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  1. Curious about this as well. I've had an MPC 2500 for a few years, but getting it to play nice with Ableton is a chore. The price tag is pretty high, so I'm still holding off for now.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/tramic I'm also going to go back through this thread and browse a bunch of stuff and follow via soundcloud. I'm still a little bummed that they got rid of groups. The WATMM group was really handy back in the day.
  3. Shout out to the poster that turned me onto the vinyl master. It's not that the digital master is bad, but the vinyl master is noticeably better.
  4. Keep hearing Cylob mentioned. Last I heard, there was some(or a lot of) bad blood there. I hope they at least patch things up, whatever went down.
  5. Well this is cool. Wasn't he supposedly collaborating with a DnB producer at some point recently? Eh, AFX is AFX.
  6. First piece reminds me more of Orbus Terrarum than BOC, in a really good way. Very spacious. The second song was pretty nice as well, but I prefer the first one for sure.
  7. Growing Flow sounds like Thundercat IDM. Really liked it. 🙂
  8. I've had some additional time on my hands lately, so I wanted to challenge myself to finish a track a week. I'm 4 weeks in now, so it sounds like a good time to share some to help keep me motivated. I'll post additional tracks here for as long as I keep this up. For now, here are the latest weekly shares: Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4:
  9. Totally worth making public. Lots of people tend to write off more chilled out tracks. While it's true that they don't tend to get as much 'play' from people at large, I'm always in.
  10. FM synths with lots of reverb? Yup, I can definitely hear the μ-ziq influence.
  11. Really enjoyed this. The breaks in particular sit really well in the track.
  12. I only just got to the bonus EP. These are amazing.
  13. Just picked this up as well. Sadly it hasn't really grabbed me yet, but I have a feeling it will after a few more listens.
  14. I really enjoyed this. The first half reminded me a lot of "The Pearl", and while I agree that I wasn't expecting the distortion on the second half, it was also very well done and menacing.
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