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  1. New RTR album incoming; bit more relaxed tunes this time it seems. (nevermind, side C kicks in 😉 ) Again a december release and double album. Could it be Sergio himself? https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af034lp-symmetriades Didn't see an existing thread, but combine when double
  2. I don't believe it, bloody MOV is releasing more Mark and Tom's albums. It's just weird they can get away with this... https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/reload/a-collection-of-short-stories and https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/global-communication/pentamerous-metamorphosis
  3. After releasing on a variety of labels for a few decades FFF presents the "Control Tower EP" the first release on his own "3AM Eternal" label. This 3 track EP brings a mixture of styles from within the hardcore & jungle universe. The titel track "Control Tower" is a mix of dub infused amen jungle, clash vocals and rare grooves. Followed by "Cut Bwoy" hectic, stomping, moshpit ready, hardcore & dubby. The final tune Obedience goes a bit deeper, a synth heavy, moody amen roller but still with plenty of choppage. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/120518-3am01-fff-control-tower-ep
  4. New album First contact by the Voluptrous Volruptus http://bbbbbbrecors.bandcamp.com/album/first-contact
  5. Very small chance but I have a Mint unplayed Analord binder with all sleeves and Analord 10 which i want to trade for London 03.06.17 and London 14.09.2019 together
  6. Thanks for listening guys, and glad you liked it!!
  7. So it seems ? Cheers for checking it out, hope you like it!
  8. hmm no braindance lovers here apparently.. ?
  9. hey guys, Here's a mix i did a feew weeks ago, think you might like it. 2,5 hours of IDM with AFX, Autechre, Wisp, Microlith, Analogical Force records etc.
  10. https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/ Dave is uploading some very tasty tunes in up to 11 service packs atm.
  11. Would love to have a full Dwaallicht album on AF. Welkin ep is one of my fav recs from last few years. Just a new ep instead of album will do though ;)
  12. I really do hope this will be released in 2017. I'm afraid we have to wait till next year.. @Robert Moses; Any news on this? @Robert Moses, what's cookin bro? We'd like some more tunes like these, and on vinyl pretty please ;) You'll have to return once u know! Damn this track... so spicy
  13. I had a wee acid session this week, inspired by the red universal indicator.
  14. @Robert Moses; Any news on this? Is there any way to actually tag/notify users when they're mentioned in threads? If not that should be a feature... *ahem @joyrex Also yes, please come back dicky dunn No I'm not aware of a way to notify users with a tag or sumtin
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