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  1. Getting "Do You Know Squarepusher?" vibes combined with Ufabulum/Be Up A Hello from this. Nice mix of old school Squarepusher and new, love it!
  2. This was probably already posted somewhere around here, but it's so good I'll risk the repost: If you ask me, that's a pretty banging way to have your death announced...
  3. Man I am so bummed that I missed this live, and now Youtube took down day 1. I know the individual sets are being uploaded, but I would have loved the full stream. Oh well, at least day 2 is still up and it's incredible!
  4. I agree (I suppose "Opposites" would be the most jungle-ish out of the bunch), but I saw some Dom & Roland tunes being shared and I couldn't help but join in. The line has been blurred in this thread before, but I am all in favour for directing some attention to our dedicated DnB thread.
  5. On second thought, I think this offset works a bit better overall: http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/607354a1b107a-tiny-desk-police-chase.php The two videos somehow started playing simultaneously on the previous page, and it lined up so well that it took a while for me to realize that I had two videos playing. Tricky to replicate in Youtube Multiplier, since you can only specify the offset in seconds, but I think it's close enough...
  6. http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/6073490bce60a-tiny-desk-police-chase.php
  7. This guy has been going strong lately. Considered his act as a funny meme at first, but I have to admit, I am warming up to it. His set of RinseFM was pretty dope: There have been some random celebrity appearances on his channel: Overall, the content is good lighthearted fun and I admire his dedication to the shtick...
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