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  1. I don't so much care about the format but damn would be great if they finally ended up to bleepstore. Or SAW 1.5 / SAW 85-92 anniversary release with bonus tracks but somehow can't see those happening, even though there apparently was some talk or plans about such release with R&S years ago. The current state of the store feels little half arsed with its empty Soundclown sections hanging there without any content. Somehow I got the picture that RDJ simply lost interest with the store and hence it is what it is. IMHO those SC tracks sound fine even without any remastering. Still listening to them weekly and finding new favorites. Some new archive finds would be yummy though. Also keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the Rephlex releases added to the store. But so I did last year and year before it so....
  2. Dunno about retrieving your files but maybe archive.org is worth to check out
  3. It was originally titled "Artificial intelligence Records Madrid is bUllshit" or something to that effect. They were saying that this record label is supposedly shady because they read some now deleted Reddit posts. The person also made a Fake instagram account and followed hundreds of people associated with AI records just to try and make them look bad. Now they are backtracking. I'm guessing this is because people are piecing together who it is. Probably an artist from the c0mpilation who is unhappy and has a history of online tantrums. There was also a girl.
  4. ^this right here. And same goes for the most part of AF releases. I've tried out every RTR record and sadly find them simply boring and can't listen to a single track from the beginning to an end. I dig his drum stuff, but can't get into anything else. Those Steinvord tracks from the days of myspace still sound fresh, so compared to them this next level genius of RTR is totally lost on me. But if people dig this guy, it's all fine by me. I know I am dumb as fuck but I can't see any solid evidence to any direction in naming one's alias or tracks after something that has been done before. Like, I could write a pan flute solo and call it Ztal but it wouldn't make me RDJ.
  5. Uros


    Greetings from the underbelly of Den Haag. Upcoming on Suction records April 22th (vinyl/tape/digital): Previous EP on Viewlexx also worth to check out if you like your acid soaked with gutter water:
  6. ilqx hermolia xpli -> <- Kreml & Co.
  7. So noble of you to tell the guy actually living in the middle of a warzone how things really are there. And all this without lifting your own ass from a warm couch. Your awareness of the horrible situation must bring a tear to his eye. This is the most unbelievable shit I've read in ages.
  8. ^+ 260 pixels! Listened to this gem today: This and Baklava: my personal favorites by OR hands down.
  9. Acid+Techno+Braindance album from DJ VLR. Most underappreciated dude in the scene imo.
  10. It's cool though that these senders of good faith and liberators of Ukraine wouldn't need to pay a dime for the infrastructure and lives they have bombed to shit. Only material aid Russian government is giving are bullet tips found inside Ukrainians. Remove sanctions? Damn, why stop there, let's pay their war expenses, because of....NATO?
  11. Yeah, it is super cool to be a neighbor to some delusional shit for brains who is living the hell out of being Alexander the Great of the 21st century and his Putin world tour 2022. Personally need to keep the focus on daily living and stuff, but I don't believe a word that these guys spell out with their "lol, we aren't attacking anywhere" shit. All my thoughts to Ukraine!
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