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  1. Heads up for anyone who pre-ordered the LSD vinyl remaster via Wax Trax. They sent an email notifying of more delays, but are providing bandcamp digital codes to anyone who pre-ordered. You gotta email them to get it. The remaster sounds extremely nice, and is a clear improvement over the original imo.
  2. BaggerMcGuirk


    Yea, I loved that one. I'm seeing Dune either way, based on the strength of the other movies of his I've seen(and the book is great). In fact, I went back and watched the trailer for his Blade Runner, and while it still had some trailer bullshit, it seemed more straightforward. I suppose Dune is a big enough that they need to try to appeal as broadly as possible, but yea, trailers these days... I didn't know about the series, though. It looks interesting. That seems to be maybe becoming a new trend with big movies lately. I wonder how that will pan out.
  3. BaggerMcGuirk


    These days, I feel like I have to try and see through all the bullshit trailer-isms to figure out if the movie will be good, and that it seems to be getting worse. In a perfect world, they would just release a 3-4 minute unedited clip of the movie, and let people make up their own mind to see it. There may very well be a good movie under all that garbage editing/voiceover, but this trailer doesn't do the movie any favors at all.
  4. Really like the sound design on that. Crunchy 'Chiastic Slide' feelings for me.
  5. Liked that one. It may be worth adding some high end. The low passed drums sound lo-fi, but I feel like some crunch could be added.
  6. My first hardware synth was a DSI Mopho desktop, which I sold to pick up a Doepfer Dark Energy. I regretted selling it at the time, but all is well, because I wound up getting the keyboard version a few years later. Now I have a closet full of orphan gear that I'll probably never use again.
  7. Strange. Mine sound OK at those places(double-checked with headphones). Got them directly from Bleep, as well.
  8. I just picked up an FX Aid XL from Happy Nerding. I didn't have much interest in it until I saw some comparison videos with the Strymon Big Sky, which I was saving up for as a 'someday' reverb: I'm still playing with this thing, but it sounds fantastic. Highly recommended.
  9. Solid remaster. Definitely louder than the original, but also sounds cleaner. The sub is nice an rumbly as well. The original album is very upper-mid heavy, and this doesn't mess with that. Great excuse to revisit this, and I'm looking forward to my vinyl.
  10. I really liked this. The DSP on the vocals was just subtle enough to not take attention away from the ambient stuff.
  11. Really enjoying this so far. The new mixes of Capsule and Fossil are pretty great, as well.
  12. Ordered the fancy white vinyl. I have these on digital, but haven't listened to them as much as I'd like.
  13. Another WIP. I feel like I may add a break or something to try and give it a little more forward momentum, if that makes sense:
  14. 3 tracks on here I enjoyed on the first listen(Slade Treacher, Blauwasser, and Strawberry Aero). I'm also in the boat that most of these didn't grab me right away, but I'm ancient, and hardly anything totally grabs me right away anymore.
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