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  1. Loving this new EP from Retape! Lush af... https://retape.bandcamp.com/album/home-moves-ep
  2. Ah, which set? Big tune, hope it gets released some day...
  3. Anybody know where to find this? I am guessing it's this guy (sounds like him): But I don't see a "12 november" anywhere. Unreleased?
  4. Great to hear the set in its entirety! There's nothing quite like Ceephax's live mixes. So many wicked acid bangers in there, the tune coming in around ~1:01:00 is especially lush. Unreleased I'm guessing?
  5. Yeah, this was top notch. Here's to hoping that a recording will surface...
  6. Yes, Ceephax aciiid. Sounds wicked!
  7. Gotta admit, I am pretty proud of my warning point (just wish it said wiener instead of boner): Warning issued by Squee December 30, 2016 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member Please don't post photos of Anthony Wiener's boner.
  8. Yeah, I was surprised by the lack of response this got. Granted, I understand it is not everybody's cup of tea, but the sound design is impressive at the very least.
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