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  1. If you read the comments on the video, you can live the whole weekend again:
  2. Old news but: Squarepusher was ace, BOC mix stood for everything they are, Special Request pulled an amazing tribute to LFO, Barbican version of Aisatsana was sweet and Field Day set I've seen 10 times in the past two years so it fell short. And apart from cool lasers, couldn't really get anything out of other half of Barbican set. Judging from the outside, AE won all the expectations with their sets and by eventually handing out the tapes for free. I tip my hat. Like that other old fart beer badger, the only hype I could see was through watmm, so the hype machine didn't really have a chance to disturb me. Dunno how bad it was in the FB etc. Basically was positively surprised how warp panned the weekend although only listened to the sets from the artists I like so my chunk from the overall haul is undeniably weak.
  3. I found myself from the pro BOC mix camp. Didn't have any expectations to BOC mix but was happily surprised with it. With its hazy technicolor world from the psychedelic 70's and the age of Aquarius, it's essentially everything that BOC represents imo. Usually don't listen to stuff like this, so it was super interesting to digest the mixtape. Didn't have a clue what was coming. Was expecting maybe some tired already heard thing, but this was cool. Personally didn't find it gimmicky or pretentious a one bit. Again, congrats Warp and thanks for the plug this far! ❤️
  4. Fuck yeah the Squarepusher set. Sorry Rich, but this time Tom trashed you.....and big time! Why the hell doesn't Tom release that stuff??? SP archives to SP's own bleepstore now!
  5. What was the song before we are back?
  6. So, sunny and warm saturday morning, fresh cup of confefe, clicking play for Wherever She Goes and putting speakers to eleven. If I still smoked, now would be the perfect time to light up. And good morning to neighbors too! Seems they like this too, as they are banging the wall so hard, albeit little off-beat. 2nd track bringing some Nightmail. Lush as fuck summer album! 😎
  7. Acphually it's John Cage - Sonata 12 (From Sonatas and Interludes) from the Warp Works album apriorion dug out. Snippet here (track 9): https://clone.nl/item22656.html Some IDM points to the man! Thanks anyway for sharing, can't get these anywhere on digital!
  8. https://warp.net/updates/warp-works-and-20th-century-masters Yes thanks, Warp works indeed. New to me.
  9. Uros

    WARP 30

    Also, more info here: https://inverted-audio.com/aphex-twin-remote-orchestra/
  10. Really love the Barbican version of Aisatsana. Haven't listened to it since Syro. I had forgot how much I loved that swinging sound from the straps, kinda similar to the sound that comes from rowlocks. Also nice cam work....at least to the point when the stream crashed. Seems that Warp has really put some serious effort to this weekend. Good on them!
  11. New EDM volume. Nuff said. https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/edm-l
  12. There must be now a huge language barrier equivalent to Trumpster's wet dream of The Wall or then my IQ doesn't compute with what you're trying to say, but this is what I'm talking about: Friday, here we go!
  13. As for afx, It's not so much because of the lack of new material per se, but the fact that I could basically go to youtube right now and watch the sets there and don't need to wait for someone at NST to broadcast them to me. imo, Field Day stream was good enough, have enjoyed it many times. And even though Barbican was only a hand cam recording it was OK. Not my cup of tea tbh. Experimental, yes, but personally not the most memorable and enjoyable work by RDJ. To each their own, right? Who knows, maybe the weekend will blow my socks off. Duh, maybe I was too ambitious by waiting to finally hear some treats from the lost and found tapes, which we've been waiting forever. Now how it looks at this end is that afx's personal input to warp 30 is something like zero, since these are soundboard recordings of live gigs from 2012 and 2017. Someone just put them in the schedule because there needs to be some aphex on the big warp anniversary. On the other hand, wouldn't mind clean soundboard version of the infamous Squarepusher's warp 20 set, so it really depends on what soundboard recording we are talking about. ehm boss, you can't buy field day set from bleepstore, only the FD vinyl tracks. Or then I've missed something.
  14. So, 30 min on friday=Barbican set and 120 min on Sunday = Field Day set, if I got it right. Alrighty then.😐
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