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Community Answers

  1. https://jodyssey.bandcamp.com/track/vaxor
  2. I guess there are multiple versions floating around since the version I've got is at the right speed.
  3. Yeah bro, for such a warm approach as you have there I personally wouldn't lift a finger to do anything. So again, big respect for those who see the effort to do the rips even when the response is whiny af. Maybe when it hits the bleepstore we can start to bitch about how it doesn't have those the tracks we want.
  4. Really dig this London EP. Respect to all of those who take the effort to rip these...whether in stereo or not. Of course will buy these when they end up to bleepstore but while waiting will enjoy the rips. Sound good enough for my ears.
  5. So if this still sticks, some announcement should be imminent soon, right? At least really hope so, but eh, skam
  6. F5ing the afx reddit tomorrow like a mf
  7. One of those improvements seems to have been taking off the spoiler and bandcamp shortcut buttons (or whatever those are called)
  8. And some Godflesh to complete my GF collection (Where's the spoiler button ?) Purge: https://www.discogs.com/master/3124677-Godflesh-Purge Long Live The New Flesh (4CD) https://www.discogs.com/release/22154296-Godflesh-Long-Live-The-New-Flesh Pure // Cold World // Slavestate (3CD): https://www.discogs.com/master/334320-Godflesh-Pure--Cold-World--Slavestate
  9. btw, wasn't sure if steinvord and Gescom were eligible but if so, definitely also those two
  10. Dunno how fine this goes under the "featured artists genre" but hey ho these are the few of my favorite things Rephlex and braindance Jodey Kendrick/+10/EDM/Lord Of the D...., D'Arcangelo, Odan, Astrobotnia, Beathaven, Chris Moss Acid, Quinoline Yellow, VHS Head, zvλd, Heorge Garrison, Soundmurderer+SK-1, Macc & dgoHn, Liðvarð Some old skool and detroit Drexciya (+Shifted Phases & Transllusion & Elecktroids), (early) Underground Resistance (+ X-101 etc.), Humanoid, Ultradyne, Equitek, Wavelan, Missing Channel, Mantrax Some distorted tehno/acid/electronix Sparkwave, Hellboii, Lycurgus, Penik Ettek/Datasmok, Klankman, Antsinplot, Pan Sonic, Beverly Hills 808303, D. Carbone, Ye Gods, ANFS/Vofa + Huge shout outs to DJ VLR and Royal Subsonic Consortium (RIP)
  11. Uros


    Maybe you've already figured it out but whatever: Head to Your account -> Music -> Track View and boom
  12. Uros


    I've been slightly scratching my head with why people so eagerly would love to get specifically a LP release. I don't mind if Rich feels EP as an more appropriate output for the tracks. Maybe EP as a format makes the whole packet more tight and focused or something. I mean, Syro slightly jumps around at some parts imo. I would prefer 3 ep's in a year than one album in every three years . And like Bubba man above said, there always comes a shit ton of extra goodies so there really hasn't been a shortage of new AFX stuff.
  13. I've lumped this with Collapse all the way from the first time I heard the Blackbox track. imo BBLR EP sounds like a natural continuum to the thing that was happening in the Collapse EP. These two go hand in hand just perfect. In some strange way BBLR has actually made me to appreciate more Collapse as a whole ep. Previously was a friend mainly for the title track only and the rest of the ep went on a side in a way. So to answer the topic this EP makes me a one happy camper....or what mindless trend follower of marketing hype campaign one wants to call it.
  14. Uros


    Vinyl was mastered by Beau Thomas, CD and Bleep digital vinylz by Mandy Parnell. I don't remember if the AFX store digitals were Beau Thomas versions or same as OG Bleep versions. Did you buy the ep from afx store? I snatched the cd and can download all those 8 tracks from my account. That's why always buy your afx shit from the store. Dunno then if it worked somehow different with the vinyl purchases (download cards?)
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