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  1. I just spun the Mutant Beat Dance double CD couple of days ago from start to finish and boy, there's so much stuff to digest. It is a one long album, but yet manages to keep me interested. Slight variation of styles between the tracks, while at the same time it still manages to be a cohesive release, sounding MBD all the way through. One of the most interesting releases of recent years.
  2. Yeah, he's sometimes little silly like that. Poor old badger.
  3. Better than ICBYD? The latter being very strong contender for my top 5 records forever, so nope. But better that CW comp? Definitely yes. When it comes to CW I really like CWLP more, although comp has some serious bangers too. btw, will we have a discussion for CWLP too since it sorta came on cd too thanks to Joyrex? Y'know 1994 draws closer with every passing release
  4. Sorry d-lo, but I'm also in the love camp. Really great tracks all the way through the release. First track is early 90's old school techno based IDM to the core. The same with the vacuum cleaner track. The fluted track is a bliss, a beautiful track indeed. All that mixed with other, little slower atmospheric tracks with trademark afx twirps and industrial-like elements, such as on tracks 2&3. Really love the mood on those. An ambient background from Garden Of Linmiri is also interesting. Like an ambience from original Blade Runner with its sirens. Only critic comes from the overall slightly lo-fi sound of the album/EP's. Sounds little muddy to me, like listening through a cotton or something. Hell, even most of the sc tracks sounded better. I also link this strongly to Classics - sosw+Quoth - Caustic Window LP&Comp. imo really lovely bunch of albums which play well together, CW LP being maybe the strongest sibling. But had this fitted to Warp's profile....strong no. If I think early rephlex releases, this one always come to my mind first. This has that rephlex sound.
  5. Uros


    This was basically my every room in theme hospital
  6. I posted Orphx earlier in the thread, would describe as easy listening compared to some serious stuff, which I'm too wuss to listen to:
  7. Re-upload in the sc channel. As much as I'd love this, eh, activity to lead us to everything that is beautiful aka massive dump vol.2 (or bleepstore update), most probably just a one-off. So better not to get my hopes up.
  8. Uros

    The Tuss

    Sum afx melisma in 1:18
  9. ^Absolutely, you could fly and all that shit
  10. Yup, I've also thought this as a Rephlex take on AI series. Even pretty much same artists featured. Maybe the most rare and high priced item in my "collection". Paid something like 90$ ten years ago. The prices went generally to 150 $, don't know how much it goes for now. The two RDJ tracks are OK, nothing spectacular though. But that Mike Dred track....bad. So cheesy that listening to it makes some serious damage to my cholesterol levels. On the other front, I really dug Small Energies. Was one of the highlights for me:
  11. Decree - Wake Of Devastation....blend of old school industrial with 90's fla/Clock DVA elements, but at the same time, has tracks that are more noise or P/E with the big echo barrel drums. Has kinda everything that industrial is. Recommended! Would think @Zephyr_Nova could dig it, if you're not already familiar with this Chris Peterson's pre-fla project. Best new find, Negru Voda's - Våld De Lux. Goddamn this is huge
  12. New five track 12" released via Love Love Records. No samples/clips yet, but pre-orders available through bandcamp: https://rubymydear.bandcamp.com/album/altai-r
  13. Those unreleased AQXDM tracks that Rich has played on his various sets will be released this month. Created a thread to new releases sub. Thought to give a heads up in here too in case someone is interested.
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