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  1. Ah, which set? Big tune, hope it gets released some day...
  2. Anybody know where to find this? I am guessing it's this guy (sounds like him): But I don't see a "12 november" anywhere. Unreleased?
  3. Great to hear the set in its entirety! There's nothing quite like Ceephax's live mixes. So many wicked acid bangers in there, the tune coming in around ~1:01:00 is especially lush. Unreleased I'm guessing?
  4. Yeah, this was top notch. Here's to hoping that a recording will surface...
  5. Yes, Ceephax aciiid. Sounds wicked!
  6. Gotta admit, I am pretty proud of my warning point (just wish it said wiener instead of boner): Warning issued by Squee December 30, 2016 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member Please don't post photos of Anthony Wiener's boner.
  7. Yeah, I was surprised by the lack of response this got. Granted, I understand it is not everybody's cup of tea, but the sound design is impressive at the very least.
  8. This is excellent, very welcome additions to the amazing original. Timeless tracks, sounding fresh as ever!
  9. Nice! But what I really want to see the commercial that came afterwards...
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