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Tongues Of Light - The Myth Of Separation And Selfhood


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Boomkat just dropped the follow-up to the excellent 2016 album 'Channelled Messages At The End Of History'.



If you don't know what this sort of stuff is like, it's probably not your thing. Just saying.

I'd have probably been better just sending the link to @Nebraska

Vinyl only for now but as they've also put FLAC placeholders in the preview section, digitals can't be far away.



Remember to lock the doors at night.

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just gave this my first listen and it's a pretty wild ride- on par with the last record though much longer. there's a part where this girl is going "patapatapatapatapatapata" and there's also this pulsing beat right below her words each time she gets to the "ta" part that makes for a very effective and at the same time, hilarious moment. that level of absurdity is curried throughout the two sides and that relentless commitment to keep that energy going is pretty brilliant.


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