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  1. These new tracks have some giant "Wall of Sound" production going on. I'm pretty stoked for this new album.
  2. This is a beautiful record. TBH I don't think I've heard much yet that I recognize. I think that speaks more to me not knowing enough about bw than anything, but good grief is this thing lush. Edit: Ah, well there's one. Melodie d'Aout - Extended.
  3. One of those records where I buy first then listen to samples.
  4. Fucking Brace Yourself Jason. 10/10
  5. I have such a massive weakness for Minimal Wave/Italo stuff, so this is completely my shit. I said it before, but I also really like the clean sound.
  6. Good shit. Reminds me of Actress. Also "At The Heart of It All".
  7. Pretty happy with this one. I thought about adding more to it(like a lead or something), but I kind of like that you can hear the Clouds module in the background.
  8. Didn't catch that thread I guess. Thanks!
  9. I guess I'll have to check out some Paradox. Where's a good place to start?
  10. RIP Rephlex. Probably the most honest record label I've followed. For better or worse, haha.
  11. Skee Mask mix slaps. Reminds me of when Photek was still good.
  12. Really enjoyed this. It feels like Amber-era AE mixed with Tycho pads. The bass doesn't seem to go all that low, aside from the kick. Not looking for booty bass or anything, but it seemed a little light to my ears.
  13. Solid track. I really liked the acoustic sounding drums. I feel like you could use this setup to make a really good ambient track as well.
  14. It's really interesting to hear krautrock that isn't steeped in tape saturation or otherwise aged. I really enjoyed this. Very hypnotic.
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