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    see my post at the top of this page
  2. I just realized...are there no sleigh bells on this record??
  3. mushroom


    for posterity here's my full list of Sets that Made the Biggest Impression On Me When I Listened to them One Time, in one post instead of several across the last page: Atlanta Denver Los Angeles New York Philadelphia Portland Seattle Vancouver imo, you can't go wrong with any and all of those.
  4. acid mwan idle sounds really cool imo. it's...spacious? like a big alien space
  5. just like... all of it. well fine listen to nts 3 next, its extremely good
  6. mushroom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    You say they require "a different type of listening". Attentive listening? Non-attentive? While driving? Falling asleep? While working? In a dark room? On speakers? Headphones? In a club? Taking a walk in the park? From what kind of listening standpoint should I offer criticism? Let's step back a bit. When I said that some of Autechre's newest material -- that is, elseq and NTS -- can be self indulgent, I mean that some of it is long for the sake of wanting to have a lot of material, or to make a track seem more epic in scope, when I consider the content of their previous 10+ minute long tracks. This is as it seems to me, and it should be noted here that whether Sean and Rob actually put a lot of time and effort into all end but just kind of blagged out Gantz Graf in an hour, or vice versa, is immaterial. If a track makes me grow impatient, then why am I not to include that in a criticism of it? Again, from what standpoint can I offer criticism? What aspects of a piece of music shall I make note of, and what shall I let pass? Or does this place for allowing a piece of art to be what it is, exclude criticism entirely? Why do I have to place it there? Is, "I really loved the sound design and rhythm of this track but the latter bit went on too long," not a valid criticism? Here, I can only speak for what I like and dislike. These are the aspects I enjoyed, and these are the aspects I did not. all end was great when it was part of bladelores, and also when it was a part of splesh. In the form where it takes up an entire CD, I see nothing but a gimmick.
  7. mushroom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    on the same end of this imaginary spectrum as gantz graf is any track from Draft or Untilted. that (now middle O_o) period of ae was their best imo. I love their entire catalogue and they hit a lot of the same peaks nowadays, and for sure their newest stuff is way better than their earliest stuff, but they frequently have issues with making material that remains interesting for the runtime they allot it.
  8. mushroom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    ok then let's imagine a sliding scale of self indulgence. on one end is say, gantz graf. taut. perfectly paced and structured. compelling. never overstays its welcome. on the other end is 9chr0 and all end.
  9. mushroom

    Warp Tapes WAV

    some of their newer stuff is a little self indulgent at times, sure, but there's not a lot of it i would call structureless, or completely random.
  10. first time thru im loving it. better than la di da di, maybe on par with mirrored and gloss drop. not sure why they split two of the tracks into two tracks tho.
  11. mushroom

    elseq 1-5

    i love freulaeux so much.
  12. tried an impossible whopper today. tasted like a whopper
  13. i think it's just getting slammed, it was reasonably snappy yesterday morning. but yeah not a huge fan of the zoomy interface
  14. oh sweet he updated it. I remember the really old version in flash from way back
  15. damn that's less expensive than just buying a new microwave?
  16. can't wait. Really glad to see so many guests again. I really dug that approach on Gloss Drop (their best IMO) and I thought it was sorely missing with La Di Da Di.
  17. are you carefully counting your calories op?
  18. I bought it when it came out and then lost it at someone elses house like a year later rip.
  19. mmale and ffemale as a whole is an absolutely essential album
  20. in my case I wanted to put Grateful Dead's American Beauty on a usb stick for my car but I only own it on vinyl and CD. and i have a cd player in my car lol. but i needed it with all the other stuff on the usb stick for convenience.
  21. ripping a cd like it's 2007. i guess that's not a mundane everyday occurrence but it kind of used to be
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