the sweguno set and seefeel set and post them here when i get around to it.
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