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  1. Well, that's kind of a relief I guess. I'll post here when I get mine.
  2. So has anyone(particularly in the US) who ordered received their vinyl yet? I got an email that they were going out in the mail over Christmas weekend, and now I'm starting to wonder...
  3. Technically came out in 2020: This whole album was one of my favorites, as well:
  4. That one's new on me. Although now I have something to figure out this afternoon.
  5. Grabbed it. Good grief I'm looking forward to the cost of shipping to the US going down. I have to pick my battles here.
  6. If you select multiple clips(with Ctrl or Shift), the editing window on the bottom should show both sets of MIDI notes overlapped. If one clip is a few octaves above another, you may not see both sets right away, but if you hit 'fold' in the upper left of the editing window, it should show you all the notes from both clips. You can swap between clips either by clicking one of the gray notes, or by clicking the corresponding bar at the top of the editing window.
  7. The educational discount is pretty substantial if you can find someone to help you out. Regardless, I think the basic Live will give you enough info on workflow. All the Suite stuff can be safely Youtube'd IMO.
  8. Very nice to see the comping and note probability. I can hope they did something with MIDI sync, but my understanding is the problem is with Windows, so I'm not holding my breath.
  9. What was the track that just played with MF DOOM?
  10. The first half has some excellent stuff on it. I need to give the latter half another go, but overall it's really good. Not my favorite Slaz, but I'm very happy with it.
  11. This is very good. It feels like a mix of Lunatic Harness and Makesaracket.
  12. PLUS is really nice, though I have to admit that I'm more into SIGN. Both need more listens.
  13. Well, it was worth a try... As near as I can tell, they don't sync up.
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