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  1. Personally SP was a huge thing back in the day. Liked also GWOTR when it came out. Haven't really listened to them in ages. I somehow completely got fed up with Ogre's singing. Only release that sees some more or less regular play is B&F 3&4. Was my first introduction to SP. Great release. Also love McKean's artwork
  2. fwiw hasn't happened again after I've logged out and come to revisit watmm a couple times after. X worked for me too. Managed to press it while hysterically laughing at the blinking page. Some fancy Esc buttons are way over my expertise. Next level shit, not there yet.
  3. ^Just put your dames hiking together so you guys can chill on a sofa with a beer or two and watch the show live from a screen. Who knows, in the end you all may have new special others.
  4. I still got sucked to policy updates limbo. Evil.
  5. Let's all raise one for good old Fred Schneider and J3FF3R00 🍺
  6. Nothing surprising I guess: RDJ - Has done a good track or two Jodey Kendrick / EDM - ❤️ Godflesh - JKB + Benny's Bass + Alesis HR-16 Sparkwave - Cold minimal techno with Industrial twist. Wicked Steinvord - 11 songs that do matter Soundmurderer+SK-1 - j-j-j-j-jungle Odan - Love everything this guy has released Also big shout out to zvλd, beathaven, Heorge Garrison Beau Wanzer/Mutant Beat Dance, Hellboii and some Tom Jenkinson. Sigur Rós when I'm on the right mood.
  7. Cottage3E and Cottage4 Af 1 are the only ones I can think of. And of course Love7. Medievil Rave Mk2 [pre-plague mix] because of Midievil Raves? Doesn't really sound like anything on Analords though so maybe not. How many times must one buy the 'Lords? Didn't Rich say after the new Rephex launch and bonus tracks that he was done with the series? Have to wait and see...
  8. Would be wicked if this buzz around Rephlex climaxed on Rephlex Section update....Just saying
  9. These are sweet. Thanks for the heads up Latte man! Damn, how I dig that Rephlex green
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjWvZx1q_5k
  11. ^Isn't that simply Circlont6A slowed down by 42% (Or 0,58Xspeed). Duh, maybe I didn't fully get what you're after, but if you want that on HQ and normal speed just play your Circlont6A from Syro. I dunno.
  12. Did anyone manage to grab this: Also, happy B-Day J-man!
  13. AFX 2 is huge. Also love Entrance To Exit although that one seems not to be loved by most people. Never really liked AB (the track) tbh. But those three other songs are great. There was some lovely hush hush act around. People tried to say as little as possible so everyone could give a peep to the account. But hey, public forum and all so didn't take too long to get it shut.
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