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  1. Now that you all have had time to sink properly into the anniversary edition and possible ear fatigue has worn out, can you really hear that it has been remastered or is it rather like the remaster of saw 85-92 (lol)? Listened to my Rephlex copy yesterday, and feel little 50/50 do I really need the anniversary edition, since it sounded crisp enough to my ears. So would appreciate if especially compacto disco buyers had any first hand insight that it is more than a fancy word in a bleep sales pitch. Also because I'm such a cheapskate and most likely need to pay VAT for ordering from UK. Thanks!
  2. Woah, thanx for sharing. Loved this one. Was listening to a Boku Mo Wakaran while watching and was a perfect soundtrack. Skater riding a skater, can't get more ultimate trick than that.
  3. Can't remember if I already shared or did I find this originally from this thread, but I so love this huge 3 hr old skool (well mostly) Jungle mix By DJ TLR. Perfect! Could you be also my hero of the week?
  4. SC dump received a nice petit response in its moderate way without a large-scale world tour. But seriously, when Rich stopped the tour, I thought something sick will be due sOoOn and there will be an onslaught of releases and tracks, new and old, to flood us over. Got a synth skin and a fucking gif.
  5. Necroooo... Didn't find more suitable thread, but really need to share this dude. I guess if you're regularly checking the drum scene (?lol wtf?) you know him already. Every vid I watch gets me more impressed even I don't even like the bands he covers. The level of technicality, how effortless the execution is and the whole mindset about how to play drums. Usually using only single pedal but the whole packet is so balanced you don't even notice he replaces the other kick with floor tom (albeit veeery low tuned one) Also others I must mention. MGLA and a classic Xenochrist by Faceless
  6. Uros

    afx nft

    Remember when Rich used to release, eh, tracks?
  7. Listened to them side by side and imo were exactly the same. Didn't spot any structural difference whatsoever. Dunno then.
  8. Maybe crystal clear to others, but care to elaborate, how the bleepstore version is supposed to be different from the Rephlexions version? It is even 5:55 long. So no matter how much I am counting my fingers I get only those two version released on rephlexions.... Listening to this music is so confusing.
  9. Had to check, the unedited is on a promo version https://www.discogs.com/Various-Rephlexions/release/188131
  10. My Rephlexions has that unedited version. I thought it was included to every version, until bumped into that shorty a year or two ago.
  11. For the most part, wasn't too impressed about the dropped live tracks, although there were some great parts too, so don't know what I should expect from the possible new stuff. AFX Novation promo snippet was slick though. Aphex rarely has disappointed me, so whatever there will come, I'm pretty sure it will see some heavy play. Was thinking the other day that now that R&S has been semi-cancelled, dunno if I should dry my drool and bury my hopes for saw 1.5 / extended saw I. Of course Bleepstore would be the most ideal place to drop those new found archive tracks, but its only function nowadays seems to be gathering dust. As beautiful as the SC dump was (personally one of the best things ever happened), can't see another big SC batch happening ever again. Would be sweet if Rich really had that archivist assistant to do the dirty work, if that's the reason for backlog slowing things down. And the reminder why it is important
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    Another one with download
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