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  1. This is such a beautiful record. I'll pick up the vinyl, and I'm glad to hear it won't be limited. I never got around to opening my copy of Forward Escape, and seeing what it's going for on discogs, I don't know that I ever will.
  2. Rammstein is like an old coat for me. They haven't changed anything, but I find each new album to be a welcome listen.
  3. That was fantastic. I hope we get a proper release in the near future.
  4. They could have done this show without White Walkers/Night King, and it probably would have been better.
  5. This legit made my weekend more than when the dragons killed Thanos or something.
  6. Just released today, and unsurprisingly it's pretty fucking stellar. https://eodtracks.bandcamp.com/album/more-obscure-research
  7. What’s so bad about that? Yeah, I get you. This board will inevitably turn to this kind of talk between releases. At least we're not waiting like a decade anymore.
  8. Smells like wishful thinking in here.
  9. This started as my 'starred' playlist in 2011, and I've been adding stuff to it ever since. It's up to 1627 tracks atm. https://open.spotify.com/user/baggermcguirk/playlist/2OHamM4bi3ysF8JtSko5Mj?si=qKpiMOvpRi6gHwmekWOobA
  10. Unbelievable how good the quality of audience recording is getting these days.
  11. If ever there were a time for another unannounced soundcloud dump.
  12. Excellent. I really love this record.
  13. If someone can grab me a size M collapse style shirt, I'd pay em back plus some. They would also officially be my friend.
  14. I must have missed this the first time. I really liked it! Also track 2 sounds like Collapse at 1:15 ish. RDJ stealing 15 year old tracks, smh.
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