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Curve - Cuckoo, Doppelgänger (reissues)

Rubin Farr

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I wonder what Disc 2 contains?

Curve deserved way more recognition than they ever received.

Disc: 1 (2CD Version)

1. Missing Link

2. Crystal

3. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

4. All Of One

5. Unreadable Communication

6. Turkey Crossing

7. Superblaster

8. Left Of Mother

9. Sweetest Pie

10. Cuckoo


Disc: 2 (2CD Version)

1. Missing Link (Single Version)

2. On The Wheel

3. Triumph

4. Superblaster (Remix)

5. Low And Behold

6. Nothing Without Me

7. Missing Link (Screaming Bird Mix)

8. Rising (Headspace Mix)

9. Half The Time (Honey Tongue Mix)

10. Rising (Original Version)

11. Half The Time (Original Version)


I absolutely love that FSOL mix

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