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  1. Samples sound lovely. Nabbed it. Thanks!
  2. I used to find new videos from late night MTV shit like 120 minutes, and only recently did I realize I don't have a go-to place for stuff like that. I know I can just google 'good music videos' or something, but that mostly yields bullshit. This thread at least has some decent curation, so let's keep it going.
  3. Feelings on a Screen was the first Bochum Welt I’d heard. I bought it because of the weirdly shaped mini CD, but it’s one of my favorite EPs ever I think. Pretty disappointed that this isn’t a straight reissue. What a weird choice.
  4. I was able to get $25 shipping to the US from the bandcamp. I was never not going to buy this, but god damn am I ready for some reasonable international shipping rates.
  5. Grabbed the vinyl on bandcamp based on that writeup. Shipping seemed a little cheaper to the US this time around. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
  6. Remix EP. Some heavy hitters here. https://mikeparadinas.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye-remixes
  7. Giddy All Over and Rave Whistle are pretty dope.
  8. It's a pretty great little device. I played around with it, and it seems to work really well even with hardware.
  9. Yea, and a few unreleased tracks if I remember correctly. Looking forward to that.
  10. Same here. To be fair, my frames are pretty thick, so that probably has a lot to do with it, but the headset smashes them onto my face and it gets pretty uncomfortable quickly. I actually went ahead and got a new cheap pair from an online glasses shop with the intention of disassembling them and creating inserts for the OQ2 with a 3D printer. I love flicking ammo into my hand and dropping it over my shoulder. Virtual badass on the prowl.
  11. Finally jumped on board the VR train as well. Half Life Alyx is pretty nice, although it also caused me to put on contact lenses for the first time in years. Glasses plus VR is a tough nut.
  12. Finished 'Death's Door'. It does a lot of things really well, and wears it's influences on it's sleeve(Zelda, Ghibli, Dark Souls, etc.), but it's not quite a Zelda level experience. Also that shit needed an easy mode. I'm too old for cheap-shit bosses, and even after I beat it, what I felt was more a relief from annoyance than a sense of accomplishment.
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