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  1. Didn't find a thread about this. My e-mail is flooding with new BC release announcements. Anyway, tapes will be sent around May 1st, digitals available now.
  2. Quick heads up of an update by Rich regarding possible new tape track uploads. Just will link this reddit thread here, since that's where I found it anyway. Originally commented on dark horse overlord acid
  3. Unless still unclear: "I showed interest in a record", if that means that you didn't place an order, but merely inquired shipping rates etc., you've all the right in the world to say thanks but no thanks without any hassle. If you already placed an order, well, it goes kinda against the etiquette to cancel the order just for the sake of it. In general, sellers are fine if you have a good reason, but just saying you found a better deal is little so and so. On the other hand if you had to wait the seller to answer, say, five days imo you're morally forgiven. Of course they won't shoot you or ban you from the site if you don't pay, but getting too much bad feedback may make your future orders more difficult. Again, the key question; did you place the order? I've dealt with discogs sellers for 12 years and never got any problems. Always got what I've ordered. Knock the wood.
  4. I was so sure this would've been your chosen path (to the land of joy and happiness of course)
  5. Just a week ago was offered a perfect opportunity suited to my current situation. Three days a week, from 9 to 4 at a real state management office doing some assistant accounting etc. Was first there three months doing my intern and since I'm such a sunshine, they asked if I was interested to continue doing a part time job, which is more than fine with me. Makes nicely possible to use the other four days to my business economy and accounting studies. Small office and nice mood, plus really lovely co-workers, don't have to wear a tie. Still feeling kinda surreal how great it panned out after all the shit I went through a couple of years ago. Now gathering some money to afx bleepstore update.
  6. ...And so are these two current MNLTH threads once MDM Chaos gets alerted by VIP's.
  7. Uros


    Thanks for the reminder @markedone! Never got around of grabbing the Sea Dweller anthology, since I already had The Quest when Clone started the series. btw, one of those releases that I paid a good buck for, also goes to the top rarest releases in my collection (now, who wants to touch me?). Yet, those Journey Of Deep Sea Dweller comps have a couple of tracks I really should get. Davey Jones Locker, Aquarazorda and Black Sea come to mind. Ah well, maybe heading my steps to Beatport or Juno now. But need to share this first. My favorite Drexciya track hands down:
  8. Uros


    DJ VLR posted a playlist of four of his Drexciya mixes which imo creates a dope big picture of Drexciya & Co. Worth to check out.
  9. Uros


    flol, greatest page in a while. I salute 🔥 💯🔥💯🔥
  10. The evolution of post 2010 IDM 2016 2020
  11. Did you take that info straight from the section "Album/EP closest suited to" of the spreadsheet? Don't mean to be a dick here, but you do surely realize that the spreadsheet is a fan based effort and doesn't have a straight connection to Rich in person. Sure, he did comment on few songs about what era they were made on, compiled playlists for sosw II and Saw 1.5 and so on, but for the most part the song-album connection in the spreadsheet has been made by the spreadsheet compiler himself and has nothing to do with anything that Rich has posted. So basically as legitimate and official as my or your playlists. Could be wrong though...
  12. Part 1 was dope, need to check this out asap.
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