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  1. Finally finished reading it all, every page, every track and mix. Hugely enjoyable, informative and well written, amazing achievement Ross, and really made be appreciate and re-evaluate some releases. It was funny reading about releases I’d designed, still get a kick of having done them (roll on Mind Maps 3). Also had to laugh at the pic of the ‘95 Essential Mix track listing as that was my photo shot on my old work desk. I should also add that sT8818r and bdog on the Mind Maps 2 sleeve weren’t added by me, I asked Brian for some aliases to add to the artwork as, unlike the first one, I didn’t know who was on this one.
  2. Got my file copies of this today and I’ve got to say I think it’s one of the best things I’ve designed, so pleased with how the design has evolved from MM1.
  3. I’m steadily making my way through these when I can and am reading every piece. I’m definitely learning some great trivia and have enjoyed going back and listening to tracks again after reading about them. Cascade was utterly amazing when it came out, I’d never heard anything like it. I remember chatting with a couple of friends about how excited we were for Lifeforms, it seemed like a huge wait for that. I’m still blown away by the CD single even now, it swaps places as my favourite with My Kingdom on a regular basis
  4. CD and tape now vanished from Bandcamp? Was there any clue it was just a 1 day thing? I was still mulling over buying it
  5. Sorely tempted by the CD but also wondering why it’s so expensive with very little detail of the extras. I just don’t have much money for music these days 😞
  6. I have Sampler, here you go... https://we.tl/t-5FSvcWuVpQ
  7. Very good reads again Ross, I should dig out the Metropolis and Semi-Real singles I have. I don’t remember being very impressed with either of them at the time or since, but not played them for years
  8. Cheers @Jamesqdot, always great to read people appreciate the design, this one definitely turned out better than I expected.
  9. We've ordered another batch of 100 CDs, so it's available again for those that prefer physical.
  10. Thanks for sharing @dcom, so proud of this comp and so blown away the CD sold out so quickly
  11. Last Inkipak was excellent, ended up backing the vinyl, no doubt this one should be good too
  12. Red vinyl going up on Morphology bandcamp tomorrow and a diff colour on the Exalt Records bandcamp, both will ship from the UK
  13. Missed out on the CD, pre-ordered the vinyl. Quality album, love the acidy tracks
  14. @Extralife brilliant, glad you got it and found the credit. Darren said he really wanted to mention you and I thought I’d put it under the j-card to be found 🙂
  15. New EP on Touched Revolutions coming in a couple of months too. Quality stuff again
  16. Excellent. I was hoping you hadn’t just gone with digital*, especially after Darren told me about your involvement. * shipping to the States is expensive now I bet
  17. @Extralife please tell me you got a copy of the tape?
  18. I reckon either Prada objected to them being released or he decided to do a physical release and they'll reappear closer to a release date.
  19. And now the new Prada releases have vanished, was planning on buying them too, hope they come bck
  20. Certainly different to the Rephlex art. These are all JP’s own felt tip illustrations.
  21. Shrug. Stopped listening to them after they left Soma
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