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  1. Yeah, I was surprised by the lack of response this got. Granted, I understand it is not everybody's cup of tea, but the sound design is impressive at the very least.
  2. This is excellent, very welcome additions to the amazing original. Timeless tracks, sounding fresh as ever!
  3. Nice! But what I really want to see the commercial that came afterwards...
  4. I thought this was going to be a lush IDM music release, Man Climbs Mountain EP by mysterious artist Ted Talk...
  5. We've had lots of people asking us about this. I had some new ideas for tracks floating around, but I think it may be best if we treat this as a single-use product and/or art piece. I think anything we would attempt to follow this up with would just sound contrived. Who knows though, maybe one day we'll change our mind. The production of this EP and the ensuing live show/video experience nearly fkn killed me though lol, it was easily the most intense musical project I've ever worked on. It is evident that you really put your heart into this project. You don't see that many music releases accompanied by an original, funny, subversive narrative and aesthetic to the extent that yours did. Big respect, it came out amazing, I will be eagerly awaiting your next creative output, whichever form it may take!
  6. Nobody posted this yet? Came across it on Penryn Space Agency #45. Big tunes... [bandcamp album=1316372148 track=1941910143] https://silkroadassassins.bandcamp.com/album/state-of-ruin
  7. My body is ready for more Teledildonix! (Bumping thread because I recently went back to this and it is still dope...)
  8. Hard to believe it is two years later and his music still keeps coming...
  9. This does in fact produce pleasant acoustic waves.
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