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  1. Nope, Buzz is the ONLY thing on here not working. The laptop itself is real new as well. Only about 2 months worth of stuff on here (if that) so I don't think a reinstall is required. My only guess is that Buzz is having severe problems coping with my Athlon64 (even though its only working in 32bit mode as I'm running normal Windows XP) but I haven't heard anyone else having a similar problem. Damnit, why does it have to break now....
  2. Mr.Joe D'Kellm-> Yeah I really don't want to move/learn a new program now, I really should have noticed this stuff before. But time wasn't on my side. ten fingers ten toes-> There sure is a problem, my crappy old 256Mb AMD 1500+ laptop had no problems running this stuff either (except for some of Joe's more demanding tracks :) ) and I'm currently running an AMD Athlon 3700+ with 1Gb of ram. And virtually nothing else is running (like I said, I currently have around 1-2% CPU use on an idle desktop). I don't think its the drivers either as other music software on here works fine. Oddly when I go to View -> Preferences and select a soundcard the CPU drops to about 5-10% use, but as soon as you OK/Cancel the requester it shoots back up to 100% again. Even using Silent as the audio driver makes it go back up to 100%. eek!
  3. Cheers for the download. God I hate feeling so alien to this. I have no idea how that single channel even works. I can see the loop repeated downwards but how is each section is programmed differently completely eludes me. I've tried single clicking, double clicking, right clicking, switching between Session view and Arrangement view but nothing seems to show how the thing was programmed. This freaks me out cos Buzz really seems almost completely out of use now due to recent stability problems with this laptop (100% CPU & 280 Mb of Ram, on a completely blank arrangement, and no I don't have spy/ad ware, virus' etc. normal 'puter usage is only 1-2% CPU use) but I also cannot seem to figure out programming in Ableton one bit. So at the moment I'm in a music limbo, but I've got to construct a soundtrack for my final year project or I'm fucked. So either struggle and use Buzz with lockups, immediate quits without warning, glitchy playback or learn from scratch something with musical concepts that I'm completely alien to. This is bad.
  4. I'm sure mr.Rex won't mind me sticking this up on here.... (take it off if not though dude :) ) The first 1:20 contains the recognisable Boccage...The other part of the track is awesome disco-musical funk, Hair_OST___Aquarius.mp3
  5. I reckon put comments on there. At the end of the day it's your site, and it'd be interesting to see peoples various takes on the tracks. Plus when all the hidden stuff was found in Geogaddi it made it loads more interesting to listen through to pick out all the 'hidden' samples etc.
  6. Hey ho. Just watched Watchdog this evening and I just heard the main loop of BOC Aquarius on there (which isn't surprising as they tend to rape the Warp record collection in BBC programs). But yeah it then started to go all funky with trumpets and saxaphones and things. So I was wondering, has this track taken its main loop off some awesome little disco track, or has someone been kinda cheeky and stolen off de boc? Unfortunatly I don't have a recording, maybe its repeated soon and someone can tape it ? It's the first section about laser hair surgery treatment. Pete...
  7. This is a repeat post of what was of yesterday's board. So yeah, I'm thinking of finally shifting from Buzz to Ableton after 5 years of constant use (and 15 years of constant tracker use) and would live some advice in the possibility of shifting. If there like a step sequencer mode a la tracking. I've tried using the ReVisit VSTi/Vst but its hella buggy so isn't really an option. Basically I want the power/stability of Ableton but the ease of use of Buzz (yeah I know some folks think Ableton is MUCH MUCH easier, but I'm grown up with trackers so the change is pretty mind blowing). Cheers again.; Pete...
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