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  1. Yeah the afx sample part broke my brain a little bit.
  2. You know, I'm going to buck the trend here in this thread and say that this EP is amazing.
  3. I first discovered Aphex via the NIN 'remix' in 95, so this was my very first purchase a week or two later. It was October-ish, and I'll always associate this record with dropping temperatures and warm drinks. My favorite album changes all the time, but best album opener ever seems to be a lock. Also agree about the best artwork of all time. It strikes an absolutely perfect balance of warm and unnerving. His expression is perfect for what you're about to hear, and I always get excited just seeing the art.
  4. The pads on new beginnings are A+. The bassline is nice as well, but I'd be curious to hear your TD3 on that track.
  5. That lead has a lovely 303 sound. Is that hardware?
  6. Knock Hazily has some really nice break/DSP work!
  7. 100 percent did the same thing. It's also really good regardless!
  8. This one is pre-pandemic, but it's better than I remember it.
  9. Cyberpunk tropical. Really enjoying this.
  10. That 707 is fine as hell. You've also gotten me interested in beatmaker 3. Good stuff!
  11. Listened in studio and on my home system. No problems with the bass levels from what I can hear. I'd be interested to hear a mix with a lower bass line(potentially sidechained with the kick).
  12. First track with the new monitors. They're really quite nice.
  13. Thanks for taking a listen. Funny enough this is the last track on my old monitoring setup, so I'll play it again on my new speakers to listen for the (lack of) kick.
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