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  1. Spamming the hell out of the thread, but a clip of Nero: JKB Instagram
  2. Also 4 track Nero EP in April: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT : GODFLESH - PURGE (LP/CD/DIGITAL) Worldwide street date : Jun 9th Avalanche recordings. AREC066 Distribution : UK/EU/ROW - Plastic Head USA/CAN - AISA/The orchard JAPAN - Daymare (2xCD w/ bonus 'NERO' EP) Tape version being considered. 'NERO' EP digital only - APRIL 3RD (4 track EP ; Orig song + 3 alt versions) Can be early pre-ordered from Plastic Head UK. JKB store will have very limited quantities plus Test Pressings in May. https://www.plastichead.com/artist/godflesh
  3. First new recordings from GODFLESH since 2017's critically acclaimed full length 'POST SELF'. 'PURGE' musically, amongst the many layers of dirt, revisits and updates the concepts explored on the 'PURE' album from 1992; 90's hip hop grooves mangled and put through the GODFLESH filter to create something that is still unique and futuristic in style. Both minimal and maximal, with layer upon layer of filth and heaviness, Godflesh deliver alien grooves that swing whilst also retaining the psychedelic / bad trip edge that Godflesh has always obsessed over. This is, and always has been, feel bad music; the title alone 'PURGE' references directly how songwriter / creator Justin K Broadrick utilises this music as temporary relief from his diagnosed autism and PTSD, a journey he has been on since he began creating music and feeling alone and as an outsider in any 'scene' or 'group' from childhood and throughout his adulthood. Godflesh gives him the means to express a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and overwhelmed by hyper sensitivity, the band being the vehicle to give him some sense of catharsis and transcendence; a way of communicating overload and constant disenchantment at the human condition, and man's abuse of power and the systems that chain us. The album references the cycle of horror that man has always and will always put us through; those in positions of power revel in the infliction of pain and horror upon individuals, in the name of their religion, their power, their money, their flags.... 8 songs, delivered in a concise fashion for fellow outsiders. A digital only single of the opening song 'NERO' coupled with 3 self remixes will be released April 3rd. The duo of GODFLESH, Justin K Broadrick and Ben Green, augmented by Machines, are seen as a pivotal entity in the world of 'heavy' music, impacting entire cultures of heavy music since the bands inception in 1988. It is regarded as a cultural icon, and it's impact can be felt across generations of 'heavy' music, both mainstream and underground. It is credited as being one of the first bands to cross old British industrial music with down tuned primitive minimal metal, accidentally pioneering the 'industrial metal' sound, yet the band has so much more to offer than what that term displays. TRACKLIST: 01 NERO 02 LAND LORD 03 ARMY OF NON 04 LAZARUS LEPER 05 PERMISSION 06 THE FATHER 07 MYTHOLOGY OF SELF 08 YOU ARE THE JUDGE, THE JURY, AND THE EXECUTIONER Took the info from Plastichead: CD: https://plastichead.com/godflesh-purge-compact-disc-arec066cd Vinyl (silver): https://plastichead.com/godflesh-purge-silver-vinyl-vinyl-lp-arec066lpltd More vinyl: https://plastichead.com/godflesh-purge-vinyl-lp-arec066lp I've been so looking forward to this
  4. Igloo Mag interview: https://igloomag.com/profiles/jodey-kendrick-from-plus-10-to-edm
  5. Of course depends on what you are hearing (ambience/beats) in the song but here are some recs: Obvious AFX Few from Rephlex camp Other misc
  6. Some upcoming vinyl on WeMe: Lord Of The D - Durocobrivis EP (WeMe079) Snippets: https://clonedistribution.com/release/71485 +10 - Grace (WeMe080) (Originally released on Napalm Enema 2007) Snippets: https://clonedistribution.com/release/71486
  7. Small update: PGM014 - Nativist (5 track EP). Fundamentalist electro-techno! On this release we see Detroit's Ultradyne continue with the approach of their Ultradyne concept: ideas and their evolution. Four diverse songs showcasing their concept into reality. Each song with an identity of its own cultivating what already exists inside of each listener: the need for expression and relation. The sinister synths of Prime Stratagem conform with what we know from Ultradyne is guaranteed to be a floor banger. Complex and intricate melodies are sprinkled in Native Serenade and True to the Realm before being greeted with the fast paced and mechanical sounds that embodies the Ultradyne concept with What must We do for Chaos. Nativist: a person who argues for the existence of ideas that are not learned but are part of the original constitution of the mind. This release captures a range of styles. Mixing and distributing them in various proportions in the truest form of experimentation. https://clone.nl/item71659.html Released soonish? Personally, with the Shifted Phases re-release this year is already better than the whole last year.
  8. Well, who knows, didn't stop them from releasing those unreleased tracks on vinyl. Anyway, this oldie is dope : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNPsumlgEDM (Lots of other cool tracks on that channel too) Alternate version of the track (Vanish) seems to be included to this release.
  9. Thanks for the plug but since I don't do vinyl anyway my problem was more like FE = no digital = poop label. Hope you will enjoy the hell out of your copy 🙂
  10. New Kendrick EP on Clone imprint Repetitive Rhythm Research. "The Repetitive Rhythm Research project continues... This time it's former Rephlex artist Jodey Kendrick dropping some Techno. Known for his braindance releases he is now diving into the realm of 4/4 Rhythms and delivering some mind-warping techno. A mind meld between 90's Detroit techno and modern mix tools for creative DJ's who can layer up tracks and control and steer dark dancefloors or early morning raves where every connection of spacetime has been abandoned for strobes and smoke! Eat this, you business techno DJ! 😉 "
  11. How many pages before we get to hear anything old?
  12. btw, JKB hinted about new GF being released in the latter part of the year. Might be postponed to 2023 since there hasn't been any further updates.
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