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  1. Thanks- grabbed one of the codes- really enjoying this. I've been wanting to check out your Castles in Space album as I'm working my way through the back catalogue.
  2. Anyone grabbed this?... I know it's been said before but I wish he'd give us more than a minute to sample an ambient album... Really enjoying 'How to get to spring'... but just don't have the funds to pick up all his ambient releases...
  3. There's another new PCA track on this comp that came out a few weeks ago. Fits in nicely with the weekly Bandcamp tracks he's been putting out. https://lapsus.bandcamp.com/track/pye-corner-audio-i-follow-you
  4. Yeah im enjoying the (mini) album, though still not really sure about S.O.S., kinda sticks out a bit and ruins the flow for me... The Bleep bonus track (Sentinal - Process Hate - Hope) is interesting. 9 minutes long- sort of a 3 part drone/sound design piece... bit more melodic in the last third, if your gonna get the album worth grabbing from Bleep for the bonus imo.
  5. A bit late to this one, but yes it’s an absolutely fantastic album. I never really warmed to the first Hardy Tree album, but this one seems leaps and bounds ahead. Gave it a listen on spotify, and then bought the download straight away after. Very melodic and atmospheric, and making a nice double bill with the new Jon Brooks Applied Music album on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
  6. For what it’s worth I’m enjoying this a lot more than Jon’s last few more ambient releases. Dare I say it’s very much like early Advisory Circle/ early Ghost Box. If you enjoyed Applied Music Vol 1 then I think you’d like this. Also the track that’s now up on his BandCamp page is a mix of a few of the tracks on the album- only noticed as you get this ‘megamix’ as track 12 when you download the whole thing and I mistakenly chucked it onto the album. Also individual art for all the tracks as well. All in all I’m very much enjoying this, and looking forward to what the actual new Advisory Circle album brings when Ghost Box release it.
  7. Just downloaded the 'continuous experience' bonus track... it's literally one track of the whole album stuck together. I thought it might be mixed together a bit perhaps... but no the tracks flow in the same order with silences in between... bit pointless really... Still a great album though.
  8. Yeah... not on ninja tune this time... hope there's a cheaper way to get this in the UK...
  9. Great video for Anvil! Also a couple of good new Lorn tracks on this game soundtrack (Furi)- https://boomkat.com/products/furi-original-game-soundtrack And another new track on this comp- https://boomkat.com/products/timetable-vol-1
  10. It doesn't seem so, I got the CD and vinyl last Wednesday, I think it was. Great album by the way, on first listen it feels like the perfect sequel to Sleep Games. Oh cool, ordered mine from Norman this time as I had some points to use. Guess it was just delayed shipping to some stores. Hopefully be here soon. Glad to hear positive thoughts on it. Have yet to be disappointed in any of Martin Jenkins various releases.
  11. Bah looks like the CD version is delayed... Wouldn't mind so much but they announced this 3 months ago! Oh well still looking forward to this very much after a bit of disappointment with the last couple of Ghost Box releases.
  12. There's a great podcast up on the Radio Cineola site from the 30th anniversary of Soul Mining interview DJ Food did with Matt. Dunno if you've heard it but well worth a listen. He mentions at the end that he's recently began baking all the old tapes with a view to restoring and releasing 'pornography of despair' etc... Mind you as with everything Matt says has to be taken with a pinch of salt as to whether it really will see the light of day this time! http://www.thethe.com/shop/radio-cineola.html
  13. Cool- Norman have emailed back and gonna post the bonus disc out to me tomorrow.
  14. Good album- really enjoying this. I'll be interested to hear if you manage to get the bonus disc. It's got 4 tracks on (both vinyl versions come with it) - supposed to be exclusive to cargo collective stores from what I could see online. My pre-order turned up from Norman Records on Saturday with no sign of the bonus CD :( Waiting to hear back from them about it (was advertised as coming with the bonus disc)
  15. Really enjoying this so far- also I thought Bleep didn't let you download individual tracks in flac/WAV - BUT just picked up the bleep bonus track in WAV to add on the end.
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