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  1. This one is pre-pandemic, but it's better than I remember it.
  2. Cyberpunk tropical. Really enjoying this.
  3. That 707 is fine as hell. You've also gotten me interested in beatmaker 3. Good stuff!
  4. Listened in studio and on my home system. No problems with the bass levels from what I can hear. I'd be interested to hear a mix with a lower bass line(potentially sidechained with the kick).
  5. First track with the new monitors. They're really quite nice.
  6. Thanks for taking a listen. Funny enough this is the last track on my old monitoring setup, so I'll play it again on my new speakers to listen for the (lack of) kick.
  7. Going all in on Ceephax, EOD and Colundi. Edit: Bandcamp chugging atm. I'll take that as a good sign.
  8. Putting that social distancing to work.
  9. Tried my hand at some Rephlex style acid with the Neutron.
  10. Thanks! I hadn't even considered the ports. Now leaning towards the A7x, but the Neumanns seem interesting as well. I just picked up a room correction mic, and my current plan is to use REW to get the most out of my current setup for the next month or so, but hopefully this will help me set up the new monitors as well.
  11. So it's time to update my own Rokit setup. It's between the A7x or the BM5a MKIIs I think. I wonder if it's a situation where I should buy online, or is it worthwhile to find a place that has one or both of these to test. I feel like I won't really know until I get them into the studio, but perhaps it's best to see what they sound like in a more optimal environment.
  12. I tried it out. Not for me, I guess. If someone really liked Visions and the Realiti demo, is there anything they might be missing?
  13. Some basic bitch drum and bass for the weekend.
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