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  1. Anyone know if there was an update on these? Release date on the Bandcamp page says July 2022...
  2. I thought this wasn't until April. I suppose that's just the vinyl campaign. Pleasant surprise.
  3. Cro Magnox vibes on this one. I'm into it. It'll be a long wait until April. ?
  4. Anyone who ordered this in the US get their copy yet? I'm starting to think mine may not show up... Edit: nevermind. I just got it like an hour after I posted this, lol.
  5. Finished the Last of Us remake. After having just replayed AC: Black Flag, which also came out in 2013, it's impressive how much a game can be polished without changing the basic bones of the thing. Game holds up still.
  6. This is pretty interesting, but yeah, I'd say it's for diehards of Substrata only. Some of the tracks get a bit of jazzy hi-hats, but these are just different mixes of the same tracks.
  7. BaggerMcGuirk

    afx nft

    Am I reading this right that it last sold for like $180? https://etherscan.io/nft/0x3B3ee1931Dc30C1957379FAc9aba94D1C48a5405/7180 lol
  8. I just finished a replay of the Titanfall 2 campaign, and it holds up really well imo. The older I get, the more I kind of resent busy work in games, and this one is in and out in 5 hours with no filler. It plays like a dream as well.
  9. IMO 3 is the best one, followed by 2. In the X series, 1 and 2 are the best, so you're good just starting from the top there. While not in these collections, we just replayed Megaman Legends 1 and 2, and those(especially 1) held up really well.
  10. A proper release of those 'studio sessions' tracks would be sublime. Probably really unlikely with the samples in them.
  11. Bringing this with me to a weekend away. So far Return from the Void is the standout for me. ?
  12. Samples sound lovely. Nabbed it. Thanks!
  13. I used to find new videos from late night MTV shit like 120 minutes, and only recently did I realize I don't have a go-to place for stuff like that. I know I can just google 'good music videos' or something, but that mostly yields bullshit. This thread at least has some decent curation, so let's keep it going.
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