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  1. My favorite (along with amen of course) Bonneville Occident, Backyard, Asdar, few of my favorites with it (I think, I'm not a specialist here so please be gentle) Also huge love for James Brown/Lyn Collins track.
  2. I'm in confusion. You mean locked or pinned?
  3. Ta! I accidentally bought only mp3's (although have been satisfied with them), since I thought I had put them to the bin as flac or whatever. I love the marketing strategy with this one. Not just some lame ass teasing and hinting, but instead giving us something tangible all the way from the beginning starting with the Vortrack single, added with a bonus track plus NTS mix and who knows what else will come pre and post release date. Makes the biting time less frustrating and maintains the interest for the final product. Haven't heard the leak, but really hope the album will fullfill my - now very high - expectations.
  4. Obvious mistake for the absolute master piece
  5. You really sure, you want to get rid of this: https://www.discogs.com/Boards-Of-Canada-Tomorrows-Harvest/release/4548231 Seriously though, you got some bad ass stuff there. Always loved the pics of your collection. Especially envied your WARPLP92X...and I don't even do vinyl. Hopefully you'll get what you need from the lot.
  6. I know it hurts, but you could've at least wished me happy new year back or something. Manners these days...
  7. I'll mark your words See ya in 2020 Darn, almost forgot, so happy new year to @Joyrex !
  8. The plot thickens. This is how legends are made... maybe I should invest in some qtips too or then we are listening to a different record....the comments
  9. I know StephenG already threw some info about the marketing style, but personally although this "Hi, I'm spanish braindance guy....hmmm, could I be steinvord?" act annoys the hell out of me, it wouldn't stop me from buying this, if I considered the product good. afxafxafxafxafxafx youtube account didn't stop me from drooling all over HG tracks, but they are genuinely great tracks. From this one, I can only get nice breaks, but that's all. Most, if not all, of the melodies put me straight off. There isn't a black enough worm whole to throw you to a such parallel universe where you could find track like Aurevoir-R in a steinvord album. I'm also pretty tired of the clone wars of steinvordish stuff (yeah, ranted about it numerous times before...). Was little worried that I've lost the ability to enjoy at all about stuff like that, but drukqs and steinvord still sound great. But bewwip, 4th, Rognvald, AF roster...eh whatever. Be Up A Hello sounds very promising though. You either have it or don't, I guess...Just listen to Vortrack mix! Very true. In instance,I haven't seen much buzz around Netsh, but imo, this breaky track alone is better than this whole RTR album: https://netshmusic.bandcamp.com/track/yobmot-invert
  10. Rich pls.... And friendly reminder (I'm drooling here man): https://imgur.com/18Al7z6
  11. This. Just finished watching the set. Really love the execution of Field Day/Printworks/Warehouse Youtube presentation.Weirdcore was on fire especially with this one. Impressed with the red/black/yellow, blue/red/white etc. manipulation towards the end and the smokey people fx in the beginning (you know when you see it...). Lush eye candy. And surprise, surprise, loved the audio set too. Field Day has a special place in my heart but this came very close. Printworks maybe left me a tad cold, but really need to check it again. Liked the live parts more on this one tbh. Some wicked acid parts there. Was a great Boxing Day treat. Thanks afx crew!
  12. Another Rephlex 2009 thread bump. Talked already in other wisp thread, but in case someone missed it: Rerelease with three extra tracks.
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