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  1. Finished Metroid Dread, and wound up getting 100 percent of the items. It's pretty great, and probably my 3rd favorite Metroid after Super and Prime 1. The controls and movement were excellent, although it took time to get used to all the buttons and powers. Boss fights felt impossible at points, but after awhile the patterns felt do-able.
  2. Picked this up on this recommendation, and the expanded stuff is fantastic.
  3. Shipping cost more than the record itself, but I'm not passing this one up.
  4. Huh, I had just picked up a TX81Z, and wasn't aware of that feature. That's pretty cool.
  5. I remember from the Autechre AMA that they couldn't say anything due to NDAs. My guess is they were to provide an OST and Nintendo stepped in and went another direction, but that's pure speculation. Maybe they did some sound effects as well? So far Metroid Dread is definitely a Metroid game. Although my favorite Metroid game in recent memory is almost certainly Returnal.
  6. Finished up DeathLoop, then went back and did some of the secret quests and stuff. Solid game, but you become overpowered very quickly, and the loot sort of becomes meaningless. Lost Judgement is pretty great so far, if you like Yakuza games. That being said, I think the only other type of games where people put up with this much content recycling is sports titles.
  7. Same boat. Went from mild interest to looking forward to playing it tonight.
  8. I had no idea Returnal would be my game of the year, but so far that's the case. I ran out of stuff to do in that game(that didn't involve like a million hours of grinding), and I'd be all about any DLC if they announced it.
  9. I love fucking with delays in real time. That drum machine packs a punch, as well. Good stuff.
  10. I want to say around 25 or so, and I just hit 110 runs total. The darkness upgrades and keepsakes help quite a bit. As for powers, I found a lot of success with Athena's 'Divine Dash', which makes you invincible and reflect projectiles while you're dashing. The gameplay itself is really addicting for me, but the game really distinguishes itself in the way it handles storytelling. All these runs later, and I'm still unlocking little plotlines. It makes me wish something like Destiny 2 could handle narrative that way. It keeps the game really interesting for me.
  11. Picked up Hades again: Finished a 20 heat run, but the additional challenge conditions make the game too stressful to continue. Moved on to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I'm not typically into adventure games or visual novels, but the Phoenix Wright games really click with me, and this is more of that, so I'm enjoying them.
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