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  1. Drunk was amazing. This song is alright, but I'm looking forward to the full album.
  2. Genuinely great tracks on here. The show was fine(it went off the rails in the last 2 episodes, imo), but the soundtrack is A level post-90s Reznor.
  3. God damn it, what a shit show. I pre-paid for my order, but emailed Norman to see if they can still cancel.
  4. Slo Bird is a genuinely lovely track. It's got a really summer vibe for me. I think I heard this(and a bunch of other stuff) for the first time on that old 'Selected AFX Loops' page on Hyperreal. Amazingly, that page is still up: http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/afx/ I went to the public library and recorded each loop I didn't have onto a tape and listened to them on repeat for a long time. I think this was just a bit before I discovered mp3s in college. I also used to trade mp3 CDs on rec.music.ambient before broadband was a thing.
  5. SF tickets keep crapping out on me. Sooner or later I guess.
  6. My copy just arrived. There's some weird noise bursts on the left channel of Pancake Lizard at around 2:20 and 2:35. I checked my digitals after playing the vinyl, and it's there too. Oddly enough, the copy on Donkey Rhubarb seems clean. I'm guessing the copy submitted to Peel back in the day was a slightly different copy?
  7. So the Lifeforms re-issue came and went, but it seemed like this never happened?
  8. I really enjoyed that snippet. It does seem like there may be some more ambient works on the way!
  9. These new tracks have some giant "Wall of Sound" production going on. I'm pretty stoked for this new album.
  10. This is a beautiful record. TBH I don't think I've heard much yet that I recognize. I think that speaks more to me not knowing enough about bw than anything, but good grief is this thing lush. Edit: Ah, well there's one. Melodie d'Aout - Extended.
  11. One of those records where I buy first then listen to samples.
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