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  1. DL was a freebie if you bought Be Up A Hello from squarepusher bleepstores: https://squarepusher.net/ If you really haven't heard the mix yet, you can listen to it here (also on SC/YT etc...)
  2. Uros


    I dig Richie Jackson's vids. Talent with nice amount of tongue in cheek action and use of imagination
  3. spotify, LOL, I just use these (+ bandcamp/beatport/juno/bleepstores...) till the death of my soul. Also, white airpods aren't essential to my listening experience neither. Kids these days 🙄
  4. Also will have this track already released on L.I.E.S. 2020 promo comp: Limited cassette already out, few copies still available: https://liesrecords.com/products/ye-gods-dumah-cassette-lies-157 Vinyl and digitals will be on Bandcamp: https://liesrecords.bandcamp.com/music Have kept my eyes on this and really stoked this is about to hit BC soon. His earlier release on Panzerkreuz was solid. Even Rich approved and included a track from it to his Printworks set. Digitals here:
  5. ^ Continuing (seller accepted my offer so yeaaaaah!) MISSING CHANNEL TRACKS METHOD OF FORCE
  6. Uros

    The Tuss

    btw, was just goofing around with you, (in case my post came out as a bit cuntish). Yeah, much love for Mug Bass. Sadly, I have only 128 kbps version of it, dunno if it was ever available in higher bit rate, but really hope it will end up on some random eod archival release.....someday.
  7. ME: "How do you know?" J: "LOL, wanted to see more cute hamsters, LOL"
  8. https://archive.org/details/AphexTwinLukeVibert20020821BelgiumHasseltPukkelpop
  9. Haha, fookin' tight!!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Now here's a thread I'd kill to see happening: Squarepusher: Ufabulum †track by track written by SquarepusherWarp: Holy f***in' Shit, Methyl Orange LP really happening
  11. ^47 is dope. Carrier's Blue Nine is great. Worth to check out for everyone who went apeshit for the first AQXDM ep. Spotted it from one of Royal Subsonic Consortium mixes and also nabbed this from the most recent mixes (sweet build up):
  12. New JK Flesh stuff from Hospital Records are worth to check out.
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