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  1. Woah, great score. I would leap at that if I found one at that price.
  2. Not really all that well. The trade off for all those virtual pedals is that you have 3 physical knobs that can be used for three virtual ones and, as near as I can tell, you can't custom assign the physical knobs to the virtual ones.
  3. One of my favorite recent pedal purchases was the Zoom MS50G. It's like a mini NI Guitar Rig in a pedal, in that you can chain various DSP virtual pedal effects together and save patches. The one I have is mono in/stereo out, but there's also a stereo/stereo one as well, and I may upgrade soon. The effects by and large sound really good as well, imo.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I got a similar note on one of my acid tracks, and I think I need to maybe pump the breaks a bit on the variation overall.
  5. I used to chat with him on AOL back in the 90s, haha. I'll for sure grab this.
  6. A little acid jam on the MPC to get back in the swing of things.
  7. It's a really excellent mix. I'm finding all kinds of stuff I've not heard before, but love anyway. Also, I'm a little confused. The demo version of 7:39 was found after all? Or did they just go about trying to re-create what they lost, and that's what's coming with the box set?
  8. Bought all 3 Wave Funk. I think I may have bought these back when Rephlex did digitals(checked my old emails, but they don't show which releases I bought), but that was like a decade ago and now there's extra tracks so why not.
  9. Not to derail, but can someone give me a good place to find some Digi-Dub examples? I found one on Bandcamp, but figured y'all are more laser focused than Google. Apologies if there's a thread here specifically about that, but it sounds really interesting.
  10. Another one. One of my favorites along with Ffressshh! https://dmxkrew.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-dmx
  11. Ed is uploading expanded versions of the old Rephlex albums with additional tracks and remixes. 3 so far, with apparently more to come. https://dmxkrew.bandcamp.com/
  12. Chiastic Slide sounding like blocks of stone compared to LP5 sounding more liquid is a perfect description of those two records. Really cool article.
  13. Regarding shipping, this is the most apples-to-apples comparison I could make. I recently purchased the most recent EOD EP from Redeye, so I took my receipt and compared to shipping from Bleep: Redeye 1 x EOD - Zone, A1. From the 1st Sound Shipping = GBP 2.81 ($3.58) Bleep EOD - Zone Vinyl (EP) $7.41 Standard Mail (Not Tracked) $21.89 Courier (Tracked) I didn't want to pull up more examples to make a point on the internet, but I've found that Redeye has consistently cheaper shipping than Bleep, and my understanding is that they're both based in the UK. I tried pulling up an analogous box set from Redeye, but couldn't find anything comparable to the Global Communication release. I did buy the set, so obviously I don't have that much of an issue with it, and agree that tracked is probably a necessity for this kind of purchase, but I do think that Bleep is more expensive in general.
  14. I kind of held my nose to pre-order this, because I genuinely don't understand how it costs $35 to ship, but I really only buy on vinyl for all time classics or smaller artists that need the dough, so that's how I rationalized it.
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