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  1. Limited edition pack of 125 hand numbered copies containing four double albums by Rhys Celeste (a.k.a.Microlith) in a beautiful ultra-clear pressing with full transparent plexiglass jacket. It includes the third album that Fundamental Records released by Rhys but also the first three albums he produced at the beginning of his career, which have never been released on vinyl before. Second, with this project Fundamental Records closes the doors after 10 years and after projects like the 808 Boxes, Electric Eclectics and many albums and big projects. As they wanted to release something really spe
  2. New RTR album incoming; bit more relaxed tunes this time it seems. (nevermind, side C kicks in 😉 ) Again a december release and double album. Could it be Sergio himself? https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af034lp-symmetriades Didn't see an existing thread, but combine when double
  3. I don't believe it, bloody MOV is releasing more Mark and Tom's albums. It's just weird they can get away with this... https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/reload/a-collection-of-short-stories and https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/global-communication/pentamerous-metamorphosis
  4. After releasing on a variety of labels for a few decades FFF presents the "Control Tower EP" the first release on his own "3AM Eternal" label. This 3 track EP brings a mixture of styles from within the hardcore & jungle universe. The titel track "Control Tower" is a mix of dub infused amen jungle, clash vocals and rare grooves. Followed by "Cut Bwoy" hectic, stomping, moshpit ready, hardcore & dubby. The final tune Obedience goes a bit deeper, a synth heavy, moody amen roller but still with plenty of choppage. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/120518-3am01-fff-control-tower-ep
  5. New album First contact by the Voluptrous Volruptus http://bbbbbbrecors.bandcamp.com/album/first-contact
  6. Very small chance but I have a Mint unplayed Analord binder with all sleeves and Analord 10 which i want to trade for London 03.06.17 and London 14.09.2019 together
  7. Thanks for listening guys, and glad you liked it!!
  8. So it seems ? Cheers for checking it out, hope you like it!
  9. hmm no braindance lovers here apparently.. ?
  10. hey guys, Here's a mix i did a feew weeks ago, think you might like it. 2,5 hours of IDM with AFX, Autechre, Wisp, Microlith, Analogical Force records etc.
  11. https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/ Dave is uploading some very tasty tunes in up to 11 service packs atm.
  12. Would love to have a full Dwaallicht album on AF. Welkin ep is one of my fav recs from last few years. Just a new ep instead of album will do though ;)
  13. I really do hope this will be released in 2017. I'm afraid we have to wait till next year.. @Robert Moses; Any news on this? @Robert Moses, what's cookin bro? We'd like some more tunes like these, and on vinyl pretty please ;) You'll have to return once u know! Damn this track... so spicy
  14. I had a wee acid session this week, inspired by the red universal indicator.
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