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  1. ❤️ Love this as much as VLR's two afx mix sets. Neat mix! Also similar megamixes for Plaid, Boards Of Canada and Autechre on his sc account but can't be arsed to crosspost them.
  2. Noise receptor volumes 1-3 compiled: https://cultneverdies.myshopify.com/collections/books-anthologies/products/noise-receptor-journal-archive-vol-one-industrial-noise-book or https://headpress.com/product/noise-receptor-vol1/
  3. - Salò was such a sick movie!!!! - Bro, just wait until you get to the analysis
  4. Besides @MindphaserI've seen a good bunch of people mentioning The Martyrs (the original French version) as one of the best horror movies. Haven't seen it myself though, just thought to chime in. I'm more of a late 70's/ 80's / early 90's scifi-lover guy anyway. And not straight horror per se, but if you are after some non-gore disgust, Salò is the way to go.
  5. Previously unreleased Lustmord "Lustmord’s TRINITY was originally commissioned by Unsound Festival in 2012 as a live presentation, with the project being developed further for this album version. It includes location recordings made at Los Alamos National Laborites, where the atom bomb was developed and at Jornada Del Muerte Alamogordo Air Base (aka White Sands), New Mexico where the first bomb was detonated, along with audio gathered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Archive via the Freedom of Information Act. " Merry tunes for the bandcamp day
  6. No new shit but Rich uploaded a Field Day LP track....
  7. Hospital Production digital re-release of Orphx's Fragmentation with bonus tracks (live + tracks from "Obsession and Progress" and "Final Moments" cassettes). Was originally released by Malignant Records in '96. Due to be released next friday (october 2)
  8. That part was used in one of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (PS2, can't remember which one) Mullen's pro video but the face was blurred. Only discovered years later that it was actually Jackie boy. On a side note, I've played myself as #1 in Tony Hawk's Project 8, so you know, I am somewhat of a skater myself.
  9. Classic video featuring a collab trick with a academy award winner
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