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  1. https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/ Dave is uploading some very tasty tunes in up to 11 service packs atm.
  2. Would love to have a full Dwaallicht album on AF. Welkin ep is one of my fav recs from last few years. Just a new ep instead of album will do though ;)
  3. I really do hope this will be released in 2017. I'm afraid we have to wait till next year.. @Robert Moses; Any news on this? @Robert Moses, what's cookin bro? We'd like some more tunes like these, and on vinyl pretty please ;) You'll have to return once u know! Damn this track... so spicy
  4. I had a wee acid session this week, inspired by the red universal indicator.
  5. @Robert Moses; Any news on this? Is there any way to actually tag/notify users when they're mentioned in threads? If not that should be a feature... *ahem @joyrex Also yes, please come back dicky dunn No I'm not aware of a way to notify users with a tag or sumtin
  6. I really do hope this will be released in 2017. I'm afraid we have to wait till next year.. @Robert Moses; Any news on this?
  7. Great news it's released on vinyl as well. If someone has a discount code that he/she doesn't use, i'd love to ;-) (I know, a long shot and a bit cheeky but who knows)
  8. Has anybody received their record from FSOL digital yet? It has been two weeks, but still no record in the mail or any status update..
  9. RIP Rhyse, loved your music, we'll keep your spirit alive with it!
  10. Listening to the dump chronologically gives me goosebumps every time. It brings back those fond memories from the first week or so when it wasn't clear this was really AFX. Breaking the F5 button on all devices to see if new tracks emerged. what a time it was ;)
  11. Damn Tunnocks that's quite a collection you've got there. Great you've got all those unofficial releases. If you ever want to sell your second binder, you can send me a PM ;) @ Rhombix; don't worry turntables are more easy to be found than all those precious IDM slabs o wax
  12. Drukqs is touching Windowlickers titties I keep it outside the box
  13. Very interesting, although i would love to see the modulation patch matrix on it. I dare to say that might be a dealbreaker for me when the unit is too expensive (ie 1000+)
  14. allright, this feels a bit silly... Bought my first AFX in 1992 (Xylem Tube EP) and have been on a rampage ever since. Still some bits n pieces missing here and there. I've got some doubles to swap someday Oh and for those complaining Universal indicator blue isn't AFX; I bought red and blue as a set back in '93 and blue has the Aphex Twin stamp on it ;) (they must have been stoned/drunk/strunk) So, in my world, although the music isn't AFX, it still is a part of my AFX collection :P see image of stamp fuckup here: https://www.discogs.com/release/24663-Universal-Indicator-Blue/images/history?rev=28
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