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  1. That FM bell midway is lovely. Solid track through and through.
  2. You've been on a roll. This is another favorite of mine.
  3. Shipping to the US continues to be murder, but it's about what I would have been willing to pay for a 25 year old copy on discogs, and it's orange. That shirt would have made an excellent tool for social distancing, but I passed anyway. Edit: Yea it's remastered. Don't listen to me. Double-edit: They did a great job with the remaster, from what I can tell on the freebie pre-release track.
  4. I don't think I have any Squarepusher vinyl from before...2015 or so. Provided this has vinyl involved, they'll be getting a fair bit of money from me.
  5. A remaster of FMWT would be my guess. I'd snap that up in less than a second.
  6. Have you tried J-Bridge? I think it's old enough to be a 32 bit plug. I definitely have it running on 10, but haven't loaded it up yet on Live 11. I'll double-check tho.
  7. Check out Chimera. It's an old windows based Vsti that uses white noise and resonance to make really interesting pad sounds(among other things): http://www.majken.se/index.php?Page=chimera.asp
  8. Good stuff. A little more laid back this time. The beat had a good groove to it as well, imo.
  9. Agreed on the cylob comparison. It's got a chunky Rephlex feel that I've found to be really hard to chase.
  10. Really enjoyed this. Not that I dislike more drone-y ambient, but I really enjoy glassy sounding stuff like this, and I don't feel like there's enough of it.
  11. I've been doing the same thing. For me, making a track is a little like walking around in a zoo. If you spend too much time in it, the smell disappears. This works both ways, though, so I guess it's also like working in a....good smell factory. At least I'm not a writer.
  12. Finished up one of those WIP posted a while back:
  13. Yea, absolutely. I pulled up the file, and the FM part of that was run through a stock compressor, and then that new 'hybrid' reverb in Ableton 11. I have my templates set up with sends to a Valhalla vintage and a cross delay, and in this track there's one or two places where I shoot the signal out to those for a brief reverb/delay 'sting'. It looks like that only happens twice, so I'd say the Hybrid is doing the heavy lifting. I also think part of it comes from the hollow sound that FM can do. It plays really well with all kinds of reverb imo. 🙂
  14. This has a really thick groove, and it offsets the glassy pad really well. I think I'm listening to the newer version, as the bass seems pretty under control.
  15. Excellent melodies, as always. The production on this one sounds nicer to my ears as well. It's got a 3 dimensional quality.
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