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  1. Lovely! World needs more Brothomstates...
  2. More high-caliber (pun intended) remixes incoming: Both remix EPs (so far): https://lnk.to/KrustRemixes1 https://lnk.to/KrustRemixes2 Although personally, the originals are what I keep coming back to. It's not a record for everyone, that's for sure, but I'm still very much enjoying it.
  3. Virus* Recordings embracing our socially distanced existence, striking the perfect balance between club visuals and dank memes. *) Coincidence? Yes, coincidence...
  4. Sorry for being late to this, but White Lion finally got a release (on WTFLOL)? Hell yeah!
  5. Nice to see this getting a good reception around here. I was hesitant to post it at first, since you don't see a whole lot of DnB being discussed (although I know there are some junglists around, big up!). But this album definitely felt special, so it seemed worth sharing. Looks like it'll be getting some interesting remixes too: https://crosstownrebels.bandcamp.com/album/teoe-remixes-1
  6. Yeah, I am starting to think that I may have done it a disservice by calling it DnB. It is more like Amon Tobin style IDM with some DnB elements. Some great sound design and dark Sci-Fi atmosphere.
  7. Really enjoying Krust's new album. One for the DnB heads around here. Some heavy tunes on there, next-level stuff if you ask me... Out here: https://ffm.to/krustctr
  8. Really timeless EP, love coming back to it. Unfortunately, these days I have to rely on YouTube to listen to the songs, since the original download link is down. Does anybody have a copy that they could share? The label seems defunct...
  9. Can't get over these finishing tracks, what a sick selection...
  10. Tim Reaper killed it at Hospitality Beach Party:
  11. Haha, yeah this was pretty great, thanks for sharing! Loved the Eric Wareheim bit in there...
  12. Woooa, this is really shaping up to be the remix album to rule them all...
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