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  1. its just like discovering fire.. over and over and over again
  2. alright alright, how long until I dont have to work or do anything ever again?
  3. No read the rules yet?? Wats going on??
  4. I still listen to these on the regular so.. no
  5. It's a bit, but this is everything I have done since 2009.. so I'm really unprolific in hindsight xD I should really try and do stuff like this more often.. I just hooked the po-14 to FL and added a bunch of effects which I turned on and off and tweaked while I pressed buttons and turned knobs on the po live.. was much fun. I started out listening to trance before IDM, pretty much exclusively what I listened to back in 2009.. So thats the best of my very early trance attempts.. I really tryharded with breaks once I discovery IDM but doing breaks on piano roll is.. difficult.. dunno if I will ever go back to it. Nwae, thanks for listening!!
  6. Really nice all three! Really liked The second half of Dark Town and Ganymede in particular.. love the high freq sounds!
  7. I enjoy the tales of phantasia gba soundtrack
  8. Siege Of Antioch is an absolutely perfect track and I just wanna know how he made it (edit: the percussion in particular, I dont know where to start to make it sound so.. alien?)
  9. Finally, some tracks that have been privated for a while or otherwise forgotten Plus videos for a couple of the live ones
  10. Guess I'll include my own efforts here.. around 4 mins on there b some gabbery kick on noise action edit: This was made ~ 2011
  11. Does watmm approve of slrillex tho
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