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  1. Vytear Kingtrips Part II test pressing. Pre-orders will be up soon, apparently. So soz, maybe not this year, but I guess OR are coming back.
  2. Yeah, everything seems to be back now alas exactly as empty as before. Must have been a glitch or something.
  3. Well 🥒 me, soundclown sections have been removed as well as rephlex section too. Was so drooling for the field day ambient track + other gems. Damn. Silver lining though, I can still see/download my Rushup Edge purchase from my account.
  4. Just a quick heads up in case someone doesn't notice. Seems like he's getting some tracks released on AF:
  5. Uros


    Well well, Squarepusher sub lit AF. Can't help but to take part in the Fracture remix worship choir. Little worried though about the possible album compression and loudness. So in that sense, need to slightly agree with mcbete and Amen Warrior. Nonetheless, has all the potential to be huge.....especially when added with possible bleepstore goodies.
  6. I'm OK with threads like these, but tbh I've never had the slightest urge to find some deeper meaning of music or interpret them. Nor do I understand why I should even try. Maybe I don't even have an iota of imagination to begin with. I just blast the shit out of stuff I like and if I'm cracy wild, maybe nod my head slightly. Not meaning to be a dick here so have your fun guys. Great if you can squeeze some extra juice from music in threads like these.
  7. One of the biggest strength of Rich's output is the wide spectrum that it covers. In that sense, there isn't really any point of comparing Classics to Saw II to Drukqs to Syro, since they all represent totally different styles from each other. I tend to listen to post syro stuff as much as his other works from earlier periods. OK, of course there are some dispersion between the eras. So, in that sense I guess I like most his earlier output all the way up to 1995. And imho Drukqs is the best piece of written music in history so that's a no-brainer. But then again, compared to stuff that people occasionally tend to regard as the pinnacle of his career, such as RDJ/CTD and even Analords, yeah I prefer Syro & co to them. Especially Syro and Cheetah have special place in my heart. But is it his best stuff? Damn, if I had to choose my top five from the actual releases (not counting the dump because the comparison would be totally unfair).... 1.Drukqs 2. SOSW 3. ICBYD 4. Classics 5.....can't decide, could be Syro, Cheetah, CW LP or Rushup Edge. All in all, from all those nearly 900 separate tracks I've got, very few are bad. Again, that wide spectrum, man. Someone likes one era and next dude the other. So, as tired as it sounds, to each their own. Simply pick your favorite. lol, dunno if any of that even made any sense.
  8. 2019: Rich doing bunch of live sets + puts out a few new tracks, Sean & Rob releasing hours worth of live sets + giving 2hr mixtape for free, Tom J raising some serious hype with vic acid.net and warp30 set.....Sandison bros re-releasing Ep from 1996. IDM
  9. Tip my hat for the super lush design. Some serious dedication to make such a cool bundle. Looking classy as fuk. Suits well the dope content.
  10. Thanks! Haven't noticed there's such a section.
  11. Hope so. Was little worried that those first three new choons were the only treats before some two year hiatus, so great to see he's adding more stuff. Really hope this will turn out to be the proactive fart before much anticipated dump.
  12. New track added btw Edit: I too wonder why the hell there isn't an option to download these separately
  13. they sound like DAT glitches... My original, "ripped from the radio" - files that have been floating around for ages, have the same glitches at the same place. So afaik, for the sake of authenticity, it's the same Pancake Lizard from Peel Sessions and not any cleaner recycled bit from donkey rhubarb. I don't know what to do with this. Slo Bird Whistle from the dump was in decent enough quality for me and I purchased the P-Sting from the Kraviz comp when it came out. And based on the bleep previews, Pancake Lizard doesn't even have the spoken part at the end, so basically it's just a dat glitched version of the original version. The flac/mp3 radio/tape rips of the original Peel sessions have their own feel to them and now that I'm thinking about it, they've actually seen surprisingly much of regular play. So maybe I'll just stick with those
  14. Thanks for the heads up. FInally some tunes. Couldn't help to notice that T05 tx16w marion MT***,e actually is.....
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