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  1. Really timeless EP, love coming back to it. Unfortunately, these days I have to rely on YouTube to listen to the songs, since the original download link is down. Does anybody have a copy that they could share? The label seems defunct...
  2. Can't get over these finishing tracks, what a sick selection...
  3. Tim Reaper killed it at Hospitality Beach Party:
  4. Haha, yeah this was pretty great, thanks for sharing! Loved the Eric Wareheim bit in there...
  5. Woooa, this is really shaping up to be the remix album to rule them all...
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed Bailey's "Virus Stories session" here (first set), wicked old-school tunes:
  7. God bless ballacid, his channel is amazing. Nice compilation, too. Happy birthday!
  8. Surely this is the appropriate Mr Burns to post here:
  9. Went on a bit of a drumfunk binge after the discussion in the 'dgoHn' thread and came across these gems:
  10. dgoHn is in a class of his own, but if you're itching for more drumfunk, I'd start with labels like Subtle Audio or Pinecone Moonshine...
  11. At the risk of turning this into a "Jasss Remixes"-thread, here's another recent one: Really digging all of her remixes lately.
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