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  1. Jesus, the quality on that AB3 track. I'll wait until the stars burn out in the sky to get more of those.
  2. This is a lovely record. My favorite thing they've done since EP7, maybe.
  3. This bit reminds me of the Orb's third album.
  4. I really hope we get FLACs today. I really want to give these a go on my nice headphones.
  5. Wow this is really amazing. Lush indeed.
  6. Between these and the new Wagon Christ, Luke seems to be the one person who is actually super productive during lockdown.
  7. Got my vinyl box set also. Everything looks great, but I haven't had the time to play them yet. I'm pretty bummed about the lack of digitals, and am not super keen to re-buy this on CD to rip copies. I guess I have some soul searching to do.
  8. Ok that explains a whole lot. I'll just sit here and enjoy it this time, given how much I have to import stuff from the UK.
  9. Tally Ho is the best, and I absolutely love the "Studio Sessions" as well. Throbbing Pouch has production that seems way ahead of the time it was released. I actually haven't checked "Sorry I Make You Lush", but I'm going in now.
  10. Ha. Seeing the title of the preview song on Bandcamp had me expecting that Negativland sample. So there's that warning about the cost of shipping to the US, but it only looks to be $5. Am I missing something?
  11. This is probably more of an EKT thing, but this loop pack from Ed(Opal Beats) is available, but apparently not for long. It's pretty great and features sleigh bells: https://dmx-krew.bandcamp.com/
  12. These previews... This might be my favorite since Tally Ho.
  13. This is great to see. Previews of the new stuff (and a bunch of other recent uploads) on ye olde SoundCloud: Edit: Oh shit. A proper release of "A Rubicon Fantasy". One of my favorite Cylob tracks ever.
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